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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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11 Best Stash Boxes for Weed [2022]

a stash box is a weed storage box

You only want the best possible equipment for anything in your life- so, naturally, you’ll only want the best stash box!

You could use your old airtight jars as stash boxes for weed, but you will want something more high-end, like a wooden stash box, to keep your weed fresh in style.

Some people might prefer to use a bag, and that’s okay- different strokes for different folks! We’ll cover those too. However, anybody looking for the best weed stash box is in luck.

You will find the best stash boxes available for purchase in this list!

Whether you’re looking for a high-end stash box with plenty of features or simply a cool stash box, you are in the right place. Read on for the best stash boxes!

weed stash box


Stash Bags

Sure, it’s technically not a box, but a bag can be just as handy. A good stash bag will be just as good as any stash box, but these smell-proof stash bags are just as good as any smell-proof stash box as long as you select one made out of premium quality abs plastic.

When made out of the proper plastic, some of the best stash bags available are smell-proof, making your stash easier and more comfortable to carry around while staying just as secure as a good cannabis stash box.

If you want a great, easily-portable option for weed storage, then a smell-proof bag may be the right choice.

Check out our ten best smell-proof bags to find your new favorite smell-proof stash bag!

cute stash box for weed


Best Cute Stash Boxes

If you want a cute stash box to match your attractive, pastel aesthetic, or even a minimalist stash box that would look great in any appealing, modern room, these stash boxes are a great choice!

If you want a cozy stash box without too many frills, these stash boxes are your best option for economical yet stylish stash boxes that help you express yourself. While most stash boxes only come in one variety, cute stash boxes can be found in varieties like a plastic storage case, or as wooden stash boxes.

With these stash boxes coming in many of your favorite cute colors and pleasing styles, the more fashion-minded of us will find something they love on this list.

BRNT Designs Malua Stash Jar

The BRNT Designs Malua Stash Jar is a cute, simple stash box that will look cute on top of any cabinet or shelf in your home.

Available in a pretty, pastel, marble-like pink, along with its standard cool grey, the Malua Stash Jar would look right in place next to any pink salt rock- or even on your patio!

With its discreet design, the Malua Stash Jar is subtle enough to leave in plain site without worrying about wandering eyes or people prone to rummaging through other’s things.

The Malua Stash Jar maintains BRNT’s signature hexagon shaping to form a minimalist and stylish design that is just as utilitarian as its function.

The inside of the Malua Stash Jar features two chambers, so you can sort and separately store individual strains easier.

If you have a favorite strain, you may choose to keep it in one chamber and your rolling papers in the other!

If you’re looking for a cute, aesthetically pleasing, and economical stash box, the Malua Stash Jar may just be exactly what you’re looking for.

stash boxes can be made out of any material


Elements Metal Storage Tin

If you’re aiming for a cute stash box on a low budget, the Elements Metal Storage Tin may be your next weed stash box.

The Elements Metal Storage Tin is the perfect pocket-sized stash box for smokers on the go, with a pleasing and colorful tin lid to help express your sense of fashion!

The Elements Rolling Papers company manufactures these cute stash boxes, and with their experience in crafting fine smoking accessories, you can’t go wrong.

Elements also produce various other weed accessories, from rolling trays to cones and papers- all of which you could choose to store in this tin.

Of course, this stash box could also be used to store your stash!

The Elements Metal Storage Tin may not have the most available features, but it is a time-tested design with a pretty appearance for a low price. You can’t go wrong with this stash box!

Juicy Jay Small Jar

If you’re the type of person who keeps everything from spices to napkins in mason jars, or any other glass vestibule, then the Juicy Jay Small Jar may match your aesthetic!

Customers know Juicy Jay for its rolling trays and many available flavors of rolling paper, but they also make these cute airtight jars that can be the perfect stash box!

Juicy Jay manufactures these three-inch tall jars out of glass, so they are not ideal for anybody who needs to hide their stash box or for someone looking for a stash box with a lock tab.

