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10 Best Electric Dab Rigs For Sale

best electric dab rigs for sale

Looking for the best dab rigs can be difficult when there are a ton of options available at online smoke shops, such as our own. Here at Cannabox, we also educate about the many features available from our products, including the electronic dab rigs for sale. 

It’s a lot faster taking dabs from an electric dab rig than using a butane torch to heat up the dabbing nail. An additional benefit is a superior flavor from concentrates, and consistency with it. Accurately reach optimal temperatures for a cool dab experience every time. There are many types of electric dab rigs, some portable and others that are not so small. 

While dabbing still remains a popular smoking method, many people switch over to electric dab rigs for their unique advantages. Learn more about all the benefits of using an electric dabbing rig below, and how you can buy the best from our online head shop: 

Portability and Simplicity of Use 

Traditional dab rigs are made from glass, and take time to set up. They have many moving parts and require using a butane torch and dabbing tool. Electronic dab rigs, on the other hand, are incredibly simple to use. The main advantage of using an electronic dabbing rig is its convenience to heat up the nail with a click of a button.  Although some of these devices can be found at your local head shop, some are only exclusive to buying online.


Electric dab rigs are made with material that is much more durable than traditional dab rigs. The average dab rig is made from glass, which is very fragile. An electronic dab rig can survive a lot more wear and tear, making them more convenient and portable. However, most electric dabbing rigs do have a glass component that is typically for water filtration.

Temperature Control Accessibility 

Getting the right temperature can be hard for people new to dabs, and using a torch. Electronic dab rigs are often easier to use and come with customizable temperature controls. Users appreciate the consistency of heating a dabbing nail without having to go through a learning curve. It’s much easier to pick the temperature you want using an electric dabbing rig, and a lot faster. 

Find the best Electric Dab Rigs! 

At Cannabox, we offer a variety of exciting electronic dabbing rigs from some of the most iconic companies. Finding a quality electronic dab rig that you’ll love can be intimidating, so we’ve curated the best electric dab rigs from the top brands. These are the best electric dab rigs for sale at Cannabox!

#1 Puffco Peak Pro Electric Dab Rig

This portable and electric dabbing rig revolutionizes dabs. It provides a premium vaping experience with cannabis concentrates. Most dab rigs have to be plugged into an outlet while charging. But for those who don’t want to be stuck stationary, the Puffco Peak Pro comes with a case that’s great for traveling with it. 

The Puffco Peak Pro has impressively fast charging. Simply plug in the adapter and enjoy a charge session that only takes 2 hours. The average charge will last for 20 dabs on the highest temperature and initiate an auto-sleep function when you are not using it. 

The Puffco Peak Pro comes with adaptive heat in the form of custom settings programmed into it. Enjoy 4 standard voltage settings that feature different mixes of color and temperature. 

The electric dab rig’s features can be accessed via the app. Simply connect your electric dab rig to your phone via Bluetooth and remotely change your settings or customize your heat adaptation profiles. Experience a dabbing rig that elegantly embraces the future!

#2 Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

Dr. Dabber offers a completely customized option for dab lovers who appreciate every flower and concentrate’s subtle differences. The Switch Vaporizer comes with 25 calibrated heat settings that can be used on any dry herb, oil, or concentrate. You can find the best setting for your chosen extract or flower to enhance each hit’s taste and potency. The advanced settings on this electric rig make it the perfect choice for a customized dabbing experience.

In addition to 25 heat settings, the Switch also delivers the most even burn for any cannabis. Oil and leaf are both pampered with the heat induction technology. This technology creates a perfectly even vaporization that wastes no concentrate and produces the best tasting hit.

The Switch Vaporizer is also constructed with a leak-proof design. This form keeps the inner technology shielded from the elements, so the vape is a long-lasting device. The design also prevents excessive aeration, decreasing the oxygen levels for even more delicious flavor.

The high-tech design of Dr. Dabber’s Switch doesn’t stop when it’s not in use. The vape also has a self-cleaning cycle to improve the lifespan of the product and keep concentrate and flower tasting fresh.

#3 Dabber Boost Evo

For those who want consistent, reliable temperatures, Dr. Dabber’s Boost Evo is a godsend. With 6 temperature settings and an average heat-up time of 11 seconds, taking dabs has never been more effortless. Experience consistent great flavor and smooth hits, all regulated by the Magnetic Quartz Atomizer temperature sensor. 

The Boost Eve is designed with advanced ergonomic pads for easy gripping and features pure quartz to glass airway to ensure your concentrate’s flavor is unaltered. Users will have to charge it, but with a long battery life, offering up to 60 hits per charge, the Boost Evo is reliable. 

The electronic dab rig also comes with 6 RGB color options for ambiance, including a stealth mode if you don’t want to draw any attention to yourself. Experience unprecedented temperature control with a reliable device that centers convenience and quality above all else. 

#4 Focus V Carta Electric Dab Rig V2

The Focus V Carata Electric Dab Rig takes everything you love about dabs and modernizes them. For those who like the feeling and aesthetics of a traditional dabbing rig, and don’t want to settle for what is essentially a vape pen, this dab rig has everything you need to capture the magic.

This dab rig has an attractive and sleek design and is very easy to use. The rig features a haptic feedback system to let users know when to inhale. It is also incredibly portable, sporting a compact size, and durable. This is the perfect alternative to bringing a glass dabbing rig on the go. Think of it as a travel buddy.

