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Studenglass Gravity Premium Glass Flip Bong


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One of the most popular Gravity bongs for sale from our online head shop has even been used by Seth Rogan himself! That’s the Flip gravity bong produced by Studenglass. They are very easy to use, and provide an ultra smooth cannabis smoking experience. This is considered a high-end water pipe that uses kinetic energy.

How to use a Flip Gravity Bong?

If you’re familiar with a regular bong, using the gravity option is not the same. Anyone can quickly learn how to use a gravity type of water bong. It’s not like a regular bong, and there are some different types of Gravity bongs available for sale. Unlike a regular water bong, the gravity bong uses the water to create a vacuum pressure that holds your smoke in a central area. There are options that flip, and others that you simply push the glass down to create pressure. 

Attachable Whip 

This flip gravity bong comes with a mouthpiece whip for extra convenience, and provides the ability to easily take a cannabis hit with more conform and flexibility. This part of the design is definitely influenced by Hookahs, which it can also be used for too. 

Step-by-Step Instructions

While lighting your weed bowl, flip over the Studenglass and watch the cannabis smoke build up. When the central location is filled with enough smoke, you remove the top bowl and inhale while pushing down on the smaller container. While you do this, the pressure that you created pushes the smoke out and straight into your lungs.

Studenglass Gravity Bong 

This most popular Gravity bong for sale right now is from the company Studenglass, and it costs $589.99. This option actually rotates 360 degrees, and It’s fun to flip!  So instead of pulling a small chamber out of the larger chamber, you rotate this Gravity bong for your pressurized hit. It looks amazing when it’s doing its job at producing smoke from your cannabis. It will completely submerge your cannabis smoke into the water, more so than regular bongs, which will result in smoother hits. 

Interchangeable Mouthpiece options for sale

There are many accessories available for the Studenglass Gravity bong, which include interchangeable mouthpieces. They are easy to switch, and great for when you have multiple people over. They are also easy to clean and reuse over and over. 

Avoid DIY Gravity Bongs 

Okay, it can be fun making your own DIY gravity bong, but the truth is you should be using glass instead of plastic. It can be potentially dangerous smoking out of plastic that can leach out from the heat of the smoke. Although it may be cheaper to make your own Gravity bong, it’s not going to provide the same high quality cannabis smoking from our options for sale. And no one has time for the entire process of a DIY gravity bong for sale. Gravity bongs for sale on our online head shop come in compact sizes too. Those who are after the larger hits should buy the bigger gravity bong options.

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