GRAV Labs Hourglass Pocket Bubbler Mini Bong


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Grav labs has done it again. One of our favorite brands on here as usual they have produced a mini bong in a beautiful, and dynamic shape for the smoothest of hits. This company was founded on grounded principles of excellence and service to their community. Opening in 2004, they have been in it for the long haul. Their ability to grow through the cannabis industry boom is based on how much Grav Labs works with their smoke community. We always appreciate companies that work with the consumers that buy from them. Grav labs offers a ton of rolling trays, ashtrays, water pipes, dry pipes and other accessories that are suited to meet a variety of smokers needs. 

The borosilicate clear glass is shiny, durable and is easy for cleaning. This comes in at only 4.75 inches tall and is definitely mini. Perfect size for on the go tokes and fitting in a backpack or purse. We always appreciate mini smoke devices. Although it is tiny, there is a grooved middle that makes for easy holding. The 3.25 inch stem is helpful for zero splash back. Keeping all that gross bong water and resin far away from your mouth. This bubbler fills with smoke quickly so be sure to pull the bowl quickly if you aren’t looking for too big of a hit. The bowl is 10 mm large so it is a decent size for solo sessions or chilling with a couple friends. 

  • 4.75in x 2 in


Orders of $100+ will require signature/ID at delivery. 


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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Kim S.
Easy to handle and use!

I really love the ease of holding this bubbler! It looks sleek and is easy to hold. I enjoy using it.

Burton E.
Heavy hitter

Small compact size but it hits like a bong 5x it's size. Definitely recommend this piece of perfection. You can NEVER go wrong with GRAV LABS!

Destiny R.

my order arrived so quickly! it was such a beautiful piece. I was worried that it would be one of those pieces that are cool to use every once in a while but I've used it so much already! the stem where you inhale is just far enough from the bowl that it doesn't even feel warm on your nose when you light it!!

Joyce D.
Cute and functional

I am pleased with the quality and service of cannabox. This pipe, in particular, met my needs: simple, draws nicely cooled smoke, and is easy to clean.

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