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Where To Purchase Past Themed Glass

Perhaps one month you got one of your favorite pieces within your monthly Cannabox subscription. You go to smoke one day and – oh no – it breaks! You’re devastated and you just wish you could get it back. Since it’s a past months item, it won’t be available within upcoming boxes and you begin to worry “Will I ever see my favorite piece again?”

Well we have a great solution for you, we house some of our past items glass in our outlet. Within our outlet you’ll find a wide range of rolling papers, shirts, smoking accessories and even passed themes glass. Here you will be able to purchase various 420 goodies and add them to your cart without having to wait for the next month’s shipment of themed boxes. Your purchase will come within a timely matter, shipped straight to your door. We even have some of our past boxes available for purchase, just make sure to check back to our outlet daily for new products housed in our store.

Below we have even detailed some of our past items glass that you can purchase in the outlet, available now.

April 2019 “Up In Smoke” 4/20 Glass

This piece was featured in our Cannabox Cheech and Chong 4/20 collab box. It features numerics on the side of the glass that represent 420. Inside the mini bong is a shower glass percolator that will cool down your smoke and create bubbles to enhance your high. Take this mini bong on a short adventure for a quick sesh anywhere you go.

Cannabox Stoned 710 Fallout Chubbler

Featured in March’s Wasted Cannabox, this small hand bubbler is sure to be a great addition to your gallery. With green accents, this hand pipe has a small carb and percolator that is sure to give you a heavy rip every time.


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