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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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The Best Pen for Wax

a man doing dabs with the best pens for wax

Once upon a time, smoking weed was something that could only be done out of weed pipes or a bong and not in public without some scrutiny. Thanks to wax pens, this is no longer the case.

Wax pens have made it easy for weed smokers to take their wax concentrates on the go. They allow you to smoke at your convenience in almost any environment.

But there are so many weed pens on the market; how can you possibly know which is the best? We’ve broken it down for you to make your decision a little easier.

Read on to learn all about the best pen for wax and the benefits you can gain from using wax vaporizers.

puffco plus is considered the best dab pen

What is a Wax Pen?

A wax pen is a form of weed vaporizer. These pens are specially made to be able to vaporize thick marijuana substances that wouldn’t be able to be vaporized with a normal vape pen, such as wax or shatter.

This wax or shatter is referred to as a dab, and it is usually consumed through a dab rig. Dab rigs can be quite complicated, though, and difficult to take with you.

Wax dab pens solve this problem by creating a dab rig in a compact pen shape that you can slip into your pocket. Plus, purchasing a stylish wax pen can make smoking dabs more attractive than with a regular rig.

While the terms dab pens and wax pens are interchangeable, the term vape pen is not. Vape pens and dab vape pens are completely different things, and when shopping for one, you want to ensure you let the budtender know that you are specifically looking for a pen that vaporizes dabs or wax.

Normal vape pens have a small heating chamber, which makes sense as they are just heating up a little liquid THC or easily flammable weed flower. Weed wax concentrates are thicker and require a larger, hotter heating chamber in order to deliver the same result.

puffco plus is one of the best dab or wax pens

Do Wax Pens Smell?

Dab pens smell less than smoking dabs with a rig, but there is still a slight scent associated when wax pens vaporize concentrates. It typically takes a minute or two for this smell to dissipate, which can be noticeable when used indoors.

This is why it’s best not to smoke a dab vape pen indoors, as it is not as discreet as regular vapes.

dr dabber makes some of the best pens for dabs

What Kind of Dab Pen is Best?

The best kind of dab pen will widely depend on the smoker. Some smokers prefer a fancier dab pen that delivers a smoother vapor quality, while others prefer a more compact wax pen that they can take everywhere with them.

Regardless, you want to purchase a dab pen made from quality materials that will last a long time. 

You’ll also want to look at the additional features available, such as if you need a dab tool to load your dab, if you have control over the temperature settings, and what you actually need to do to hit the dab.

A pen-style vaporizer is not a cheap purchase, so you’ll want to ensure you pick one out that you enjoy smoking with and plan to use for years to come.

the best wax vapes are used to vaporize cannabis concentrates

What is the Difference Between the Best Dab Pens and the Best Wax Pens?

Wax pens are any sort of pens that vaporize weed concentrates. Dab pens, on the other hand, are a very specific type of wax pen that only vaporizes dabs.

In a wax pen, cannabis wax is heated in an inner chamber, where it is vaporized and then inhaled by the user. It is straightforward to use, and smokers with less experience shouldn’t run into any problems.

Dab pens are special because they only heat dab wax; they do so via an inner coil and a complicated melting process. This process creates a vapor that the user inhales.

Dab pen users have more control over the temperature settings of their devices, which, while a benefit, can also be a burden if you are an inexperienced dab smoker. For this reason, dab pens are considered a premium type of wax vape pen that is only recommended for experienced smokers.

Dab pens cost more than other dry herb vaporizers and are considered premium options on our best wax pens list.

the best wax vaporizer is typically one that is small and discreet

Best Wax Pens on the Market

Ready to shop for the best dab vape pen? There are several different brands and types to choose from. Take your time to review the entire list and choose the best portable dab pen for your smoking style.

dr dabber ghost

Best Wax Vaporizer

1. The Ghost from Dr. Dabber

The Dr. Dabber Ghost is the best wax pen on the market.

When loaded, the wax dab is directed to a high-quality heating coil, and the user presses the button in order to take the hit. The button gives off a blue glow, which lets you know where it is, and makes it more stylish.

Something unique about this wax pen is that it delivers a low heat hit, making it more comfortable for those who don’t have a lot of experience with dabs. It also has a long battery life, lasting up to 400 hits when fully charged.

