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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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How to Use an Herb Grinder for better sessions

weed grinder

Happy October, it’s spooky season and that means a month full of goblins and ghouls as we head towards the launch of our next monthly Cannabox theme, Spooky season!

You just ordered your grinder online and now you’re counting down the joints until it gets there. Maybe it’s time to brush up on some grinder facts and how to use a grinder.

For the beginner cannaseur this guide is just for you to teach you how to use a grinder for the best joints, bowls, blunts, and more.

 Here’s a quick list of some great grinders if you’re ready to replace your old one.

1.     Blue Kraken Grinder with Stash Dispenser

2.    Grav Labs 3-Piece Grinder

 Why do I need a grinder?

If you’re wondering if you really need a grinder. Here’s the short answer.

 Yes, it’s going to give you a bigger bang for your buck, smoother hits, and more flavor.

 You might be getting use to breaking up your weed with scissors to create some homemade shake. It gets the job done but let’s be real here, you’re wasting your weed.

 There’s no replacement for a real grinder.

 What grinders do really well is cut through your favorite weed strains and deliver a fine consistency of light and fluffy shake. Remember, the more surface space that’s exposed, the smoother your joints or bowls will rip.

 But honestly, the best part about grinders is getting the sweet nectar that falls from all your favorite weed strains. I’m talking about that moon dust in the bottom chamber of your grinder if it comes with a kief chamber.

 For a more detailed post, check out why you need a grinder! 

  1. The Weed Kief Chamber

 Ah, the wondrous kief chamber. Here’s a story about my discovery.

 It was back in college when we were running around trying to find a place to smoke on campus. One of our buddies bumped into us earlier in the day and said he had his pipe on him and that he was going to get some Sour Diesel sativa strain later after class.

 He always got some good weed so we knew we were going to be have a good time and to make it better I offered to pitch it my weed grinder that I kept in my trunk for these kinds of emergencies. If you’re going to smoke you some good weed, you might as well grind it up too for maximum flavor and smoke!

 After class we all met up outside of the library under a tree. We set up shop and got to working, first breaking apart the sour diesal nugs into smaller pieces and then grinding it up. Wal ah, easy as pie.

 Keep in mind that I had been using this grinder for about half a year now when I would roll my joints for a morning session before writing class.

 When my friend began grinding up the sativa nugs, he accidently turned it the wrong way and opened the bottom compartment.

 “Oops, I almost dropped all your kief.” He said wide-eyed as he tightened the bottom chamber to keep it from coming off again. “That would have been bad.”

 I remember the look he had on his face when I looked at him with a blank face and said, “kief, what the hell is that?”

He just stared at me and opened the bottom chamber revealing a mountain of kief that had been gathering up in my grinder after all those joints I had smoked before class. I was amazed, for some reason I had never heard of kief let alone know that I had a kief chamber in the grinder I’ve been using.

The rest is history because we added a decent pinch of that moon dust into each of our sativa bowls and it was blast off for all the guys.

 The parts of a grinder

Now let’s go into a quick refresher for the components of a grinder.

Whether you buy a grinder online or in-house at your local dispensary, you’ll find that all grinders have at least two chambers but if you’re lucky it’ll have three or more.

The first chamber on your grinder is where you place your weed and grind away.

The next chamber is where the weed falls through that you just ground up. This is where your fluffy shake will be.

The last chamber in many grinders is where the sweet nectar falls through the mesh screen underneath the shake chamber.  

 Now let’s get straight to weed business. 

Herb grinder with indica nug in teeth
Broken up nugs in grinder
Marijuana Shake in Grinder

How to Use a Grinder for the best joints, blunts, and bowls

  1. Place your grinder in front of you. Stare at it, for this is the tool that will provide you with the precious green you need for your smoke sessions and more.

  2. Use your fingers to break apart the bigger nugs to make it easier on your grinder. Though some grinders are razor sharp and can even cut through stems.

  3.  Put your favorite weed strains in the grinder and cover it with the lid.

  4. Start cranking away.

It’ll get softer as your weed gets ground up and falls through the holes inside the grinder.

        5. Now remove the top chamber lid and check for any stray weed. 

Tap out any of the small pieces that might be stuck in between the grinder’s teeth and grind again if they don’t fall through.

         6.    Open up the shake chamber, grab a pinch and stuff it into a joint! 

Now, after several grinds you might get tempted to take a peek at your precious shake. Maybe you want to add a small pitch of moon dust to your next joint.

         7.     Take a look at your kief, take a few wiffs, grab a pinch, then load it up and have fun! 

If you’re lucky your grinder came with a small scooping tool. This is what you’ll use to delicately sprinkle it in your joint before rolling up or adding it to a bowl for an extra space jump.

A quick cleaning guide to sticky stoner grinders

No matter the grinder you get, you’re bound to run into some sticky problems down the road. But that’s no issue because the kief is always well worth it and we just so happen to have the perfect solution for all the stickiness from your favorite bud strains. 

It’s cheap and does wonders, rubbing alcohol!

To get a perfect clean every time, this is what you’ll need.

  •  A tooth brush
  •  Rubbing alcohol
  •  Salt

Start by pouring some salt in. The coarseness will help loosen up any sticky oil in those hard to reach places. Then pour some alcohol in, close the lid, and shake! This will loosen most of the stickiness but if there’s still some left over start brushing away! 


That’s it for this time cannaseurs. Stay tuned for our next Cannabox Theme and enjoy the spooky season!

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