However, the Juicy Jay Small Jar is a good stash box for anybody who is loud and proud! This jar is not too loud, either; it is airtight, and therefore a smell-proof stash box!

What the small Juicy Jay jar has over its larger cousin is style; while they both sport their cute purple seals, the small jar has a retro-themed logo printed on the lid!

This logo print is a cute addition that can transport any room to the 90s, though it would also look great under any posters.

If you are looking for a stylish storage box for a rustic yet chic home, the Juicy Jay Small Jar is a great option!

cool stash box for holding weed


Staze Vacuum Seal Jar

The Staze Vacuum Seal Jar is likely the most sturdy and utilitarian of the stash boxes on this list, but that doesn’t make it any less cute!

The Staze Vacuum Seal Jar is available in three pastel colors; blue, purple, and green. This jar offers a bottle or flashlight-like construction, making it perfect to carry your cannabis plants anywhere you would like.

This stash box does more than look cute, however. Its name refers to the hand-operated pump that the manufacturers built into the lid that forms a vacuum seal in your stash box!

This pump vacuums all air out of the jar, sealing up your stash and extending its shelf life by reducing exposure to outside elements such as air. This will help prevent mold growth on your stash.

This jar’s pump is simple to operate, only requiring that you push and pull on the jar’s closed cap.

Once the jar has formed a vacuum seal, you will hear a clicking noise indicating that you no longer need to pump!

However, the pump is not the only trick in the lid; the cap features an activated carbon filter that neutralizes any odors emanating from your stash.

Not only does this stash box help extend your weed’s shelf life, but its vacuum seal turns this jar smell-proof!

If you’re a smoker on the go, the Staze Vacuum Seal Jar may be your best option!

Best Cool Stash Boxes

Maybe ‘cute’ isn’t your thing, and that’s fine! Sometimes, you need something cool to match your style.

If you’re more of a salt-of-the-earth type, you don’t want something ostentatious- but you want something that still expresses yourself! Luckily, we have just the stash boxes for you.

If you want the coolest stash boxes, you may have hit the jackpot. These stash boxes can spruce up any low-key room, all while keeping your stash safe!

a stash box is a weed storage box


BRNT Designs Malua Stash Jar

If this jar looks familiar, you’d be onto something- the BRNT Designs Malua Stash Jar was also sorted under ‘cute!’

However, if you opt for the black, granite-like coloration instead of the pink, marble, salt rock-like one, you will find that the Malua Stash Jar is just as cool as its counterpart is cute.

If you’re looking for a stylish, yet cool, stash box made out of premium materials, then the Malua Stash Jar is a great option. Its black color fits even better in minimalist environments; after all, black goes with everything!

The black option offers the same features as the pink one, including a split chamber, a wooden lid, and an airtight seal.

While it is not a large stash box, the Malua Stash Jar is a great weed stash box for anybody who wants to keep their stash safe and sorted.

The Scout Smell Proof Hard Case

If the size of your stash box isn’t an issue, you’d be hard-pressed to find a stash box cooler than the Scout Smell Proof Hard Case.

This fiberglass-reinforced hard case is a breakthrough in odor-free technology, making the Smell Proof Hard Case a great smell-proof option.

The Smell Proof Hard Case comes in both black and green and appears almost like a firearm case, with a foam insert, hinged handle, and a double latches locking system to give you maximum control and keep your stash secure from people with sticky fingers.

Multiple sizes are available, from 8.5 inches to 17, and the Scout Smell Proof Hard Case is also waterproof and shockproof!

If you want the coolest-looking stash box on the market, along with notable durability and functionality, you would be hard-pressed to do any better than the Scout Smell Proof Hard Case!

Raw Black Metal Storage Tin

If the Elements Metal Storage Tin is a bit too colorful for you, the Raw Black Metal Storage Tin is a great alternative.

