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The Terpometer


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You’re not going to find a portable and effective electric nectar collector like the Terpometer at your local head shop. The Terpometer brand took concentrate dabs to the next level with a modern solution to the issue of temperature control and is why we have it for sale on our online smoke shop. Dabbing requires precise temperature analysis to create the best, most potent hits without any wasted material. Learn more about how the Terpometer makes this possible, using a high-tech thermometer for the perfect dab.

The Terpometer Concentrate Thermometer

  • Dab tool with temperature reading
  • LED Display
  • OEM Product

Precise Temperature Reading

Never again wonder if the temperature of your concentrate is perfect. With this tool, you can easily tell whether your extract is ready to hit, or needs longer to heat up or cool down. The thermometer measures the temperature of a surface, so you can effortlessly dip it into the body of your concentrate. Then, view the LED display to verify if your extract is ready, and enjoy the inhale!

LED Display

The high-tech LED display clearly shows you the temperature level of your concentrate. It has easily identifiable color keys, so you always know what the next move is to get the perfect hit. Using a patented RGB light-up system, you’ll always know the Terpometer technology is taking care of your delicious extract. If the concentrate is at an optimal temperature, the display lights up green to let you know when it’s ready.

Versatile Use

The Terpometer’s conduction technology works with any quartz, ceramic, or titanium surface for the ultimate versatility. Whether your kit is portable, glass, silicone, or extra-large, the thermometer will take care of your extract. It’s practical for any dabbing kit or set-up to save sacred concentrate and never waste a hit. Just dip it into your dab container or onto your banger to identify the readiness of your concentrate. To enjoy the best-tasting, perfectly-heated hits possible, add the Terpometer to your dab collection.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Angel R.
The best hands down

This give the best temp it’s one of the best terpometers

Casey R.
Psssssth amazing!

So overall it shipped here super fast! And the thing is amazing! Really helps you be able to control the temps of your dabs allowing you to not burn your concentrate. Perfect if you wanna make sure you’re taking a low temp or perrrrrrrfect temp dab! Fuck yes

Benjamin R.

The Terpometer

Temp check🏆WINNER🏆!!!

In my honest opinion this is the BEST option and the BEST place to purchase from 100%. Its 2/10/21 and I still chose the Terpometer due to it checks the temperature of the surface you place your precious material, not under or around the spot like other terp meters. You can easily replace your temperature coil if needed and also change your tool thats on the other side. What other terp meter can you buy new parts for a fair price and that checks your actual surface area? ...trick question only the TERPOMETER 😆 Cannabox always has sold it the cheapest I've yet to find, and I've been looking for a while. They had it on sale at one point for under $80 I think, I missed it but they still had it the cheapest! Plus handling and shipping was like uber fast(TYSM CANNABOX). I want to try a sub box next I cant wait, Cannabox is as amazing as the Terpometer BEST in the game!

Adam R.
Great product!