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Cachetray Ashtray w/ Poker




  • 4″ wide
  • Center poker for easy caching
  • Heat resistant silicone

Cachetray Ashtray with Poker

Cannabis smoking accessories continue to evolve, and that’s accurate with our modern weed ashtray for sale. There’s nothing like smoking a good bowl. Even the most seasoned stoner can’t deny the sheer simplicity of it. Bowls are compact, inconspicuous, and fast to set up. However, one problem users often have with bowls is that they can get clogged up pretty easily. 

Whether you’ve got bits of cashed cannabis clogging up the draft hole or a resin build-up that disrupts your airflow, there’s nothing more annoying than trying to clean out a pipe mid-smoke. 

If you’re constantly grabbing pipe cleaners or paper clips to jam and poke your cannabis out over a sink, it might be worthwhile to invest in this new innovated ashtray with a poker. The poker is great for clearing your bowl.  Ash your bowls conveniently with the only weed ashtray that keeps your bowl clean. 

Best 420 Ashtray

Experience a weed ashtray made with heat-resistant silicone. Durable, sturdy, and unbreakable, this weed ashtray comes with a poker built into it. Placed in the middle, the poker allows users to clean out their bowls quickly and efficiently as the ash drops into the weed ashtray. No more standing over the sink or a trashcan, blowing air through the mouthpiece in an effort to unclog it. 

This new type of ashtray for cannabis smokers is the fastest and easiest way to keep a pipe clean and clog-free. Users can clean the silicone weed ashtray easily, as the weed ashtray is dishwasher safe. 

How to Use it? 

The Cannabox weed ashtray is incredibly simple to use. Simply place your pipe or bowl upside down and pick cannabis debris out of the bowl with the durable spike. The spike is located in the middle of the weed ashtray and will stand strong in place as you scrape and scrub your glassware clean.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Amanda K.

I love this especially for my bowl. And it s Light weight .

Clara W.
Works great

Overall happy. It does what it is supposed to do!

Amber S.
Love my bowl tray cleaner

Love love it

Austin H.

Always a pleasant customer experience

Timothy R.
This thing slaps.

I was curious when ordering if the spike was actually able to clean all kinds of different bowls and I was not disappointed. If you're thinking about buying this, I highly recommend 10/10. This thing slaps no cap for real for real.

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