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UNBOXING: Cannabox October 2019 Spooky Season

Do you hear what goes bump in the night? Do you see that lurking in the shadows? It’s October’s Spooky Season Cannabox. Get ready to be scared, or just super stoned with this months Halloween jam packed mystery box. Dive deep into the spooky spirit, as we’ve highlighted some of the exclusive items in this month subscription. Let’s get started!

 Smokey the Stoney Ghost Mini Bong  – Cannabox Glass (pictured)
Smokey the Stoney Ghost Mini Bong – Cannabox Glass (pictured)

CB Glass

Smokey the Stoney Ghost Mini Bong | Custom

Need a 420 friendly ghost to guide you through your adventures? Smokey is here to get you super baked, before heading out to scare this Halloween. Engraved on the side is our signature Cannabox nameplate and inside the piece houses Smokey, whose eyes glow in the dark! Convenient with a small flower bowl piece, this mini bong is sure to get you super stoned this Halloween.

 “Spooky Seaon” – Cannabox TShirt (pictured)
“Spooky Seaon” – Cannabox TShirt (pictured)

CB Shirt

“Spooky Season” Shirt | Custom

Don’t have a costume this year? No worries. We’ve got you covered. This month’s Cannabox includes a Spooky Season T-shirt featuring a creepy skull smoking a doobie. Wear it to your next stoner Halloween party or out with pals, this high-quality shirt is sure to get a scare.

 Ghostly Cannabox Mylar Bag  – Cannabox Accessories (pictured)
Ghostly Cannabox Mylar Bag – Cannabox Accessories (pictured)

CB Accessories

Ghostly Cannabox Mylar Bag | Common

Have some yummy medicated treats that you’re wanting to pack before your spooky adventures? Or maybe some high-quality Ghost Train Haze flower? We provided a custom Cannabox Mylar bag for all of your sweet goodies and treats during your Halloween festivities.

 Beamer Hemp Cones  – Cannabox Wraps (Pictured)
Beamer Hemp Cones – Cannabox Wraps (Pictured)

CB Wraps & Papers

Beamer Hemp Cones and OCB Premium Rolling Papers | Smokable

For some stoners, the treats may be the smokable’s or the cannabis consumables. So we provided you with some high-quality wraps and papers to get you through your Spooky Season. The Beamer Hemp Cones are made from ultra premium Hemp and they contain no bleach or tobacco for a slow burning and quality smoke. The OCB premium rolling papers are made with ultra thin lightweight material and are perfect for those spooky doobies you’ll be smokin’ this holiday.

Cannabox Clipper Lighter – Cannabox Accessories (pictured)
Cannabox Clipper Lighter – Cannabox Accessories (pictured)

CB Accessories

Cannabox Clipper Lighter | Common

Most important thing about getting stoney this spooky season is the flame! We provided you with our very own custom Cannabox clipper lighter so you can light those bowls with Smokey or torch those blunts during your Halloween party.

Make sure to not get too scared this Halloween! Instead get very stoned with our Spooky Season Cannabox. Please tag #Cannabox in your unboxing photos for chance to be featured on our social media channels.

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