Where To Find Past Cannabox Themes

Cannabox Monthly Themed Boxes - Image of: May Blazed II Game of Thrones inspired Cannabox

If you’re new to Cannabox, you must be excited for your very first OG monthly subscription box. You may also notice that we present new and exciting themes every month – that’s right! Within each box you’ll receive a specialized bundle of themed smoking accessories perfect for your next session.

Why do we provide monthly themes for our boxes?

The team over at Cannabox enjoys providing you – the customer – with a unique and customizable experience every month within our monthly subscriptions. In each box you’ll find inspired items such as glassware, shirts and accessories that are directed towards your theme. We also like to change the theme each month to fit upcoming holidays or trending pop culture brands, TV shows, movies and more.

Where can I find past or upcoming Cannabox themes?

If you’re looking for details on our past Cannabox themes or perhaps want to purchase an upcoming box, our Cannabox website is the perfect place to explore details. If you click on the ‘Themes’ button in our menu you’ll find individual flyers for each theme where you’ll be able to dive deep into each months box and see what is offered.

For example, last months May theme was apart of our “Blazed” series featuring Game of Thrones inspired gear such as our Dragon Red Sherlock Pipe, Shine Blaze Rolling papers and more. Most of our Cannabox OG subscription boxes sell out fast but we make sure to provide extras on our Cannabox Outlet, you can purchase this theme here.

While we not only offer monthly Cannabox subscriptions, one of our main goals is to give our customers a unique experience using our products. If you haven’t subscribed and want to check out upcoming themes or past themes that we’ve offered at Cannabox, click here to explore.

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About Cannabox 

Cannabox has been selling online since 2012 with a focus on providing the best monthly weed subscription box experience possible. Since then, we have also added an online smoke shop with an extensive collection of more than 400 vaporizers, bongs, bubblers, hand pipes, weed grinders and many more smoke shop accessories that can be purchased online. We only sell products we believe in and use ourselves. 

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Cannabox is the number one online smoke shop featuring top brandsquality glasslatest cannabis technology and custom designs and pieces. With new arrivals daily, you can expect to constantly find various pieces and accessories fitting your style and vibe. Our online smoke shop experts are knowledgeable and experienced in all of our products and they make sure to highlight the products they love and use.

Cannabox is determined to fit any smoker’s budget with Sezzle, allowing payment plans to work for anyone’s financial situation. With a wide variety of pricing, there is a piece for anyone in our online smoke shop. Check out the number of products from top brands like RAWgrav labsOCB and many more. Our online smoke shop features thousands of the best products, highlighting Rigs for Dabsbongs and other water pipes, hand pipes, grinders and other smoking accessories and necessities.

Cannabox is the best online smoke shop, you will be sure to find something to match perfectly with your style.

New to Our Online Smoke Shop

Our smoke shop is filled with new arrivals daily, so you can expect to constantly find various pieces and accessories fitting your style and vibe. Going into your neighborhood smoke shop can be boring, finding the same bongs and rigs every time you’re looking for something different. At Cannabox, you can be assured to find something new everyday, making this the best smoke shop experience available.

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Our smoke shop is filled with the best products available in the cannabis industry. Our team of knowledgeable experts use and love these products, and have highlighted some of their favorite products here. Our customers rave and rate these products as the top quality glass to advance their smoking experiences. If you are unsure of where to begin looking through all of our one-of-a-kind products, this is a great place to start.



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