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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Top 10 Stoner Stocking Stuffer ideas

best cannabis stocker stuffer ideas

Check out our list of the best stoner gift ideas for stocking stuffers. We decided to make a list of some small weed and dab accessories perfect for adding to a Christmas stocking stuffer. Cannabox is the go-to online shop for all of your cannabis and dabbing accessory needs. We are one of the first and most highly rated Cannabis subscription box companies that has been in business for almost ten years. We have transformed our subscription box service into an online shop for all of your 420 needs. Our 420 subscription box service is still available for $31.99 for a one-month subscription, $29.99 for a three-month subscription, and $28.99 for a six-month subscription. 

Trustworthy 420 Brands for accessories 

Not all marijuana accessory brands for sale online from other companies will provide a good experience, and this is especially true with cheaply products. We only have 420 brands that have earned nothing less than a good reputation with their customers. This is what separates our online smoke shop from the many others that exist online. We also offer a massive online inventory of cannabis and dabbing products such as hand pipes, gravity bongs, dab rig accessories, stickers, odor-proof storage bags, lighters, and t-shirts. Since the holiday season is among us, it’s time to start thinking about what to put in the stocking of the stoner in your life.

Check out this list this holiday season to make sure your stoner’s stocking is stuffed with premium cannabis accessories this holiday season! You can have confidence that your stoner friend is going to love any of the stoner stocking stuffer ideas below once they get it in their hands. 

10. Cannabis Smoking Air Purifier 

Smoke Buddy Air Purifier- Have you ever tried to smoke but were too anxious and self-conscious of the odor emitting from your marijuana whenever you light up? Have you ever had your mom complain about the stench of your bedroom? With the Smoke Buddy Air Purifier, there is no need to worry about that anymore. Using the Smoke Buddy Air Purifier will keep smoke away from your pets, family, and friends. No more having to stick a towel under your door to stop smoke from escaping into the rest of the house. 

The Smoke Buddy Air Purifier is also compact for easy travel. This premium product can last for up to 300 uses. You aren’t only saving your family and friends from the unwanted odor or marijuana; you are also helping save the earth as this air purifier is also environmentally friendly. 

9. Perfect Cannabis Ashtray With Poker tool

Products for cannabis use continue to get innovative twists added to them. This holds true with the Cachetray Ashtray W/ Poker. Ashtrays are a necessary stocking stuffer for those stoners who enjoy smoking blunts and joints because they want gross ash stains on their carpet. The Cachetray Ashtray w/ Poker is the perfect ashtray to slide into your stoner’s stocking. The Cachetray Ashtray w/ Poke is made from heat-resistant silicone and comes in different colors. What makes this ashtray stand out from the rest is the poker. The attached poker allows for cleaning out bowls. Turn the bowl over onto the poker to clean out debris. The poker is also removable and can be turned over and used for packing bowls. 

8. Weed Grinder

Weed Grinder- A weed grinder is used by breaking down cannabis into smaller pieces for a smoother smoking experience. Veteran stoners need a weed grinder because they do not want to be inhaling large chunks of marijuana. Weed grinders come in a variety of sizes and prices. Find premium dry herb grinders with affordable costs at our online head shop. We also have more advanced and electric grinders for weed. 

The OTTO Auto Weed Grinder by Banana Bros costs $189.99 and comes in three different colors. It also features an all-in-one auto joint roller and a spill-free filling funnel. The OTTO Grinder is rechargeable and has a USB charging port. Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies is a smaller and more compact weed grinder made from 100 percent hemp and has a patented tooth design that allows for an even, fluffy grind every time. The Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies weed grinder costs $9.99. 

7. Pre-rolled Cones

Did you know there is currently a pre-rolled cones shortage? So you better get them while they last! Or learn how to roll your own joints fast!

Pre-rolled cones are great because they are time efficient, and for those who struggle to roll a blunt, these are a life saver. The Raw Preroll Cones Classic 5-in-1 Rawket Stage 5 is a great starter set of preroll cones. These cones come in different sizes so you can learn what size it is that you need. Other prerolls sold come in different sizes, such as kingsize. The kingsize prerolled cones are available with the Raw Cones King Size Preroll 3 Pack. If you are looking for a more unique smoking experience, you will want to try out the Wu-tang Clan Prerolled Cones that feature the Wu-tang Clan’s logo on the front. 

6. Rolling Trays

Rolling trays are used to avoid messes when rolling a blunt or packing a bowl. A rolling tray is similar to a dinner tray but, instead of being used to serve a fried chicken dinner, you’ll be serving up premium rolled blunts. A rolling tray holds all of the accessories needed for rolling blunts, such as rolling papers, pre-rolled cones, a lighter, and ashtrays, so everything is within arms’ reach. 