This storage box is made of tin and sports a stylish, vintage-styled logo with a twine decal over a black background, giving this tin an edgy, military-like appearance.

You could store anything you like in this stash box, from Altoids to your favorite part of a cannabis plant.

While it may not be the most smell-proof option, the Raw Black Metal Storage Tin is a perfectly pocket-sized choice for anybody wanting a cool stash box while on the go.

grav stash box


GRAV Cartridge Case

If you’re the type of person who prefers vapes, the GRAV Cartridge Case may be right for you.

With a stylish, grey look and a portable size, the Cartridge Case is a perfect choice for storing up to seven cartridges. It also contains a mesh net to store any smaller weed accessories!

Additionally, the Cartridge Case is durable enough to handle everyday storage and comfortable enough to be used for travel.

If you are a vaper on the go, the GRAV Cartridge Case could be the best stash box for you.

Best High-End Stash Boxes

Perhaps you are a lover of fine things, normal stash boxes may not do. You only want a high-end stash box; only a luxury stash box will do!

Thankfully, this list has plenty of those; whether you’re going for a stash box with rolling tray or a magnetic lid or even just a pleasant appearance, these weed stash boxes may be one of the best storage solutions for you.

best high end stash box


RAW Trap Kit

The RAW Trap Kit may not look like a high-end stash box, but when you open it up, it becomes evident why this stash box is so luxurious.

The Trap Kit is the only stash box kit you will ever need, granting plenty of storage space along with top-of-the-line odor-blocking technology spread throughout six layers of material.

The Trap Kit also features a unique strap design to keep all of your accessories safe. With adjustable dividers, this cannabis stash box is one of the more popular weed gadgets available in stores today.

While it might not be quite large enough for your rolling tray, this weed storage box can truly hold all of the weed accessories secure.

Cali Crusher Soft Smell Proof Lock Case Large

The Cali Crusher Soft Smell Proof Lock Case Large is a spacious, yet discrete, option and the definition of a ‘luxury stash box.’

In the world of high-end stash boxes and cool accessories, this locking stash box comes in green, black, or white, and is discrete enough to pass as a small lunch box.

It also has an easy-grab silicone handle making this our top choice for those who are frequently on the go!

However, neither the subtlety nor the odor-neutralization is the selling point of this stash box; this one comes with a combination lock, meaning that only you can open this stash box!

soft sided cali stash box


Raw Rolling Cone Smell Proof Duffle Bag

Perhaps you’re traveling, and you need to move a lot more equipment than just your weed accessories- but those are pretty important, too!

The Raw Rolling Cone Smell Proof Duffle Bag may be your best bet. This stash box functions like a true duffle bag, featuring five storage compartments to carry anything you need.

Additionally, this duffle bag has a zippered pouch on its side; this pouch is lined with foil and smell-resistant silicon to best carry your stash! Making this stash box a smell-proof container while also giving you the flexibility to take larger items like a rolling tray with you.

Final Thoughts About a Weed Storage Box

If you want the best stash boxes, you’ve finally found them!

Whether you want cute stash boxes, cool stash boxes, or high-end stash boxes with a combination lock and built-in weed accessories, you will like all of these stash boxes.

Stash Box FAQs

What is a Stash Box?

A stash box is a storage container for all of your weed. Some stash boxes come with all the built-in features, like a removable rolling tray, lock box feature, and humidity control tab, while others are just simple boxes meant for holding your stash.

What Should Be Kept in a Weed Stash Box?

Most people choose just to keep their weed in a stash box. But some people use their stash boxes to carry around other accessories like a strain container, weed grinder, stainless steel rolling tray, or a jar for all the duds that can’t be smoked.

What is a Stash Box Combo?

A stash box combo is a high-quality stash box that features a rolling tray in addition to a spot to store your weed. This combination allows you to roll your weed into joints on the go without needing a table or other flat surface. Typically, these types of stash boxes are only available as a solid wooden stash box.


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