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the best electric weed grinders

The 5 Best Electric and Automatic Weed Grinders

Are you looking for the best electric weed grinders? We’ve got all of them in this article, plus information on what to look for in the best electric weed grinders as you shop.

The 5 Best Electric and Automatic Weed Grinders

All weed smokers know that in order to have the best smoking experience, it’s essential to grind the weed before you pack your bowl.

But did you know the days of using a manual grinder are in the past? There are now electric grinders that will do all the work of grinding your cannabis for you!

No matter what your smoking style, or favorite marijuana strain, getting an electric grinder will change your entire experience. Read on to learn all about the best electric weed grinders available on the market today.

what to look for in automatic grinders

What is an electric weed grinder?

An electric weed grinder is a device that takes cannabis products and reduces them to a fine grind. While you can complete this weed-grinding process by hand, an electric marijuana grinder can help you save time by doing it all for you in seconds.

Most automatic weed grinders work on battery power and use a vibration motor for grinding weed. Some are larger than others, but for the most part, electric weed grinders are just as portable as manual grinders.

What makes an automatic grinder for weed good?

Before you head out shopping for the best electric weed grinder, there are some aspects of the device you will want to choose. We’ve listed them all for you below.

Battery Life/Power

Most electric weed grinders run on battery power, but only some of them accept rechargeable batteries. Additionally, the battery life of each electric weed grinder is unique. You’ll want to ensure you choose an electric cannabis grinder that has a battery life that suits your lifestyle.

You may even want to take the cost of batteries into account, especially if you plan to buy one that doesn’t use rechargeable batteries.


While most electric weed grinders are portable, others are larger, which can cause mobility issues for those who want to grind weed on the go. Ensure you think about how often you will need to grind buds away from your home before you pick your automatic herb grinder.


If you are looking for a portable electric grinder, you may gravitate toward the smallest design. But remember, the smaller grinders don’t have a large capacity or a chamber for storing ground weed. If you need either of these things, you’ll want to consider a larger grinder.

Grind Options

There are many ways of grinding dry herb, some of which result in a finer grind than others. How finely ground your weed will need to be will depend on your smoking style.

For example, if you are planning to roll a cone or a joint, you’ll need a much finer grind than those who are looking to pack a bowl. Finer ground weed often requires more blades or an electric weed grinder that has multiple grinding options.

You’ll need to pick an electric weed grinder that suits your smoking style, otherwise, you’ll find yourself manual grinding to get your weed more finely ground after you’ve run it through your electric grinder.

The 5 best electric grinders for weed

Otto best electric grinder for weed

1. Otto Automatic Grinder by Banana Bros

There is no electric weed grinder better than the Otto automatic grinder from Banana bros. This grinder works using smart chain technology, which uses machine learning to measure your weed thickness and grind it into fine pieces ideal for a joint or cone.

This device also comes with a cone filler that automatically fills cones to the brim within seconds of you loading bud into the chamber. This device can even roll joints and cones for you, so you can have a perfectly pre-rolled cone ready to go whenever you desire.

The Otto automatic grinder can be recharged via USB and uses stainless steel blades for grinding the weed. This weed grinder is portable and uses smell-trapping technology to ensure those around you won’t be able to tell you are grinding weed.

quant automatic grinder for weed

2. Quant Premium Grinder

The Quant grinder is a close runner-up to the Otto Automatic Grinder above. What we love about this grinder is that, while it lacks the automatic rolling ability of the Otto, it is more portable, making it even easier to grind weed on the go.

This grinder is one of a few electric weed grinder pens, otherwise known as electric weed grinders which come in a pen shape. These grinders are small, light, and easy to slip into the pocket of your backpack or purse.

