Juicy Jay Rolling Papers Holiday Bundle

The Best Flavored Rolling Papers for the Holidays

If you’re interested in rolling with some flavor during the holidays, you’ve made it to the right place. Here’s the handy list of flavored papers to roll with for the best flavored-filled puffs and hits.

So, if you’ve been asking yourself, “What are the best flavored rolling papers?” Skip on on finding flavored rolling papers on Amazon and keep on reading for some quick reviews!


We’re well into the December days and most of our homes are probably filled with the fresh smell of a pine tree Christmas. The perfect time to roll all your skunkiest bud in peace!

But if you’re like me and many other stoners who love the holidays, you’ll probably want to mix it up and add some flavor to make a special Christmas joint.

Let’s get to it, this one’s for all the weed lovers and joint rollers to deliver fresh weed smoke in the best possible flavors for every session.

If you some weed is just too skunky for you flavored rolling papers are a great way to soften the taste of bud.

Juicy Jays Flavored Rolling Papers

For the ultimate assortment of flavors, Juicy Jays offer a burst of flavor for every puff you take with their 1 ¼ inch papers. They’re smooth and do a great job of not completing drowning out and masking the fresh herb taste the true cannaseurs love.

Originally, there was only watermelon but today Juicy Jay’s offers a variety of fruity and sweet flavors like strawberry, sticky candy, raspberry, and dozens more. That’s why so many stoners and weed lovers smoke with Juicy Jay’s flavored rolling papers.

Each joint you roll with Juicy Jays also will be the tastiest joints you’ve had since starburst. Tell that to all 10,000 of your taste buds!

Juicy Jay Very Cherry Rolling Papers

Let’s start off this list with a Cherry Cherry Christmas!

These 1 1/4” very cherry papers will elevate your smoking experience for a sweet and tart taste all joint long. They’re triple-dipped to make the best very cherry taste on the market.

Pull up to the candy lighting with a side of very cherry Juicy Jay rolling papers in your stocking!

Juicy Jay Strawberry Kiwi Rolling Papers

Looking to top off your mom’s freshly baked chocolate covered strawberry Christmas desserts?

Juicy Jay has the flavor to match the taste -strawberry-kiwi! These double-flavored rolling papers will deliver a sweet and fruity taste to your holiday herbs. You and your cousins will lift off into strawberry and kiwi mountains.

You may be asking, “How many papers in a pack of Juicy Jays?” 32 papers per booklet!  

Juicy Jay’s Bubble Gum Rolling Papers

Here’s a flavor that takes me back to the days of playing outside in the snow as a kid.

I used to chew bubble gum when I was out throwing snowballs and sledding downhill across the street.  I always said it kept me warmer for some reason and to this day it still does- in a freshly rolled bubble gum joint!

Use this paper to roll up a bubble gum delight!

Juicy Jay Watermelon Rolling Papers

The watermelon flavor is the original rolling paper for Juicy Jays.

All these years they’ve been loved and smoked by stoners around the block and back. If you love flavored rolling papers, you can’t go wrong with the watermelon flavor. After you take a few puffs you’ll be thinking about all the different flavors you could try!

Juicy Jay’s Milk Chocolate Rolling Papers

We all love the good old-fashioned milk chocolate taste during the holidays.

That’s why a Juicy Jay rolling paper in milk chocolate is the best surprise when you’re at the in-laws! Your partner will love the enhanced taste with every smooth rip.

Hang in there for this long lasting roll!

Juicy Jay Candy Cane Rolling Papers

These candy cane rolling papers from Juicy Jay are just what you need to show up in the holiday spirit.

Sometimes the holiday parties and family get togethers can be a drag but with potent and smooth candy cane flavor the only drag will be from an herbal joint. Get ready for the long-lasting flavor because just like a candy cane, it’s got some life in it!

Enjoy this candy cane flavor on top of the mountain when you’re snowboarding with your stoner buddies. The candy cane flavor will have you bombing every trail and jumping every box in sight.

Rolling Paper Holiday Bundle

Here’s what all you stoners were looking for, the holiday bundle flavored rolling papers!

Get all the best flavors this holiday with your favorites: Candy Cane, Marshmallow, Cookie Dough, and Vanilla Ice. Every flavored rolling paper in this bundle comes with 32 rolling papers making this Christmas, a very BIG one.

Have some fun with these holiday themed rolling papers! Maybe even wrap them up as a stoner stocking stuffer!

Just when you thought you were off the holiday hook, here comes hemp.

Hemp Flavored Wraps & Rolling Papers

If you’re interested in smoking something with richer flavor and less sweetness then hemp is the way to go. The hemp craze is real nowadays, making it’s way from lotions, bags, clothes, and your beloved rolling papers.

Hemp papers and wraps are popular among many because they boast a lot of positives. Here a few to give you an idea.

  • Saves trees and forests
  • Free of harsh chemicals
  • Thicker and rougher for easier rolling
  • Burns slower
  • Stays lit while smoking

For a deeper dive into hemp rolling papers check out our post!

That’s for this Thursday everybody! Now it’s up to you to taste all of the rolling papers on this list to decide for yourself if they’re any good. But that shouldn’t be a problem with this list of the best flavored rolling papers for 2019.

Also, don’t let the Holidays slip from your just yet. There’s still time to order your Techy Stoner Gifts for the Holiday season for all your loved stoner buddies and partners!

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