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How To Request Upcoming Cannabox Themes

Did you know we have a forum for Cannabox members? There you are able to see and review requests that we get through our Cannabox community. We have a specific thread for upcoming theme ideas, where we look for what the community is interested in seeing in upcoming boxes.

We love staying connected with our members and encourage monthly subscribers to review our forms and voice your input for upcoming themes ideas and more. Cannabox enjoys changing it up every month, and giving the users a different experience and new items to explore. We love trying out various brands and getting your input on which trending themes or items you’d like to see in upcoming boxes.

Explore our Forum. Submit your feedback here.

If you’re curious about a box that we have already made or an item that we have released in a past box, all you have to do is visit our Cannabox Outlet to see if it’s available for purchase. Our Outlet houses most of our monthly boxes and items that we’ve use for past themes. We also have an abundance of glassware and 420 smoking gear perfect for your next sesh.

Want to make a request? All you have to do is create an account and comment on our upcoming theme ideas thread, your idea or request on our next box. We love seeing your input so go and give us your feedback here!

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