The only downside to this pen is that it lacks the temperature control seen with higher-end dab pens. But what it lacks in temperature control, makes it easier to use, especially for someone who is buying their first wax pen.

Buy Dr. Dabber’s Ghost here!

dr dabber light

2. Dr. Dabber Light

A close runner-up, the Dr. Dabber Light is another one of the best wax pens, which has many of the same features as the Ghost, but at a fraction of the price. It is also smaller, making it a more portable device than some of the other wax vape pens.

Many dab pens of this size take a while to heat up, but not the Dr. Dabber Light. You turn it on, and it can be heating wax dabs within 5 seconds. The battery life isn’t nearly as long as the Ghost, however, and lasts just thirty minutes.

With a black body similar to the Ghost, you will have a sleek-looking dab pen that resembles a portable vape but allows you to vape concentrates on the go.

See  the Light here!

imini 3 vaporizer

3. iMini 3 Vaporizer

This list wouldn’t be complete without the iMini 3 portable concentrate vaporizer. While this dab pen isn’t as discreet as the others on the list, it delivers some of the smoothest hits making it one of the best wax vaporizers.

This wax atomizer doesn’t look like an oil pen. Rather, it is a small, square device with a glass chamber for easy viewing. Even though this dab pen is non-traditional in shape, it can still fit in your pocket.

The iMini 3 also has safety features to ensure it won’t overheat or cause a fire. The battery is 500mAh, so you won’t have to charge it as frequently as pens like the Dr. Dabber Light.

It’s affordable and easy to use, making it a great dab pen for beginners.

Get the iMini 3 Vaporizer here!

dr dabber stella

4. Dr. Dabber Stella

The Dr. Dabber brand makes great dab pens, and it should come as no surprise that the Dr. Dabber Stella made this list. Most dab pens work with a fixed airflow, giving you little control over the size of your hits, but the Stella changes all this with the addition of an airflow regulator.

The airflow regulator gives you adjustable airflow, truly revolutionizing the smoking experience while still being the size of an oil vape pen. With a 600mAh battery, this pen won’t last quite as long as some others later on in this list, but you will be able to have smoking sessions of a few hours at least.

The Dr. Dabber Stella isn’t cheap, but when you purchase this dab pen, you are purchasing a quality device that will last you for years to come.

kandypens crystal vaporizer

5. KandyPens Crystal Vaporizer

The KandyPens Crystal Vaporizer is the best wax vaporizer for those who desire full temperature control. With four separate heat settings, you can truly choose how hot you want your smoke.

Additionally, this is one of the few dab pens on this list that has a glass mouthpiece. Glass mouthpieces make it more comfortable to smoke and are easier to clean than plastic mouthpieces. 

When you purchase a KandyPens Crystal Vaporizer, you can choose between a couple of different models. Some have quartz atomizers, and others have ceramic ones, basically allowing you to build your own wax pen. 

The only downside to this pen is that it is a bit on the expensive side, but at least you know you will be getting a dab pen with the exact features you desire! 

mig vapor wasp

6. Mig Vapor Wasp

The Mig Vapor Wasp is the slimmest dab pen on the list; it’s about as slim as a pencil! Despite its small size, it does have a 900mAh battery, meaning you can smoke all day on a single charge. 

This dab pen is unique because it is made out of silicone instead of the normal aluminum, giving it a different feel in your hand. It also has a decent price point and is easy to use, making it ideal for someone new to smoking out of a dab pen. 

Unfortunately, while this dab pen is great in terms of portability and battery, it does lack several other features that we love. For example, there are no temperature or airflow adjustments. It also has a plastic tank that can change the flavor of your dab. 

A new smoker likely won’t be bothered by the lack of these features, but an experienced smoker won’t be satisfied with this dab pen.

yocan regen

7. Yocan Regen

Another dab pen from the Yocan brand, the Regen, is a new version of their previous Magneto model. With upgraded tripe quartz coils, this pen will give you a smoking experience like none other. 

Past customers raved about the Magento but found that the battery life left much to be desired. Yocan decided to solve that by packing this pen with an 1100 mAh battery as well as allowing users to adjust the voltage of the pen at their discretion. 

