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What is in Cannabox? (Image)

What’s in a Cannabox?

Packed inside of your monthly Cannabox subscription is not only just 420 goodies but a whole theme of smoking accessories you can use for your next sesh. We provide you with some of the best gear, paper’s and munchies that are sure to make your smoking experience better. Offering you everything 420, Cannabox is here to be your guide to enhance and provide you with the tools you need to have a quality and unique sesh.

As a subscription box, we provide our customers interesting themes every month to go along with your boxes. That means limited time items and accessories featuring each month’s TV, Movie or Pop Culture inspired theme. That’s right! So since this May’s theme is Blazed II(insert link), you’ll find some Game Of Thrones related gear in your next box. Ready to take the throne? Secure your Cannabox here.

If you miss out on or want a specific item from your box make sure to check out our outlet for updates on some of our restocked items from previous months subscriptions. We also have various glass brands and accessories available in store for purchase, come and explore our outlet here.

While we provide some of the basic necessities of the sesh, the only thing you will have to include are some of your favorite smokable herbs. We’ve listed some known smokable herbs below:

  • Cannabis (in legal states)
  • Passion Flower
  • Raspberry Leaf
  • Wormwood
  • Lavender
  • Sage
  • Mint

Now, let’s break down the box so you have a good idea of what is to come when you order your first subscription:

Cannabox Papers or Wraps

What’s a smoke sesh without something to smoke? We provide you with quality rolling papers and wraps so you can roll up your favorite herb and smoke away.

Cannabox Munchies

Got the munchies? We have you covered! Cannabox makes it easy for those stoners who enjoy a unique snack. Our munchies range from savory snacks to flavorful candy, sometimes related to the theme but mostly just something quick and easy to snack on.

Cannabox Stickers

If you’re a sticker freak like us you’ll love our various stickers that come in our boxes. We love to provide different designs of our logo and even throw in some fun ones directed towards the monthly theme. Stick them on your favorite glass or rep them on the back of your laptop!

Cannabox Shirt

One of the main items in our boxes include our unique Cannabox clothing we provide. Every month you’ll receive a theme specific t-shirt inside your box. These are great to wear out to your next event or dinner date – don’t worry you’ll look nice!

Cannabox Glass

Our quality glass is hand picked for your box. We go thru designs monthly to ensure that you get the best and most relevant piece for you theme. All you need to do is load some herb and blaze. We got the rest!

Sick of going to the store for more papers? Hate picking out new pipes or papers to use? No need to worry! Cannabox is here to save your headache. Let us ship you monthly 420 themed subscription boxes straight to your door! All you have to do is subscribe.

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