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Why It’s Time to Invest in Bongs

The summer days ahead of us are sure to be full of activities that keep us busy and on the go. From camping in the woods with your buddies to traveling on interstates on an annual family road trip to California, there comes a time when you just need to light up and ride the wave until you fall asleep. This calls for a bong investment.

Maybe you like to smoke your cannabis freshly ground and rolled in a blunt, I mean who doesn’t? Or perhaps you’re the kind of stoner that strictly smokes from a hand-crafted glass piece, regardless of the occasion. Again, another great way to smoke. 

But when it’s time to pack up the 4 Runner and head into the mountains, you might be wondering how you want to smoke your weed when you’re out in nature or have a relaxing beach day ahead of you.

For your on-the-go activities, you’re probably going to be thinking about convenience and easy portability. The last thing you want to do is lug around a 10 ft tall bong in a wagon to achieve your desired high.

But don’t rule out bongs just yet, you’ll want to try smoking with the popular glass masterpieces for the stoner experience. Once you do you won’t want to travel with anything else. 

Here’s a little back story: Up until my recent road trip, I had always taken pre-rolls for summer traveling. To my luck, me and my buddies found a shop selling cannabis accessories like bongs and pipes while we were walking around in the city through the markets. 

I ended up buying a small glass bong like this because it was really cheap and easy to carry. We ended up smoking from it later in the campgrounds before we went to sleep. We were all surprised at how easy it was get everything started. All we needed was some weed, water, a lighter, and the bong itself. 

Here’s what I found out about bongs with my buddies on our summer road trip

  1. bongs produce cleaner smoke
  2. heavier and more intense hits
  3. convenient and reusable

For more about bongs and water pipes, check out our previous post. Otherwise continue reading to learn why bongs will improve your smoking sessions.

Coughing fits are for joints and blunts

We’ve all been there, the joint or blunt gets to you and for some reason, the smoke just irritates your throat. You cough for what seems like an eternity and you feel like you’re doing a 10-minute ab workout. 

And if you’re smoking blunts, sometimes the tobacco is just too harsh. 

One of the first things I noticed when ripping the bong on our road trip was that the smoke I inhaled was cool and didn’t burn my throat. Even though it was larger than my normal sized hit, my lungs didn’t feel overwhelmed.

The bongs water filtration made a huge difference in our smoke session. Some bongs even include percolators for creating bubbles that better cool and filter the smoke, reducing the annoying throat burn. So, in general, a bong will give you much smoother, cooler, and better-tasting hits. 

Cleaner and more natural smoke

For those of your that have a glass piece, bongs are something different. They use water to cool the smoke and filter harmful carcinogens.

With blunts, joints, and even glass pieces, most of the burnt weed and any harmful chemicals go directly into your throat causing irritation. 

The more we took hits from the bong, the dirtier the water became. All we got was cleaner smoke that was easier on our mouths and lungs. 

It’s definitely a much more enjoyable experience knowing that I’m getting a cleaner and more natural smoke. Other than a vaporizer or vape pen with THC cartridges, bongs are thought to be the cleanest way to smoke cannabis. 

Easy, Convenient, and ready to rip

We’ve all been there. Trying to light up a blunt or a joint but for some reason, it’s just not lighting. You stand there trying to smoke a little bit of weed but the paper is a little too moist and starts burning unevenly. All the while you’re burning precious flower and losing smoke trying to light it up. 

With bongs it’s different. 

When you light your cannabis, the smoke gets trapped inside the bong giving you the opportunity to smoke when you’re ready. One of the great things about bongs is that you can control how much smoke you inhale without losing any smoke. Simply inhale what you’re comfortable with and the rest stays trapped inside the bong for the next person to clear.

And for the more experienced stoners that enjoy deep and heavy rips, bongs provide a smooth and cool smoke for as many hits as it takes to achieve the high you like. Remember, the bigger the bong, the bigger the hit. 

Reduce, Reuse, and Keep Ripping

It’s no surprise that glass bongs reduce your smoking time. All you need to do is add some water, pack your weed, and light up.

Not that many stoners worry about the amount of time it takes to smoke, as long as they get the high they enjoy most. But when you’re busy and on the go with your buddies on a road trip, less is more.

The obvious benefit is that with a bong, you don’t have to roll anything. This is great If you’re a beginner or if rolling isn’t your biggest strength. Imagine trying to roll a joint in the middle of the night while the family sleeps in the other tent. Sure you can bring pre-rolled joints or flavored cones to stuff, but you won’t achieve the intense high that comes from ripping a bong. 

And with a bong, all you really have to do is pack your choice of cannabis, spark up, and inhale your desired amount of smoke. You don’t even necessarily have to grind your marijuana. You can simply break your nugs into smaller pieces and load up your bowl.

Once you get the fire going and start taking hits, you immediately notice the cool smoke from the water filtration. Some bongs even have a percolator or an ice rack for smoother and colder hits for the unique experience. 

The cool and smooth smoke lets you take as many rips as you’d like, smoke as many bowls as your lungs desire, without all waste from smoking an equal amount of weed in joints or from a glass piece. 

You can literally just keep ripping and reuse your water during that session. Obviously, you’ll be getting cleaner hits if you regularly change your water and clean your bong. 

Another great benefit is the easy clean up -all it takes is alcohol to clean your bong. Glass bongs, specifically borosilicate glass, are non-porous so the alcohol won’t affect the taste or any aspect of your smoking experience. 

Bongs are also durable and reusable and can last you a lifetime if you’re careful. You won’t be regularly spending money on pre-rolls during your busy summer days. You simply just need flower from your local dispensary and you’re good to go.

Look, you might be thinking, “you know I’m still not sure about owning a glass bong. I don’t even know where to start.” 

I assure you that there are many to choose from and that can be overwhelming to browse through.

I’m going to save you some time and leave a small little list of some bongs that are great and currently on sale. You’ll find that if you visit your local dispensary the glass pieces and bongs that are featured are made locally and carry a hefty price.

Here they are in no particular order:

  1. Gravity Bong
  2. Mini Bong
  3. Showerhead Perc Bong
  4. Beaker Bong

Don’t forget to check out the rest of our selection of cannabis accessories and glass bongs for a new experience in your smoking sessions. 

Also, if you’re a cannaseur that enjoys trying all the new cannabis products and accessories check out our Cannabox monthly subscription where you receive a monthly themed box with great cannabis accessories like bongs and glass pieces to rolling papers and blunt wraps.

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