We aren’t sure how, but this pen also comes with a silicone storage compartment, which seems impossible when you look at the sleek and thin shape. 

If you already have the Magneto and want to upgrade to the Regen, the good news is that all the parts are compatible, meaning you can use any premium mouthpieces or additional accessories you purchased for the Magneto with your new Regen. 

You can’t control the temperature of the smoke with this pen, but we are willing to look past that as this is one of the least expensive pens on the list.

puffco plus v2

Best Pen for Dabs

8. Puffco Plus V2

The Puffco Plus V2 is easily the best dab pen available on the market. It’s not cheap, but the metallic look makes it much more stylish than most wax pens.

This dab pen is slim, with a comfortable glass mouthpiece, and only takes 12 seconds to heat up. It also has three different heat settings, allowing the user full control when smoking a dab.

The one thing users don’t like about the Puffco Plus is that the battery life leaves much to be desired. On a full charge, this weed pen only lasts for 30 minutes. It is charged with a micro USB, however, so you can charge it almost anywhere while you are on the go.

Not a fan of the black? Check out the Puffco V2 Plus edition, which comes in rainbow metallic.

yocan evolve plus xl

9. Yocan Evolve Plus XL

The Yocan Evolve Plus XL is the most stylish wax pen available, and you can choose from 4 vibrant colors.

Equipped with a quartz atomizer and a 1,100 mAh lithium-ion battery, this pen will last you longer than most wax dab pens, probably even a whole day if you charge it fully.

One thing that is notable about the Yocan Evolve Plus is that it is one of the only wax vapes that can create large clouds of smoke, which some smokers enjoy.

While this dab pen doesn’t have heat settings that you can control, the price point and battery make this the best wax vape for those who don’t want to be attached to a charger all day long.

Find the Yocan Evolve Plus XL here!

linx hypnos zero dab pen

10. Linx Hypnos Zero

The Linx Hypnos Zero is a one-of-a-kind concentrate vaporizer known for the way it heats wax concentrates using low temperatures. This method helps to make smoking more comfortable and allows the user to be able to easily distinguish between flavors.

Also designed to be economical, this dab pen limits waste, so you can smoke every bit of your wax. Made from high-quality aluminum and zero heavy metals, the Linx Hypnos Zero is small, compact, and easy to take with you.

At a mid-range price point and with easy-to-clean pieces, this is the best pen for dabs for a beginning smoker.

11. HumanSucks Stinger 2

The HumanSucks Stinger 2 is an interesting dab pen as it gives you all the benefits and flavor of a dab rig but in the pen shape, making it perfect for the seasoned smoker. 

Inside this pen there is a mini bubbler, which creates the flavor that most dab smokers feel they lose when using a typical pen. It also has 4 heat settings, so the user can adjust the temperature to suit their tastes. 

One problem that many dab pens suffer from is clogs, but with an especially large air path, that won’t be a problem with this pen. 

The only thing we don’t like about this dab pen is that the mini bubbler does require quite some power, meaning that even though this pen outfitted with a 2000 mAh battery, you are only able to take about 60 dabs before you’ll need to recharge. 

Plus, while this dab pen is black and has the potential to be discreet, the brand name is printed in large letters down the side, which could bring up questions if you are planning to use it in public. 

linx ares honey straw pen

12. Linx Ares Honey Straw Dab Pen

The Linx Honey Straw Dab Pen is the most expensive dab pen on this list, but for a good reason, as it is the most innovative dab pen as well. 

Dab pens are powered by a heating coil, which can only be heated so many times before it dies. When this happens, the user typically has no choice but to purchase a new dab pen. 

The Linx Ares aims to do away with this problem by using a different form of heating for the purpose of giving the pen a longer lifetime. 

With a silver metallic coloring and its small shape, if you place this pen on your desk, you will truly mistake it for a pen, making it the most discreet dab pen we’ve come across. 

Although it is smaller in size, this pen does allow for some temperature adjustments as there are two different heat settings. It doesn’t pack a large battery (only 750mAh), but this makes sense because it is such a small pen. 

Not to mention that when you purchase this pen, you will receive a one-year warranty from Linx, ensuring you can get a replacement if anything goes wrong!

