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Featured in Herb, High Times, GQ, and The Daily Beast, Genius is making its’ mark as one of the most innovative cannabis accessory brands in the game.
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Genius came onto the scene with its proprietary, next-generation pipe. It was quickly acclaimed for its patented technology that’s used in cooling nuclear reactors.

Because there’s nothing smarter than adding a cooling effect to your handheld bowls, or pipes.

Just like adding ice to your bong, the Genius’ waterless filtration technology brings the perks of cool hits to the palm of your hand.

Many connoisseurs now seek out smoking devices with cooling capabilities for their smooth, clean puffs that are flavorful and robust.

As an even bigger benefit, the Genius weed pipe is said to be a healthier alternative to harsh, harmful hits. On their website, the company explains that cooler smoke means you can avoid scorched lungs and throat, unpleasant experiences, and harsh coughing. In addition, the Genius pipe model is made of anodized aluminum, one of the safest and non-toxic materials on Earth.

Today, the brand has grown into a complete collection that includes:
– The Genius Pipe Mini
– The Genius Pipe Classic
– Genius pipe accessories, including a Genius Party Bowl that gives you more room for more weed!
– Genius pipe screens
And more…

If you’re seeking the most elevated, flavorful, and pure cannabis experience, it’s time to add the Genius pipe brand to your repertoire. They produce some of the best compact vaporizers to use on the go or to enjoy conveniently and discretely at home. Plus, many models have a variety of colors to choose from, further customizing the Genius pipe to your own personal style.

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