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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Why You Need a Quartz Banger Nail for Your Dab Rig

girl stoner vapes with quartz banger

You’re looking for a new dab rig nail and now you’re faced with some questions you’ve never had to wonder about before your glass banger nail shattered.

  •  What kind of banger is great for hot temperatures?
  •  What banger style should I buy?
  •  Is a glass banger better than quartz banger? 

Let’s face it, when you’re using anything made out of glass, like a banger, you’re bound to run into a few close calls trying to multi-task between being a stoner and getting through the day.

Eventually you’ll bump into it or drop it by accident and shatter it completely useless.

Fortunately, if you break your banger nail or just want a replacement, they are available at most marijuana dispensaries and online from several retailers.

For those not familiar with dab rigs, they’re used to get stronger and more potent hits from your weed concentrates such as shatter, oil, and wax. They come in different sizes and are commonly made from glass, including the most important accessory: a banger.

What is a banger?

A banger (also known as a dab nail) is a separate piece that is inserted into the water pipe of your rig. This is where you heat up your vaping concentrate of choice.  

Now bangers come in different sizes and are made out of glass, titanium, ceramic, or quartz. They need to be able to hold your marijuana concentrate and withstand very hot temperatures to vaporize your materials and provide you with those potent hits you love.  

Titanium bangers are a popular option because of their ability to be heated to high temperatures. However, they don’t retain heat well and from time to time you might get a metallic taste with some of your hits.

But if you love tasting your weed and getting some smooth heavy hits, then you’re going to want to go with a quartz banger.

Quartz Bangers for your dab rig 

You’ve made it to the big leagues of dab nails. The premium option for dab rig bangers and here’s why.

1.     Quartz may look like glass but when it comes to durability they’re up to par with titanium bangers. So, if you’re prone to being clumsy a quartz banger will relieve some of that anxiety you get the next time you leave it on the coffee table.

2.     Quartz bangers also retain heat really well and won’t break under high temperatures if you heat the same spot like glass and ceramic dab nails. (Not even the scorch of your torch will beat quartz!)

3.     Quartz bangers are perfect for low temperature dabbing because of their ability to retain heat. So, if you’re interested in maintaining your concentrates terpenes and having better tasting hits you can’t go wrong with quartz.

You’ll have better tasting hits and you’ll avoid leaving behind those dark burn marks due to torching at high temperatures. But even if you do decide to light it up as hot as it can get, you’re only going to taste what you put in.

Which leads us to one of the best dab nail accessories you can get to enjoy the full flavor and effects of your favorite cannabis concentrates.

Carb Caps on Quartz Bangers

A carb cap is a small accessory you add to your dab nail to give you smoother hits and great tasting weed concentrates.

The way it works is by restricting the airflow into the banger leaving you with cooler larger hits to inhale. It is one of the best ways to get the best dabs every time!

Here are two carb caps to add to your banger if you’re looking more concentrated flavor.

1.     Swirl Bubble Carp Cap

2.     Fumed Carb Cap

Add one of these to your nails and you’ll never want to rip the dab rig any other way.

Other Types of Banger styles for your dab rig

When you’re browsing the dispensary or online, you’ll see that a lot of the bangers come in different sizes and styles. They’ll all give you great hits but if you have a specific preference with how you want to dab keep on reading.

If you’re into larger hits, then choose a banger that has a bigger “bowl” or larger neck. A thick quartz banger is a great option for more heat retention, smoke, and flavor.

Then you’ll see female bangers which fit over your dab rigor male bangers which are inserted.

Female Quartz Banger Thermal Style

Male Quartz Banger Thermal Style

Thermal style bangers? Yup.

14mm female quartz banger

Thermal Bangers                   

A common problem you might discover with frequent use of your quartz bangers is that they can build up with oil residue. Thermal bangers avoid this with a built in cylinder that redirects airflow from the down stem.

Here’s a quick break down of other bangers you might be interested in.


Glass is the most popular material for pipe accessories as is easy to clean.

·      Prone to easy breaking it heated unevenly or too hot

·      Won’t add unwanted tastes or chemicals your vapor

·      Glass heats quickly, but also loses heat fast

·      Cheap and easy to replace


·      Smooth hits

·      easy to clean

·      fragile


Popular banger option for its ability to withstand heat.

·      Metallic taste is common

·      Titanium bangers can swell and break your pipe.

·      Extremely durable and last longer than other options

How to clean your banger nail

We’re busting it out again so get used to buying some isopropyl alcohol every time you go to the grocery store from here on out. Maybe grab some cotton balls or swabs.

1.     If your banger is still hot, wipe it off with a towel or cotton ball as soon as you can. It might be easier than you think.

2.     Pour some alcohol inside and shake away as much as you can.

3.     Enjoy your fresh quartz banger nail, free of burnt cannabis concentrate debris

4.     Repeat


That’s for this time stoner buddies and cannaseurs! Until our next post, brush up on your dab rig accessory list and check our great selection of carb cabs, Puffco Peak attachments, quartz bangers, and torches for sale!

Mark your calendar for our Spooky Season theme dropping on October 21st!

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