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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Best Cannabis Tech Buying Guide

new cannabis tech

Over the past few decades, the popularity and support behind marijuana have exploded. Cannabis products went from being largely illegal to being approved for medical use, and now recreational cannabis is quickly becoming a hot commodity. 

Concentrates are quickly moving toward the forefront of the cannabis market. Naturally, along with the success of the cannabis market, there have been significant advancements in cannabis products and accessories. Today you’re going to learn about the new exciting tech available now.

Stash Jar from Session Goods

Described as a designer stash jar, this $39 product from session goods exceeds the standard of keeping your cannabis products discrete. The jar holds around 0.25oz of unground herb, keeping it fresh and protecting your other cannabis accessories. It even comes with a compartment specifically for holding other products and a bowl stand.

The resealable press-fit silicone lid and borosilicate tinted glass keep your stash safe in this resistant shell as it keeps the herb in and the smell out. The stash jar is a perfect size, sitting in the palm of your hand comfortably. Yet, the inside is roomy enough for quite a bit of content inside. 

If you happen to damage your stash jar, Session Goods has you covered. There are many things that can go wrong when handling your stash jar, causing the glass to crack or your lid to become damaged. You can simply contact the company at help@session and they will assist you with a replacement part.

Session Goods takes a stylish approach to designing cannabis products that challenge the stigma around marijuana use and create goods that fit the modern shift of cannabis acceptance. Their products aim to take the look and feel of a time when cannabis was less acceptable and change them to seem more like everyday home goods.

Crafty+ and Mighty Weed Grinder

The $4.99 filling aid from Storz & Bickel works in conjunction with the Might or Crafty vaporizer. With it, you can pack the perfect bowl. Some users may find it difficult to use their vaporizer without creating a mess. This product will allow you to measure the correct amount of herb and fill the chamber in an easy process.

To use the aid, fill it with the herb and attach it to your vaporizer in place of the cooling unit. Then direct the contents into the chamber via the middle funnel. It’s a handy product that adds convenience to your experience and can even serve as a storage container for your cannabis.

Both the Crafty+ and Mighty are extremely reliable products that users love. The Crafty+ is a compact device that delivers high-quality vapor at 3 preset temperatures with personalized settings through the app. The Mighty vaporizer is similar and uses a combination of conduction and full hot air convection heating to increase vapor quality.

Storz & Brickel has many years of experience in knowing what customers look for in products. The company has a long line of fan favorites that have helped craft the evolution of vaporizer technology over the years.

The Magical Butter Machine

When you are in the mood to make some tasty snacks with a little something extra to lighten your mood. Whether you want to make brownies, cookies, or even pasta, you can use the Magical Butter Machine to make the process of making cannabis-infused butter, concentrates, oils, and tincture a lot more simple.

At only $224.95, the machine makes cannabis-infused butter in as little as an hour, making 2 to 5 cups in a cycle. The machine comes complete with 5 temperature settings that will allow you to make professional-quality eats at home. The Magical Butter company recommends that you warm the materials you’ll use in the oven for around half an hour at 240 degrees Fahrenheit.

Next, you’ll grind the material and then, using the machine, create your new concoction. To make butter, you’ll add up to 5 cups of clarified butter before closing the lid and heating it for 2 hours at 160 degrees Fahrenheit. After that, you’ll pour the contents into the filter and let it cool. Magical Butter receives high recommendations for this product and several others that innovate the way people make edibles, including the magical gummy kit which allows you to make delicious cannabis-infused gummies from your kitchen.

Puffco Plus V2 Vision Edition Dab Pen

When you’re on your way out or to go about your daily schedule, a convenient puff on the go is essential. Puffco Peak allows you to do just that with this product. The high-tech pen is a simple and easy way to enjoy your cannabis in a discreet fashion.

It comes in a beautiful design with three heat settings and a loading tool. You can adjust the settings via the access button, and tune the device to the exact temperature that is best for the contents. The design is a compact and shiny rainbow look that is unique yet indistinguishable from any other vape pen.

The ceramic container holds a full hit of concentrate, heating it while it’s snug inside. The Puffco Plus V2 Edition is known for being extremely efficient, working to increase airflow quality, and reducing wasted cannabis concentrate by sending the excess back into the chamber. The $89.99 dab pen puts the taste at the forefront and delivers an adequate hit that consumers love.

PuffCo is a long-standing company of innovative cannabis products including their best-known products the Peak, Peak Pro, Plus, and Budsy. Since 2013, PuffCo worked to create a powerful, tasty, and clean alternative to the current trend at the time. They pride themselves on creating great products without the use of chemicals, fibers, or glues in the airways.

Cookies G Pen Connect

The Cookies G Pen Connect makes taking dabs many times easier. The process of preparing a dab can be daunting and time-consuming. The Cookies G Pen allows you to prepare a dab for a few seconds and with a few taps of a button, take a strong hit with this concentrate nail alternative. The product comes in an easily assembled and disassembled design that is easy to clean for only $169.99.

The following are the parts that come along with the Cookies G Pen package:

  • Travel hemp case
  • Tank Cap
  • 14mm Male glass attachment
  • 850MaH Battery (magnetic)
  • Carb release
  • Ceramic coils

To assemble and use this product, you will use the following method

  1. Twist the glass attachment on the housing
  2. Screw the tank onto the housing
  3. Insert it into the rig
  4. Load dab in the magnetic tank cap
  5. Connect the battery to the heating chamber
  6. Choose your tap setting
  7. Wait for the “G” to turn into a solid color 
  8. Take a hit
  9. Use the spring-loaded release button as a carb cap

The heating process of this product only takes 5 seconds in which the “G” sign will blink. The G Pen Connect delivers strong, quality hits with high density and can work alongside any glass-on-glass piece. In addition to an extended draw mode, there are three temperature settings.

