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the best dab tools

How to Choose the Best Dab Tools

Using an erig or a dab rig is a fun way to smoke weed. But before you can enjoy your concentrate smoking experience, you’ll need at least a basic dab tool to get started.

There are several dab tools available for purchase that can make your dabbing session a success, but having the right tool can make the experience even better.

We’ve compiled the ultimate guide for the best dab tools to use with your electronic rigs. Read on to learn all about the best dab tools on the market today!

what is a dab tool

What is a dab tool?

A dab tool is an instrument or device which is used for taking dabs. Even if you are the best dabber on the planet, you will still need the right tools in order to enjoy smoking THC concentrate.

A dab tool is a long rod shape with a flat edge or small spoon shape that can be used to move different types of concentrates from their container to the dab nail once it reaches an ideal temperature.

Basic dab tools are usually metal tools with a non-smooth edge allowing the user to get a good grip. Some dab tools additionally have a sharp edge that can be used for cutting more solid forms of THC. This sharp edge is often referred to as a budder cutter.

Dab tools are often also referred to by the name dab wand or dabber tool.

Dab tools can be made from several different high-quality materials, and they aren’t all created equal. Most dab tools are made out of durable material, which allows them to withstand high heat, but sometimes they are made from materials that aren’t very heat resistant, and these tools don’t last as long as their counterparts.

Most smokers are a big fan of dabber tools which are made with a non-stick coating. This makes it easier to move the cannabis from its container onto the dab rig.

Because dab tools need to be used to handle concentrates, it is not possible for a dab rig to be used without them. If you try, you will end up with sticky concentrates all over your fingers and all over the dabbing environment.

a dab tool is needed to smoke concentrates

How does a dabbing tool work?

A dab tool is used by taking the flat or spoon-shaped portion of the metal rod and using it to scoop solid concentrates from their container and setting it on the hot nail. Some thicker concentrates may require the sharp end to be used to cut the concentrate into smaller pieces before placing it on the dab nail.

Experienced dabbers may have different tool styles that allow them to scoop liquid concentrates onto the quartz nail as well. Liquid dabs are more difficult to move, however, so it is not advised to try to use a basic dab tool for this process.

a dabber is used to smoke weed concentrates

What to look for in dab tools?

When you are looking for the best dab tool for you, the one you should choose will depend on the type of concentrate you enjoy smoking. You will also want to consider the material you want your dab tool to be made out of, as well as how the overall design of the tool meshes with your smoking style.

Type of Concentrate

There are several different types of concentrates that can be used with dab rigs. The most popular is wax, which is a sticky, semi-solid form of THC. Those who dab with wax can typically use any dabbing tool they prefer.

The second most popular is shatter, which is a more solid form of wax. It is harder to cut and use, typically requiring a dab tool with a sharp edge. These crystalline concentrates might be a bit easier to handle than wax, but they are just as sticky.

Rosin and oil are two other types of concentrates made from the cannabis plant, which are more liquid in form. Smoking either of these requires the best dabber tools, as thick oil is hard to move without making a mess. Many people choose to use a dab pen or portable vape pen to smoke THC oils to avoid the mess.

some dab tools have a scoop end


Dab tools can be made out of glass, stainless steel, titanium, ceramic, quartz, or other materials. While most of these are heat resistant, these dab tools are not created equal.


Quartz is a less expensive dab tool material, and while it does heat up quickly, it has a low level of heat retention, meaning it loses heat just as fast. That being said, many people claim that using a quartz dab tool has the least effect on the flavor of your dabs.


Titanium dabbers are the most durable out of all of the types of dabbing tools, and they will last you the longest. You’ll have to be careful, though, as non-medical-grade titanium dabbers can be heavy and difficult to use.

Stainless Steel

Stainless steel dab tools are some of the cheapest on the market, causing dabbers to flock to them. The problem is, because they are cheap, they are not durable and typically more difficult to use than other dab tools on this list. Stainless steel is also an inert material, which means it will degrade over time.

While it might be okay to begin with a stainless steel dab tool while you are learning, you’ll definitely want to upgrade your dabbing experience with a better dab tool later.


Glass tools are some of the most popular among experienced dabbers. They can be made to order and come in many beautiful colors and styles. Glass dabbers hold up to the heat well, but they aren’t as durable as their titanium counterparts.


Like glass tools, ceramic dabbers can also help you to show off your creativity. They retain heat well and have less effect on the flavor of your dabs compared to metal tools.


The last aspect you need to consider as you shop for dab tools is the design of your dab tool. Some smokers prefer scoop dab tools, as they are easier to use to move wax, but they often don’t look as cool as dab tools with a paddle end.

