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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Our Terpometer Review: A Necessary Dab Rig Accessory

The Ultimate Dab Rig Accessory: Terpometer Review

If you’re a dab lover, you probably know how frustrating it can be to get the perfect level of heat for your concentrates. The Terpometer looks to make this an issue of the past. It’s an easy-to-use thermometer solution for your rig that offers accurate temperature readings in a pinch!

If you’re looking for one of the best dab rig accessories on the market, look no further. Here’s our full review of the Terpometer, a revolution in dab rig accessories.

What Is The Terpometer?

The Ultimate Dab Rig Accessory: Terpometer Review

The Terpometer is a sleek thermometer-dab-tool hybrid that accurately displays the temperature of your dab rig.

Traditionally, determining the exact temperature of your dab piece is about impossible. You have to work off of looks and general estimation. This can often lead to a dab piece that’s too hot or not hot enough to get the most out of your concentrate!

With the Terpometer, you can ensure you’re getting the perfect dab hit every time. Not only does the Terpometer display the temperature of your nail or quartz banger, it also displays a green circle when the temperature is perfect. When you see the green, you know it’s time to go.

Why Do I Need the Terpometer?

Without the Terpometer, measuring the heat level of a quartz banger or dab nail is a hassle at best.

You need to bust out an infrared thermometer to avoid burns. That means putting down your concentrate and torch, fumbling around to get a reading, then picking everything back up to adjust the temperature. Not only is this inconvenient, it’s also time-consuming and frustrating.

What’s more, an infrared thermometer just shows you the temperature — it doesn’t tell you when you’ve hit the perfect temperature like the Terpometer does. That means you need prior knowledge of perfect dabbing temperatures, which means research. If you want to take all that busywork out of the equation, you’ll love the Terpometer.

Finally, the Terpometer ensures you’re not wasting any of your concentrates or breaking your quartz piece. Too hot and a quartz banger is subject to cracking — what’s more, some say dabbing too hot is a cancer risk! Too cold and you’re wasting a good portion of your hit! Make the most of your concentrate with the Terpometer.

How to Use the Terpometer

Using the Terpometer couldn’t be much simpler.

Click the power button on the body of the device three times to turn it on. From there, simply hold the end of the device against your heated nail or quartz dab piece. Wait a few seconds and the exact temperature will display on the LCD display.

If the temperature is too cold or hot, remove the Terpometer and heat the nail some more (or allow it to cool down). Once you think it’s at the right temperature, repeat the process of measuring the temperature. Do this until the Terpometer gives you the green and you’re good to go!

The Design

The Ultimate Dab Rig Accessory: Terpometer Review

The Terpometer is nothing flashy, but it’s a fairly sleek device nonetheless.

Its all-black body looks great, contrasting the yellow Terpometer ‘T’ nicely. On one end you have the thermometer, a thick metallic rod of sorts, and on the other, you have a dab tool made for scooping concentrate. This adds an extra level of convenience to the Terpometer, meaning you don’t have to fumble around with two different tools when trying to dab.

On the body of the Terpometer is a back-lit LCD screen to display the temperature. To the left of that is the power button. On the back-end, you’ll find the charging port for the battery.

The Terpometer is very lightweight and feels sturdy in the hand. It’s comfortable to hold, feeling something like a dab pen. The dab tool and thermometer feel strong, and everything is nice and solid.

Reading the LCD Display

The LCD display is clear and crisp, and displays one of three colors when measuring your dab piece’s temperature: blue, green, or red.

Blue means that the nail or quartz piece is too cold. Red, on the other hand, means that your piece is too hot. Green means you’re at the perfect temperature and ready to take your dab.

The screen is bright and simple. It shows the current battery level of your device, and displays the temperature clearly in degrees Fahrenheit.

You don’t have to follow the color-coded guidance, either. If you like a hotter hit, hit it in the red. If you like a lower temperature hit, hit it in the blue — it’s up to you!

Does It Work?

So, does the Terpometer work?

We’re happy to say the Terpometer works like a dream. The thermocouple thermometer gives you an accurate temperature every time, and the dab tool at the end works great, too. You’ll get as accurate a reading as you would with an infrared thermometer — the only other option for safely measuring the heat of a nail or banger.

There’s no other tool quite like it, making the Terpometer the best way to measure your dab rig’s heat accurately.

The Battery

The Terpometer has an internal, rechargeable battery that will easily last you a few sessions.

You can expect to get about 40 minutes of use out of this thing on full charge. That may not seem like a lot, but it’s perfectly fine considering how quick using the device is. You can often get a temperature read in a minute or less, meaning you shouldn’t have trouble using this across a few sessions.

The Terpometer: One of the Best Dab Rig Accessories Out There

If you want to get the best dab hits every time, don’t sleep on the Terpometer, one of the best dab rig accessories right now. It offers you a completely new way to enjoy your concentrates without waste. It’s a must-have device for every regular dabber.

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