The Focus V Carata E-Rig has 4 temperature control settings to match their concentrate temp preferences. It’s very easy to power with intuitive function designs and an ergonomic build for easy gripping. 

#5 G Pen Roam Vaporizer

Grenco Science delivers a portable product with optimal water filtration and exceptional battery life in the G Pen Roam Vaporizer. The Roam is a uniquely designed electric dab rig. This electronic dabbing rig has an glass hydro-tube inside of it for water filtration.

The hydro-tube purifies and cools each hit of extract for the most delicious, smoothest pull. It’s made from a full quartz tank, so you can inhale deep hits with ease. Surrounding this revolutionary technology is a protective aluminum shell to keep the inner hydro tube and tank safely shielded. The aluminum shell also makes sure the Roam is super portable without any worry of breakage.

Offering a wide 600 °F – 800 °F temperature range, you can customize your dabbing depending on the concentrate. With that, an LED display allows you to easily identify flavor profiles. It also has a Max Cleaning Mode to make sure concentrate always tastes fresh.

The final feature of this innovative product is an extended battery life from the 1300mAh lithium-ion battery. The Roam uses pass-through technology for charging, making it fast and simple to charge the vape when needed. For a portable product that provides optimal purification of concentrate, the Roam is an excellent choice.

#6 Pulsar RöK Electric Oil Rig

Taste every delicious essence of your concentrate or flower using this Pulsar RöK Oil Rig. Designed for superior flavor and ease of use, the Pulsar uses an advanced coil-less quartz cup and disc percolator.

The Pulsar RöK has been continuously updated to offer you the best product possible. This version of the vape has a modernized V2 coil for concentrate use. The coil increases the surface area, in turn creating an even and rapid heating level. With this, you can expect huge hits with no wasted concentrate.

All components of the oil rig allow for the best tasting concentrate and flower. First, the coilless cup provides delicate terpene profiles. Then, inside the chamber is an expertly-designed disc percolator. The percolator perfectly purifies each hit, yielding a smooth and clean tasting inhale. Last, the comfortable metal mouthpiece makes sure you enjoy every part of the dabbing experience.

Pulsar also created this electric dab rig with a precision dab trigger. The easy-touch button lets you vary the voltage depending on your cannabis, as well as initiate RöK Mode. With extended battery life, dual-uses, and flavor enhancement, Pulsar offers an innovative product.

#7 The G Pen Connect (Electronic Dab Nail)

Turn any glass dabbing rig into an electronic one with this dabbing nail from G Pen. Although this is not a dabbing rig, it’s a more portable option without the water filtration. It’s a great option if you’re looking for something sleek and discreet. This e-nail can attach to a glass dab rig. 

Featuring a chamber built into it, this portable and electronic dab rig nail has great airflow. The vapor will be cool and smooth when heated in the ceramic bowl, without sacrificing the THC content. 

The G Pen connect Vaporizer is compact and inconspicuous. It’s roughly the size of an average vape pen and can fit in your pocket easily. This electric dab nail is perfect for when you’re on the go. Users can choose between multiple heat settings based on their temperature preferences for a perfect smoking experience every time. Buying any one of these 710 accessories from our online smoke shop is going to be a real treat, and we will ship it out asap!

#8 PuffCo Peak Sunset Lightning Edition Electric Dab Rig

The PuffCo Peak Sunset Lightning Edition Electric Dab Rig captures those California vibes and delivers a smoking experience that emphasizes convenience, efficiency, and portability. 

Embodying the peak of convenience, the entire dabbing rig operates on 1 button. Built into the dab rig is a percolation system for clean and smooth hits.

The Puffco Peak only takes 20 seconds to heat up, and users can choose between four unique temperature settings. The batteries are durable. Users are often able to get 30 hits off one charge. The battery will fully charge in 2 hours and the rig is easy to clean due to the Removable Ceramic Bowl. 

With a vibration feature that lets you know when to inhale, the Puffco Peak delivers portability and convenience that you can rely on.

#9 Puffco Peak Smart Rig Medusa Edition

The Puffco Peak Smart Rig Medusa Edition sets itself apart from the pack with its supreme ease of use and intuitive design. Featuring four heat settings for customizability in finding the ideal temperature, the E-Rig gives you the power to control your smoking experience. The user-friendly design is both simple and aesthetically pleasing, making it perfect for group settings. 

The Puffco Peak Smart Rig works with any concentrate. Whether you prefer Live Resin or Honeycomb Wax, the dabbing rig will vaporize your preferred concentrate to perfection. The battery is long-lasting and charges quickly, giving users convenience that many dab rigs do not value. The average charge lasts for 30 hits, and it only takes 2 hours to recharge. 

Experience an electric dab rig that enhances your smoking experience without any learning curve. 

#10 Puffco Peak Smart Electric Dab Rig

The Puffco Peak Smart Electric Dab Rig functions similar to the Medusa edition – they are both very easy to use and user-friendly. With haptic feedback to let you know when to inhale and a design that’s easy to clean, this electronic dab rig is perfect for beginners and seasoned stoners alike.

This dab rig has a long-lasting battery and four heat settings for convenience and control. The rig comes with four LED lights to let users know what temperature they are using and the ceramic bowl and glass stem are removable. 

Experience convenience and ease of use that only Puffco Peak can offer!

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