We have a lot of different type of rolling trays for sale that come in different material and price options. There are a variety of rolling trays available in our shop that come in fun designs and silly designs, such as the donut rolling tray, the Wu-tang logo, and a creepy zombie’s hand. Explore a huge selection of rolling trays for sale that are perfect for anyone’s budget.

5. Smell proof Storage Bags

There is no need to worry about the marijuana smell seeping out of your bag at work or school anymore with our collection of smell-proof bags! These bags come in all shapes and sizes. The Mini Confidant Smell Proof Bag, sold for $19.99, is an innovative way to store your cannabis while you travel. This bag fits hand pipes, bowls, or grinders without having to worry about smelling up your entire bag. The Drifter Smell proof Backpack, for $129.99, is a unique choice for those who want to backpack across the country. This waterproof bag is also a comfortable choice for carrying over long periods because it is made with ergonomic materials. The Companion Smell Proof Bag is the best choice for daily use. The Companion Smell Proof Bag is a hip and fashionable fanny pack that is available in eleven different colors. This is a spacious bag for transporting your accessories while out and about. 

4. Cannabis Hand Pipe 

The most common type of pipe used for smoking cannabis is the hand pipe. The hand pipe is so popular because it sits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Hand pipes have a bowl attached for packing ground flower. For $24.99, the Glass Lemon Hand pipe is for sale. This adorable hand pipe is the perfect idea for a stocking stuffer and because of the shape and color, it is the ideal hand pipe for the summer months when sitting poolside with a lemonade. The Zigzag Glass Hand pipe is another great stocking stuffer idea because it comes in a fun red and white mesmerizing design that is reminiscent of the candy canes on your tree! The price for this hand pipe is also $24.99.

3. Bubbler Pipes 

Looking for a smoother way to smoke your cannabis? Bubbler pipes are similar to bongs in that they contain a mouthpiece, bowl, stem, and water chamber. But most importantly, they provide water filtration for much smoother cannabis smoking sessions. These type of weed pipes offer a more affordable option for those who want water filtration and do not want to spend a lot on a bong. Although, they will not offer the same level of water filtration compared to a glass bong with sophisticated percolator designs. Nonetheless, a bubbler pipe is an inexpensive way to enjoy cannabis smoking without so much harshness from the smoke. Therefore, any cannabis smoker will welcome putting down the joint in exchange for using a bubbler type of pipe.

Here at Cannabox, we have a large selection of bubbler pipes including, the GRAV Labs Spherical Pocket Bubbler Hand Pipe which costs $39.99. This bubbler pipe is 3 inches in diameter and is the perfect size for a flower bowl, for oil, or can even be used as a joint/blunt bubbler. The Cannabox Canna Cola 5 inch Mini Bubbler is a fun bubbler to stick in the stocking of your loved ones. Styled like a glass bottle of Coke, this quirky bubbler has a durable flower bowl and a cute design.  

2. Lighters

Lighters are a necessity for stoners. A stoner without a lighter is like Thanksgiving without turkey, it just doesn’t make sense! Here at Cannabox there are many premium options for lighters for stuffing the stockings for your stoners. Lighting up joints isn’t the only reason for stoners to have a lighter! It is great to have a lighter for many reasons including, last-minute campfires. The mini clippers are compact and easy to fit in pockets and come in fun, bright colors. Or maybe buy the Clipper Butane Fluid lighter, for $2.99, for the stoner in your life. All of our lighters are refillable and durable. The Clipper Raw Cork lighter has a cool and unique cork exterior. 

1. Cannabis Accessory Stoner box 

So you know you want to get a cannabis-related gift for your cannabis-loving friend but have no idea what to buy? No problem, just gift them one of our Cannaboxes! Otherwise known as a stoner boxes, they hold between 6 and 8 cannabis or dab accessories, from everything to glass pipes to rolling trays. Each stoner box offers a different theme also. The value of these boxes is approximately between $40.00 and $60.00. Check out our past boxes on our website to get an idea of what cannabis accessories can be found in a Cannabox. If buying a previously released Cannabox, all the items in the box are listed for you on the website. All the accessories will be a surprise in Cannaboxes that have yet to be released. Previous Cannabox themes include “Bee Happy”, “Snow Daze”, “Road Trip”, and “Mad High”. 

We are frequently adding new dab rigs for sale and other 420 accessories.  Discover pipes and other cool cannabis smoking products that can’t be found anywhere else under the Cannabox brand. We have a bunch of products under our own line for even more affordable prices, and maintain a high-quality standard. We strive to be like no other online smoke shop, and focus on providing the best stoner accessories for sale, and customer overall satisfaction.

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