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What We Have to Offer at Cannabox

On top of being your favorite 420 subscription box, our team over at Cannabox offers you various ways to purchase new and exciting goodies. Cannabox is able to provide you with a variety of different themes of cannabis subscription boxes and packs that are sure to brighten your day. While we do provide our Premier Cannabox OG monthly subscriptions, Cannabox also offers daily 420 lovers multiple ways to connect and receive quality packages shipped directly to your door.

Cannabox OG

First we’ll start out with our Premier Cannabox OG, that we provide monthly to our subscribers. Shipping near the 20th of every month, your monthly premium subscription box includes essentials, glass apparel and munchies delivered straight to you. All starting at $28.38/month, you’re sure to find something that you’ll like from our limited time items within Cannabox OG. Each month we provide you with an inspired theme that we like to direct all of the products around; for example May’s theme was “Blazed II” one of our Game of Thrones inspired boxes including a G.O.T. inspired Sherlock pipe, shirt and many other 420 friendly goodies that are sure to blaze up your next sesh. We offer free shipping to USA subscribers, while also providing affordable shipping prices to our international customers. If you have any questions or a problem with your recent monthly subscription box, please contact customer service to open up a service ticket.

Cannabox Outlet

Next we offer an updated outlet, that houses our passed items boxes and smoking accessories available for all of our non-subscribers and subscribers. Within our outlet you’ll find various smoking accessories such as rolling papers, hemp wraps, grinders and more. We usually upload any extras that we have of past boxes onto our outlet, as well as past boxes pipes and glassware that are available. The outlet is a great place to explore if you’re looking to individually purchase products and try out past items or purchase your favorite box from a past theme. Click here to come and and explore our Cannabox outlet.


Don’t feel like picking and choosing which past items you would like to receive? Well we have at the perfect package for you! Our CannaPacks are a great way to receive past Cannabox products with free shipping included. If you’re new to Cannabox, you can try a sampler pack of 4 to 6 past items that we’ve included in some of our past themes; it also includes an exclusive promo code for a Cannabox OG monthly subscription box. Our Cannapacks are a great gift idea and an excellent way to sample past Cannabox products before you subscribe. A $20 MSRP value in every Cannapack to make sure you have quality and fun themed products to sample. Usually within our CannaPacks, we include a glass pipe, munchies, stickers, rolling paper or wraps, lighters, hemp wick and other smoking accessories. Want to receive your first Cannapack? Click here.

Cannabox Essentials

Don’t feel like spending the cash for a Cannabox OG monthly subscription box? Well we have something a little smaller and much more affordable for you. Our Cannabox essentials are purely just smoking essentials that every stoner needs. Receive a one-month supply of every day stoney items delivered straight to your door at great value price of $12.99 plus free shipping. Inside we host a $20 MSRP value in every Cannabox Essential pack of our glass pipes, rolling papers, hemp wraps or stickers. This pack is perfect for people who really don’t care much about the theme but just need the smoking accessories and essentials to get them to their next smoke sesh. Learn more about our Cannabox essentials here.

And there you have it, that’s everything that we offer at Cannabox ranging from our Cannabox OG monthly subscription boxes all the way down to our Cannabox Essentials. We have you covered whether you are a customer looking to have themed monthly subscription boxes or just something to enhance your cannabis lifestyle.

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