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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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how to make a gravity bong

How to Make a Gravity Bong in 10 Minutes

Smoking weed can be an expensive habit. Not only do you need to spend money on weed, but you also need something you can smoke it with.

The good news is, if you can master how to make a grav bong, you can create a method to smoke weed that is almost completely free and helps you to recycle at the same time.

While DIY gravity bongs are a cinch to make, they can also be purchased from stores if you don’t want to go through all the work to create your own.

Whether you want to make your own or not, read on to learn more about this type of bong and how to make a gravity bong.

a gravity bong piece

What is a gravity bong?

Gravity bongs are smoking devices that are used to heat cannabis, trapping the smoke so the user can inhale it.

Gravity bongs work by using a difference in air pressure to draw smoke into the bottle. The smoke is then directed through water, helping to cool it and giving it a better flavor than smoke from a weed pipe.

The user then uses their chosen method to funnel smoke into their mouth.

Gravity bongs also concentrate cannabis smoke, allowing the user to take a more powerful hit than other methods of smoking. This makes them ideal when you have weed with a low concentration of THC.

A bucket bong and a waterfall bong are both types of gravity bongs they just have slight tweaks in the design.

Cannabis consumers need to ensure they smoke responsibly when they smoke a gravity bong. Gravity bongs usually produce too much smoke to smoke inside, so it is best they are used in an outdoor setting.

diy gravity bong supplies

How do you make DIY gravity bongs?

Making homemade gravity bongs is a piece of cake. You’ll just need a few supplies, then follow the instructions outlined below.


  • Larger plastic bottle or other large container: a milk jug or two-liter bottle (if you are making bucket gravity bongs, then you will need a large bucket)

  • Smaller plastic bottle (this must be able to fit into the larger plastic bottle or bucket)

  • Bottle cap (which fits the smaller bottle)

  • Xacto knife (or other sharp knife like a box cutter)

  • Aluminum foil

How to make a grav bong

1. Start by cutting two empty plastic bottles. Cut the large bottle 1/3 from the top and the smaller bottle 2/3 from the top. For the larger bottle, keep the bottom of the bottle. Also, keep the top  of the smaller bottle.

2. Next, cut a hole in the cap from the smaller bottle. Remove bits of the plastic using the knife until you are left with a pinky size hole.

3. Cut a small square of tin foil, large enough that it can be pressed into the pinky size hole to make a bowl. Use your pinky to make a bowl shape before pressing it into the cap’s hole. Remove any excess foil.

4. Use the Xacto knife to poke holes in the foil.

5. Fill the larger bottle half full with water, then place the smaller bottle in the large one with the cap out of the water. It’s best to keep the cap off for easy loading.

6. Just like that, you’ve got a new gravity bong you can smoke out of!

Note: To make a waterfall gravity bong, you will want to punch a small hole in the bottom of the larger container.

how to make a grav bong

How to use a gravity bong

Using a gravity bong is similar to using any other smoking device. You start by loading the bowl with cannabis, then you heat the bowl, allowing the smoke to fill the bottle beneath the bowl.

Once you have allowed all the smoke to collect in the smaller bottle, you remove the geeb cap (also the part where you have the bowl piece) and inhale the smoke through the bottle opening.

Below are some step-by-step instructions for using a gravity bong.

1. Press the weed into the aluminum bowl. Be gentle, as the aluminum foil is not as strong as a glass bowl.

2. Carefully screw the plastic cap onto the bottle.

3. Light the bowl with a lighter while you hold onto the smaller bottle.

4. Watch as the negative pressure draws the smoke through the tiny holes in the tin foil and collects in the small bottle. As the bottle fills, slowly lift it, but don’t pull it out of the water.

5. Once the entire bottle is full of smoke (or the entire bowl has burned), carefully unscrew the plastic bottle cap and place your mouth over it. Slowly pull the smoke through the bottle’s opening into your lungs. Be cautious, as the hits from your own gravity bong will be much stronger than your average hit.

how to make a geeb cap

Can you make your own geeb cap for your gravity bong piece?

The geeb cap is the DIY bowl portion of a gravity bong. It is very easy to make this piece yourself, as long as you have all the right parts. If you are already making a gravity bong, then it is highly suggested you make your own geeb cap as well.


