What is a gravity bong?

If you’re looking for a way to get super fried and are tired of your tried and true ways of smoking flower, a gravity bong might be right for you. Many people have heard of a gravity bong, but they’re not as commonly used as traditional bongs. What makes gravity bongs so special and what should you know about them? We’ve got the intel on what makes this stoner science experiment a must-try for your marijuana needs. 

How does a gravity bong work?

As the name suggests, a gravity bong is a bong that uses gravity to draw smoke into the bong and subsequently, into your lungs. Gravity bongs operate using a two-piece chamber system that nestles together—one larger chamber to hold the water and a second smaller chamber to hold the bowl and capture the smoke.

To use a gravity bong, you light the bowl of flower attached to the smaller piece while raising it partially out of the water. This creates a vacuum from the water pressure, sucking the smoke out of the bowl and into the chamber. Once the chamber is filled with smoke, simply remove the bowl and inhale as you push the chamber down toward the water. The act of inhalation coupled with pushing the chamber down forces smoke into your lungs. Rather than a regular hit, you get a crazy intense bong rip that’s out of this world.

GRAV Labs Medium Gravitron

Benefits of a Gravity Bong

Like most smoking accessories, there are benefits and drawbacks to a gravity bong. The main benefit, other than learning about the scientific principles of gravity, water pressure, and lung capacity, is that this is a surefire way to get you super duper high. Depending on your tolerance, this could be a strong advantage for you.

Efficiency is another benefit of gravity bongs. If you’re a smoker who is looking for a quick and easy high, then look no further than a gravity bong. Rather than taking multiple hits like you may do from a standard bong, a gravity bong gives you the entire bowl at once in one honking big hit. The result is an instantaneous high in one felled swoop.

The high you get from a gravity bong is powerful, and a welcome change to someone who is used to smoking flower from a bubbler or joint. It follows that novelty is another benefit of a gravity bong—something different for special occasions, social events, to impress someone, or just a way to diversify your smoking sessions. 

Another benefit to gravity bongs is that they can, in theory, be a do-it-yourself smoking apparatus. Typically made from empty soda or juice bottles and tin foil, gravity bongs are relatively easy to make. That being said, we don’t condone the use of homemade gravity bongs from plastic or aluminum materials—igniting these materials can cause burns and release toxic chemicals that you don’t want to inhale. Don’t be that stoner smoking weed out of an empty soda bottle—invest in a glass gravity bong like a respectable adult. We recommend the Grav Labs Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong.

GRAV Labs Gravity Bong

Drawbacks of a Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs produce a powerful high, which is a benefit to veteran smokers but can also be a drawback to some. If you’re new to ganja or used to smoking dry herb out of a vaporizer, then a gravity bong may be too much for you both in terms of the high and the harshness.

Since the smoke in a gravity bong isn’t filtered through water like it is in a non-gravity bong, it will be much harsher on the lungs. The resultant effect can include coughing, gasping for air, and feeling like you can’t breathe as your mind and body soar to a new dimension. Gravity bongs are not for the faint of heart.

Homemade gravity bongs, while convenient, pose unnecessary risks such as burns and toxic chemicals. By using materials that are not meant for combustion or smoking, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk of injury to your fingers and lungs. Additionally, makeshift gravity bongs will never produce the tight seal that a quality glass gravity bong provides. If you’re looking for the most bang for your (gravity) bong, invest in a quality glass piece.

We recommend the Grav Labs Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong for your gravity bong endeavors. This two-piece system is made with 100% glass and rubber to create unparalleled suction and deliver legendary hits. 

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You’ll also be joining our sweet
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