Besides just considering the type of concentrate you will smoke, also take a moment to look at your dab nail, as this will play a part in the tool design you can choose. You will want a tool that fits in your dab nail. For those with very small dab nails, tools that end in a point called a pick often are the best choice.

There has also been a recent push to develop dab tools which are more versatile. This has led to the development of a dab tool carb cap combo which is a dab tool that basically has a carb cap on the end of it. When using one of these tools, you will be able to control the air flow through your dab rig as you place the concentrate on the dab nail.

Do you have an idea of which dab tool is the right dab tool for you? Keep reading to learn about the best weed dab tools as well as the dab tool kits available on Cannabox.

a custome gold dabbing tool

The best weed dab tools

the terpometer dab tool

The Terpometer

If you want a dab tool that is the best of the best, then don’t look any further than the Terpometer. This dab tool is self-heated, meaning you can set the temperature to which you want it to preheat and warm your dab as it is on its way to the nail.

Not only that, but the tool also has a digital thermometer, allowing you to know what temperature your dab is at all times. This also makes it easier to use on tough concentrates as the heat from the Terpometer will loosen it up in its container.

This dab tool is on the pricey end and may be out of some people’s budget. It is a dual-end dab tool though, with both a pick and a scoop available for use with shatter, wax, or oils.

donut dab tool

Donut Dab Tool

Looking for a dab tool that is fun and functional? Look no further than the donut dab tool, which is 5″ long and features both a flat and a pick end.

You can use it to smoke shatter or wax, but it is not recommended for use with oils or other viscous substances. Plus, it’s cute and listed at a price that can’t be beat!

dual-sided dab tool

Doubled-Sided Dab Tool

For those who want something a little more basic, the Double-Sided Dab Tool is a good place to start. This dab tool has both a scoop and a flat end, making it ideal for use with wax, oils, or rosin.

It’s made of stainless steel, so it won’t last forever, but this tool can help you decide which style you like best and help you to choose a custom dab tool in the future once you have more experience.

titanium dab tool

Titanium Dab Tool

The Titanium Dab Tool is a step up from the Double-Sided Dab Tool in terms of material, but it does lack some of the versatility. This dab tool is single-ended, with the end being the scoop shape. This is ideal for use with oil, Rosin, or possibly wax.

The Titanium Dab Tool is ideal for the smoker that knows they like Titanium and has really narrowed down the type of concentrate they like to smoke. This tool is durable and will last you for years to come.

ceramic dab tool

Ceramic Dab Tool

If you want to ensure your dab tool is ready to withstand any temperature you can dream of, then the Ceramic Dab Tool is the one for you. This dab tool is 4.4″ long and has both a scoop and a ballpoint end.

While this tool is durable, it won’t be cutting any shatter anytime soon. Therefore we recommend it for the wax smoker only.

Puffco Dual Tool

The Puffco Dual Tool is an interesting dabbing tool option. One side is shaped in a scoop for moving dabs, while the other side is a cotton swab. These dabbing tools are disposable, meaning you don’t need to worry about cleaning them between uses.

The Puffco Dual Tool is made out of wood, however, meaning it won’t be usable for multiple smoking sessions, which can cause the cost of these to add up.

some weed dab tools are fancy


All in all, there is no one tool that will fit the smoking style of every dabber. You will need to take the time to find the one that is right for you. You may even decide to order a couple of dab tools to see which is your favorite!

Just remember to always buy dab tools that are made out of inert materials and fit your dab nail. You also want to consider the type of concentrate you smoke before you order. If you think of all these things, you can’t go wrong when you pick a dab tool!

Looking for other dab accessories than just a dab tool? Head over to our dab accessories page. And don’t forget you’ll need a nice e-rig to use your dab tool with, so check out our blog on the best electronic rigs.

Best dab tools FAQ

What is the best product to dab with?

THC wax is the best product to use when dabbing. It’s solid enough to be easy to move without being so solid that you will need a sharp edge to cut it before use. Wax is also one of the most easy to manipulate, making it easy to choose the size of dab you wish to smoke!

Are glass dab tools better?

Glass dab tools aren’t necessarily better than their ceramic or quartz counterparts, but they are easier to customize. Additionally, they don’t affect the flavor of the dab as metal tools do.

How do I choose a dabber?

Choosing a dabber involves considering the types of concentrate you smoke, as well as which material you prefer yours to be made out of. You will also want to consider how versatile you want your dab tool to be and whether or not you want to use it as a carb cap as well.

What do you scoop dabs with?

You scoop dabs using a dab tool. Dab tools are long tools made out of heat-resistant materials. Some have a flat end, while others have a spoon end. It is also possible to find dab tools that have a pick end which makes it easier for smoking shatter.

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