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How To Roll A Joint

How To Roll The Ultimate Joint

Friends, cannaseurs, stoners, potheads, and tokers alike, there are so many things that bring us together. From our love for food during our high escapades to our binge watching Netflix nights while under the influence. But if you don’t know how to roll a joint yet, you’re missing out on a crucial part of the stoner experience

Don’t worry if you’ve tried and tried time and time again and have failed. This time will be different. Maybe you end up wasting a lot of your weed when trying to roll or perhaps you’ve produced some slobbery joints that burn unevenly and eventually are unsmokable. All those are minor issues that that can be fixed to roll the best joint for summer smoking. 

Before we get started you will need a few important ingredients and tools to roll the best joint for your summer barbeques, block parties, and day fades. You’ll be pulling up with the best joints that smoking evenly, smoothly, and give you the summer high you’ve been chasing.  

This is everything you will need to get started to roll the best joints for summer smoking: 

  • Cannabis flower of your choice 

You can choose between several strains from Indica, Hybrid, to Sativas depending on the mood you’re in. 

If you’re not familiar with sativa strains, Check out our blog post on the 10 Best Sativa Strains to Smoke This Summer.

Honestly, pre-made filters make the process that much faster. Not that it takes that too long to make a filter, but these work well and keep you from burning your fingers and lips when enjoying your flower. 

  • Filters

If you aren’t buying pre-made filters, you can easily make them by folding a thin piece of cardboard over a few times like an accordion, then rolling it over to get the final cone-shape. 

  • Grinder 

If you’re new to rolling joints then most likely you don’t have a grinder. No problem! You can actually buy your flower already ground up and ready to load by the name of shake from your local dispensary. In the past I’ve gotten great deals on shake but I prefer to fresh ground my weed anytime to get the best smoke and flavor. 

  • A Packer

Next, you’ll need a stuffer to help pack your joint but a pen will work just fine too. You want your joint to be firm but not too packed otherwise you will be sucking through the filter like it’s a thick frozen milkshake. 

Alright guys now here’s the juicy part of this blog. Get your ingredients ready and prepare for your rite of passage. 

1: Grind Your Special Weed into Special Shake

If you don’t have a grinder then you can choose to break apart your weed with your hands or some sharp scissors. But if you want to avoid getting your hands sticky before rolling, then its best to use a grinder for the convenience and the consistency. 

Here are a couple of grinders to check out if you’re interested in grinding your weed.

  1. Kraken 2-Part Grinder
  2. Golden Gate 4-piece Grinder

2: Prepare your Filter

If you purchased Raw Filters with Tips then place them aside because you’re done. If you don’t have any filters with your papers then it’s time to create your own. 

To make filter tips, also known as crutches, you’ll need a durable paper or thin cardboard. Some rolling papers even come with packaging that are perfect to use.  

Start by folding the cardboard or paper into a few accordion folds then roll it over to until it’s firm in its final shape. 

3: Fill, Fill, Fill Until your Lungs Can’t Take it Anymore

Now it’s time to fill your joint. Typically, a good joint size is about ½ gram to a full gram if you’re really skilled. 

You can use multiple kinds of rolling papers. Raw is always a good way to go but if you want some more options then there are flavored papers and even wraps to make the process easier.

To get started, load your rolling paper from one side to the other, making sure to leave enough space if you’re using a filter. 

If you want to know learn about different rolling papers and wraps, check out our other blog, Top Best Hemp Wraps for a Smooth and Slow Burn

4. Rolling Through the Trees

Once your joint is loaded with the right amount of weed, it’s time to roll that paper up. This step is crucial and usually where most people drop off in this race. Don’t worry if you’ve messed up a few joints in the past. Just take as long as you need.

First, carefully lift your loaded paper and pinch it between your fingers. Roll it back and forth to start shaping and firming your joint. It’s best to start with the filter side because it’s firm and helps guide the shape as you roll. 

It’s always easier to roll with less weed but when you’re smoking with buddies, you got to make sure to pack a little more.

5: Finish it off with a Cherry on Top

Alright, you’ve made it to the end, good job. Soon you’ll be rolling up to the barbecue with some strawberry flavored papers and the perfect strawberry cough strain. Time to start packing. 

If you have a stuffer, use that, but if not, a pen works just as well. Gently begin by pressing your weed in and dropping the joint on the filter to help pack it down. Kind of like when you tap your Slurpee cup to fit more in. 

Continue filling your joint but be sure to leave some space at the end to close it off. 

6: Light Up and Fly Away

Now if you’re going to save your joint for later, twist the top. If you’re planning on smoking it soon, simply fold in the ends in to help you get a good burn. 

Then all you have to do is… well you know the drill… light up and fly!

Don’t worry if the joint you just rolled isn’t perfect. It’s going to take some time to roll the best joints but with some practice, you’ll be rolling up to your summer activities a joint expert with all the best combinations. 

Here are some flavor combinations you can choose from to roll the best summer joints!

  1. Pineapple Express w/ Pineapple rolling papers
  2. Panama Red w/ Blue Raspberry Cherry Hemp Wrap
  3. Durban Poison w/ Vanilla Ice rolling papers
  4. Sweet Tooth w/ Sticky Candy rolling papers

Continue practicing and if you’re ready for a break and want to try a different way of smoking cannabis, check out our blog The Best Bongs and Water Pipes: Buyer’s Guide to help you find the perfect bubbler or portable percolator bong that rips smoothly and elevates your high to another level. 

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