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Glass Pipes

Glass pipes are perfect for portable use and conserving your flower. They are the most convenient way to toke as glass pipes don’t require water nor any set-up and are compact and portable. Glass pipes are the perfect pipe for smokers on the go. If you are looking for a smoother hit check out our bubblers collection. All hand pipes over $25 come with free shipping. Our variety of hand pipes include spoons in an assortment of colors, hand pipes, bubbler pipes, and glass pipes. Start shopping our hand pipes below!
Frequently asked questions about glass hand pipes from Cannabox
Are your glass pipes hand blown?
Our glass pipes are made from some of the most well known brands in the market including Grav Labs.
Can I fix a broken glass hand pipe myself?
We don’t repair glass hand pipes or pieces ourselves, but you may be able to find a glass blower to help you repair your hand piece, given that you didn’t break it into a million pieces.
How do I clean my glass hand pipe myself?
The internet is full of different methods for cleaning your glass pipe. Some are as simple as rinsing your pipe and scrubbing with hot water. Others suggest scrubbing with pipe cleaners and cotton swabs. One of the most popular ways to clean your glass pipe is by soaking your pipe in alcohol or acetone and letting the alcohols do the work for you.

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