Best Pen for Future Dab Smokers 

g pen connect smoking pen

G Pen Connect

Technically the G Pen Connect isn’t a dab pen, as it is a dry herb vaporizer, but it works the exact same way and can be a great transitioning pen for newbies who can’t handle a true dab pen just yet.

Like concentrate vaporizers, the G Pen works by pressing the front button a couple of times before you take your hit. Rather than using a coil as a heating element, this pen is equipped with a ceramic plate atomizer and heats up quickly.

Even though you can’t use dab pen wax in this vape pen, it does allow temperature control, as many wax atomizers do. This can allow you to discover what temperature settings you like before you transition to a dab pen with the same features.

Don’t want the G Pen Connect? The G Pen Roam is another great option for a dry herb vaporizer!

using a dab pen

How Do You Use a Wax Dab Pen?

Once you’ve picked out your dream dab pen, the only thing left to do is to learn how to use it!

Although there are many wax pens on the market, most work using the same general instructions. There can be some slight variation, though, so be sure to check the instructions for your specific dab pen before you smoke for the first time.

Step 1: Charge the Battery Completely

When you first purchase your dab pen, you need to take the time to charge it fully. Not only will this give you time to learn how to use it, but the device needs an initial full charge to work properly. 

Step 2: Put the Pen Together

Most pens require you to take them apart to charge them. After the charging is completed, reassemble your pen, ensuring everything is in the proper place.

Step 3: Load a Dab

Once the pen is assembled, remove the mouthpiece and use a dab tool (a smoking accessory used to load dabs) to put a dab about the size of a grain of rice onto the heating element. Do this with caution, however, as the coil can be hot, and dab tools are delicate and can break easily.

Step 4: Turn on the Device

Close your device and place the mouthpiece back on. Turn on the device and give it some time to warm up. Some dab pens only need 5 seconds to heat up, while others may need closer to a minute.

Be patient, as trying to take a dab too early will result in a poor smoking experience.

Most pens simply require pressing a button to turn them on. Others require you to press a button multiple times. Refer to the instructions for your specific wax pen to find out what you need to do to turn yours on.

Step 5: Take the Dab

Once the device has heated, place your mouth on the mouthpiece and suck in a breath. This should draw the smoke out of the heating chamber and into your lungs.

If you are unable to suck in any smoke, check to see if your wax pen requires you to hold the button to take a hit (some do). If yours doesn’t, and you are still having issues, wait a little longer, as it is likely the heating element is not hot enough to vaporize the wax just yet.


Overall, a dab pen is a great way to smoke dabs while on the go. Typically small in size, these pens make wax portable and easy to enjoy without having to set up an entire dab rig.

There are so many amazing dab pens to choose from, so do your research before you head out shopping to know what features you want your wax pen to have.

Whether you choose one with adjustable airflow or one which allows you to adjust the temperature, take the time to learn how to use your dab pen properly, and you’ll enjoy every minute of owning it!

weed plants

Best Pen for Wax FAQ

What is a Wax Pen Used For?

A wax pen is a device that allows the user to inhale vaporized cannabis concentrates. These pens are specially formulated to allow the user to vape wax and other thick types of cannabis that are derived from the weed flower but are not the flower itself.

Which is Better, a Wax Pen or a Dab Pen?

The terms wax pens and dab pens are used interchangeably, but while a dab pen is a wax pen, not all wax pens are dab pens. The difference has to do with how the dab is heated. Rather than thinking of them as different products, think of dab pens as a type of wax pen, thus, there is no way to say whether one is better than the other.

Are Wax Pens Worth It?

Wax pens give a smoker a great tool for smoking on the go. A wax pen is much easier to take with you than a full dab rig. They are also more discreet and easier to use, therefore, most smokers find wax pens 100% worth the cost.

Does Vaping a Wax Pen Give You a High Like Smoking?

A wax pen functions just as a dab rig would; it’s just a bit smaller. Smokers who use a wax pen can expect to get the same high that they would smoking weed from dab rigs and a more intense high than if they were smoking flower.

Can You Get Disposable Wax Pens?

Wax pens contain a strong heating element that allows them to vaporize the thick cannabis wax. This heating chamber is not cheap and not disposable, meaning you cannot currently purchase a disposable wax pen. If you are looking for something disposable, look into disposable vape oil pens.

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