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Another fine edition from Storz & Bickel is the Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer. At $679.99, this product is well worth the price, creating a powerful hit with a powerful taste. Although everything you need for this device is included in the package you can also grab extra accessories like the chamber reducer for people that usually do solo sessions.

Through the app, you can heat the Volcano in seconds, ten times faster than previous models. The newer model is also quieter and more efficient than previous models.

Other things included with the Volcano Hybrid are:

  • Pure convection heating
  • 100-watt heater
  • Digital Display
  • Dual-use vaporizer
  • Hybrid inhalation system

You can choose to use the Volcano with a whip or balloon bag while inhaling tons of flavor from this device. Storz & Bickel’s convection heating system uses air to implement the clean and smooth flavor of your cannabis without combustion, which is much more efficient than conduction. The controls for the device are as simple and straightforward as it gets, allowing you to transition between temperatures of 104 to 446 degrees Fahrenheit easily.

G Pen Roam

Inside the travel case of the G Pen Roam, you’ll find a device that has changed the vaporizer industry. The small device heats up between 600 to 800 degrees Fahrenheit and has simple controls that allow you to choose your temperature setting and take a hit without the usual hassles. At just $239.99, this portable concentrate vaporizer takes enjoying concentrates to a whole new level.

When you open your travel case, you can use the following method to begin using your vaporizer.

  1. Fully charge the G Pen Roam
  2. Fill the hydro tube inside the roam to the fill line
  3. reassemble the device
  4. Press the power button quickly 5 times
  5. Set your preferred temperature using the +/- buttons
  6. Open the hatch and load your concentrate onto the coil

From there, you can choose between two heat activation modes. Once you’ve laded your concentrate on the coil, you can then press the power button twice to heat the device to your preferred temperature, which will remain for thirty seconds. Alternatively, you can use the fire button to maintain the heat until you release the button.

The G Pen Roam uses pass-through technology to quickly charge the 1300mAh battery. In addition, cleaning this device is as easy as it gets with a detachable mouthpiece and Max Cleaning Mode. The G Pen brand is a well-known and sought-after provider of products with many achievements and over 290 thousand followers on Instagram.

Boundless Terp Pen Vaporizer

Now here is a pen that is built to last. The extremely durable Boundless Terp Pen is a medical-grade stainless steel concentrate vaporizer that puts flavor as a top priority. The pen works to reduce any taste other than the flavor of the concentrate when it is heated by the ceramic coil. The appeal for pens like this is the easily cleaned steel and discreet nature in which you can carry it with you in public. There are also several handy accessories that will come along with your $30 Boundless Terp Pen, including a multi-tool, battery, cleaning tool, charging cable, and ceramic coil.

The simple process of using the pen is easy. It consists of loading the concentrate on the coil and breathing in from the pen. The heating function activates when you draw from the pen and last for 10 seconds. You can then enclose it in a magnetic cap.

Since 2016, Boundless technology has put customer satisfaction at the forefront of their business plan. They strive to increase the effectiveness of boundaries of what is brought to the market by keeping in touch with the community to meet your needs.

Mighty Vaporizer

The Mighty Vaporizer gets its name from the great job it does at producing powerful hits at only $339.99. The convenient design gives you complete control over the temperature with a lengthy battery life. Included in your package will be several useful accessories including a liquid pad, mouthpiece, cleaning brush, and user manual.

The simple design only requires a single plus and minus button that you’ll use to control the device with the battery life and temperature are plainly displayed on the LED screen. The dual heating method works to ensure that the vapor comes to you in clean hits packed with taste. You can then enjoy that taste for a long time with up to 120 minutes of battery life. Even if you forget to turn the Mighty off, the automatic switch-off feature will turn it off after two inactive minutes.

The two heating methods of conduction and radiation act as a dual system of consistent heat and extreme flavor. The benefit of the Might increases further with the user able to choose any temperature between 104 and 410 degrees Fahrenheit. The Mighty presents itself as a fan favorite that novices and beginners will both enjoy.

Pulsar RoK Electric Oil Ri

The high-performance Pulsar RoK has quickly become one of the best electric rigs in the game. At just $229.99, this concentrate/dry herb rig comes with handy parts including a ceramic coil, quartz coil, two carb caps, loading tool, spare o-ring, and two cleaning brushes. The 6.75″ tall device is a big enough size to be durable yet easily concealable in a handbag or backpack.

Using the Pulsar RoK is a simple process with only a few steps.

  1. Load the wax into the bucket
  2. Fill it with water halfway
  3. Push the power button 5 times to turn it on
  4. Push the button three times to switch between temperatures

There are two options when heating the RoK. You can either click the button twice to signal the RoK to begin heating to the temperature you set in step 4 or hold the button to heat on demand. The temperature setting is as follows:

  • Green: 900 degrees
  • Blue: 950 degrees
  • Red: 1,000 degrees

The Pulsar company boasts over 1,000 different products that have aided the cannabis industry for many years. Pulsar seeks to continue to serve the community by listening to their needs and improving the quality of Pulsar products accordingly. That means having affordable prices for top-tier goods. 

An Exciting Time for Concentrate Lovers

Now that people have become more accepting of cannabis culture, the veterans and upcoming leaders of the industry are doing the best they can to improve the cannabis experience. In addition to these products listed in the guide, there are truly exciting products available today. What’s even better is that you can find them available at affordable prices with quick and easy shipping.

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