  • Empty plastic bottle (smaller water bottles work best as you make your own gravity bong)

  • Sharp knife for poking a small hole

  • Aluminum foil

How to make a geeb cap

1. Use the sharp knife to make a pinky size hole in the bottom of the bottle cap. Clear away any excess plastic.

2. Take a square of tin foil and use your pinky to shape it into a bowl. Press this through the bottle cap to make your bowl piece.

3. Use the knife to create a few tiny holes in the bottom of the tin foil. And just like that, you have a geeb cap to use with your very own gravity bong.

a gravity bong doesn't work without a geeb cap

Benefits of a Gravity Bong

Like most smoking accessories, there are benefits and drawbacks to a gravity bong. The main benefit, other than learning about the scientific principles of gravity, water pressure, and lung capacity, is that this is a surefire way to get you super duper high. Depending on your tolerance, this could be a strong advantage for you.

Efficiency is another benefit of gravity bongs. If you’re a smoker who is looking for a quick and easy high, then look no further than a gravity bong. Rather than taking multiple hits as you would from a standard bong, a gravity bong gives you the entire bowl at once in one honking big hit. The result is an instantaneous high.

The high you get from a gravity bong is powerful and a welcome change to someone who is used to smoking flower from a bubbler or joint. It follows that novelty is another benefit of a gravity bong—something different for special occasions, social events, to impress someone, or just a way to diversify your smoking sessions. 

Another benefit to gravity bongs is that they can, in theory, be a do-it-yourself smoking apparatus. Typically made from empty soda or juice bottles and tin foil, gravity bongs are relatively easy to make. That being said, we don’t condone the use of homemade gravity bongs from plastic or aluminum materials—igniting these materials can cause burns and release toxic chemicals that you don’t want to inhale. Don’t be that stoner smoking weed out of an empty soda bottle—invest in a glass gravity bong like a respectable adult. We recommend the Grav Labs Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong.

GRAV Labs Gravity Bong

Drawbacks of a Gravity Bong

Gravity bongs produce a powerful high, which is a benefit to veteran smokers but can also be a drawback to some. If you’re new to ganja or used to smoking dry herb out of a vaporizer, then a gravity bong may be too much for you both in terms of the high and the harshness.

Since the smoke in a gravity bong isn’t filtered through water like it is in a non-gravity bong, it will be much harsher on the lungs. The resultant effect can include coughing, gasping for air, and feeling like you can’t breathe as your mind and body soar to a new dimension. Gravity bongs are not for the faint of heart.

Homemade gravity bongs, while convenient, pose unnecessary risks such as burns and toxic chemicals. By using materials that are not meant for combustion or smoking, you’re putting yourself at unnecessary risk of injury to your fingers and lungs. Additionally, makeshift gravity bongs will never produce the tight seal that a quality glass gravity bong provides. If you’re looking for the most bang for your (gravity) bong, invest in a quality glass piece.

We recommend the Grav Labs Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong for your gravity bong endeavors. This two-piece system is made with 100% glass and rubber to create unparalleled suction and deliver legendary hits. 


Overall, making a homemade gravity bong is a piece of cake, and you barely need any supplies! Once you’ve made your own gravity bong, you can enjoy inhaling heavily concentrated smoke whenever you want!

Keep in mind, however, that a homemade bong won’t work quite as well as a store-bought one. If you can’t find a larger container or simply aren’t getting enough smoke out of your gravity bong, then it’s a good idea to check out a glass bong instead.

Cannabox had a large selection of gravity bongs as well as both mini bongs and cute bongs, so you can find the one that is best for you!

How to make a gravity bong FAQ

How do you make a gravity bong with a socket and water bottle?

Instead of using tin foil and a bottle cap to make your own bucket gravity bong, you can also use a light socket. You’ll just need to use a knife to poke small holes in the socket and possibly melt the edges to ensure it creates an air-tight seal on the top of your plastic bottle.

What can you use for a gravity bong top?

You can use either a bottle cap with some aluminum foil or a light socket to create the gravity bong piece known as the top.

How do you make a gravity bong out of a Mason jar?

You can make a gravity bong out of a mason jar simply by creating holes in the top of the jar, one for tin foil to make the geeb cap and the other to fit a straw or other device you will use to smoke out of.

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