Additionally, this grinder is discreet, using Quant vapor technology to keep all scents associated with grinding weed locked inside the pen. While you won’t be a rolling machine with this grinder, it does store enough ground weed for multiple smoking sessions.

mamba best electric herb grinder

3. Mamba V2 Electric Grinder

This next electric grinder on our list is sure to put on a show for a crowd the next time you have guests over to smoke weed. This grinder looks a little like an enclosed handheld blender, allowing you to load your weed, grind, then release the lid to direct your ground weed in any direction you want.

All you have to do is load the grinder, flip the rocker switch, and watch your weed be ground to smithereens. You can then load a bowl directly or put your weed in a kief catcher for later. Unfortunately, this grinder has no method of storing weed, which makes it the least portable on our list.

This electric grinder is rechargeable via a USB port and comes with a variety of accessories that make it easy to use. It isn’t discreet however, and you likely won’t be able to use it in public, but hey, it looks cool when you use it at home in front of your friends!

wakit one of many automatic weed grinders

4. Wakit Grinder KLR

Fourth on our list is the Wakit Grinder KLR, which is unique in that it is the same size as a manual grinder, but with electric technology that makes grinding weed a cinch.

Unlike other automatic weed grinders, there is no loading chamber for this device. Rather you will place your bud on a flat surface, place this grinder on top, and press a button to grind. The blades at the bottom will rotate, cutting your weed to bits while you watch.

While this can be fun to watch, this grinder does make it difficult to ensure your pieces of weed are the same size. It also requires a flat surface that can make it difficult to use on the go. There are also no additional features like a dispensing hole or automatic cone filler.

The reason this grinder is so highly rated is because it is inexpensive and easy to clean. This makes it a great choice for a beginner smoker who doesn’t want to commit to a fancier grinder just yet.

tectonic9 weed grinder

5. Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder

Last, but certainly not least, is the Tectonic9 Auto Dispensing Grinder, which like the Mamba V2, will definitely earn you points at your next party.

This grinder is nice because it is the same size as a manual grinder and can easily be packed in your bag and taken on the go. The downside of this grinder is that it technically is a manual grinder. After you load your weed, you will need to rotate the device to grind the weed.

The part that makes this an electric grinder is that once you are done grinding, you press a button and the motor starts up, automatically dispensing your weed. This makes for a good show and makes this device much easier to clean than a fully manual grinder. There is also a pollen catcher, something that other automatic grinders sometimes lack.

It’s last on our list, though, because, really, you are still doing the work here. But this, like the Wakit, can be a great in-between before you buy a fully automatic grinder.


On a final note, now that you know all about the best weed grinders on the market, you can take the time to find the best electric grinder for you. Whether you decide to go with an electric weed grinder pen, or something more traditional, you will never regret buying your electric weed grinder!

Besides just a weed grinder, you’ll need some additional smoking accessories to make your weed-smoking session a success. Head over to our smoking accessories page to discover rolling papers, rolling trays, and a variety of storage solutions for your weed.

Best electric weed grinders FAQ

Are electric weed grinders the same as automatic grinders?

Typically, people use both the terms electric weed grinder and automatic weed grinder to refer to the same device. Be cautious, though, because some manufacturers may call a grinder automatic even though it doesn’t run on electricity and requires you to move the device to grind weed.

How do you use an electric herb grinder?

The method of using an electric herb grinder will vary from machine to machine, but in general, you should start by opening the loading chamber, placing some weed inside, closing it, then pressing a button or flipping a switch. The device will operate automatically, grind your weed, and fill a different chamber with your ground weed for easy dispensing.

What grinder do I need for weed?

No matter what type of weed smoker you are, you will need a weed grinder to smoke weed. It is advisable to purchase a portable grinder that you can take on the go with you. You may also want to consider purchasing an electric weed grinder which can grind weed with greater speed than a manual grinder.

Where can you buy the best electric herb grinder?

The best automatic weed grinders can typically be purchased from a shop that specializes in cannabis products. You should never purchase a grinder from a non-marijuana company to use with weed, as these grinders may not be designed for weed–leading to disastrous results.

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