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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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The Best Bongs and Water Pipes of 2020: Buyer’s Guide


Whether we’re talking 4 foot tall bongs or handheld bubblers there’s something magical about water pipes that just can’t be found in a blunt, joint or dry pipe. Let’s be honest, we all remember our first hit off a bong and the intense high that followed. Because who doesn’t love taking a monster size inhale while hearing the crackling sound of water. Water pipes aren’t only just known for their possibilities of an extra intense high. The water adds a nice cooling sensation and extra filtration to the smoke that’s entering your throat and lungs. Which means a smoother and healthier smoke sesh. They have mega benefits and are just too classical to ever fade out. They also just so happen to be a favorite of mine. But even within the parameters of water pipes, there are too many varieties… so what are some of the best water pipes out there? 

Let’s talk all things water filtration


BongBubbler, Spubbler, Rig? (oh my) What’s your choice of weapon – homemade, silicone, wood, acrylic, glass, extra percolators, or thick borosilicate glass? The options can seem endless! Do you use warm water for a richer deeper hit? Or ice that cools the smoke? Are you a ritualistic chill on the sofa smoker or do you prefer the quick smoke breaks in between rushing around your day? These are all good questions to keep in mind when picking out your favorite filtration vice but hey, as long as there’s water involved were ready to go! So let’s take a look at what makes each water pipe different and explore some of our favorite qualities and pieces.


We’ll start off with bubblers otherwise known as chubblers and spubblers. They happen to be my favorite amongst the water pipe varieties! They come in hundreds of styles, as you can tell by the fact that they have many different names. Depending on the bowl size, pipe size, material and more. When it comes down to it though they all serve the same function… to filter your delicious greens. 


It’s bubble time!

Bubblers are extra popular because they offer the benefits of water filtration and smooth hits in the convenient on the go hand size pipe. One of the big perks is that everything is set to go without the need for extra accessories stems or bowls. Just put in your grass with a little bit of water and let the bubbles do the rest. The reason I happen to have extra love for bubblers is that they are the perfect size for me. I’m more of a stay at home couch potato smoker myself but if I need to I can take them just about anywhere. Throw them in the beach bag with a water bottle and your set to go! If you primarily an on the go smoker, get a piece that holds the water in and they’re even easier! Hammerhead bubblers are my favorite style! The size shape and functionality are perfect and I find them easier to clean (always a plus). Try my favorite here! It’s a great size, has a left side carb, diffused downpipe with percolator and a pretty sweet bat sign for extra measures. 

Cannabox Bat Bubbler Hammer Hand Pipe

What are some main qualities to look for when shopping for a bubbler?


Since your primary reason for buying a water pipe over a dry pipe is for the filtration aspect this is probably going to be your first concern. 

  • How much surface area does the chamber have? Bigger area + more water = more filtration. 
  • What kind of percolator does it have? 
  • How is the smoke being defused? 


Cosmetic or not the shape of the bubbler can have a huge effect on how the piece smokes. Since everyone has different tastes they come in all different shapes from a Sherlock Pipe, Hammer Pipe, Sidecar and everything in between. 

  • Are you worried about water splash-back? (try sidecar)
  • Want to rest your piece on a table without rolling? (try hammer)
  • Need a style specifically made for portability? (try pendant)


 For the bowl size, shape and depth you want to keep in mind your smoking needs. 
How much and often do you smoke. How long are your smoke seshes? Happy Bubbling


After finding the main points that meet your every need you can go to all the frills and fluff like down stem preference, carb, glass specs, mouthpiece width, etc. 

And of course, a bubbler can easily be turned into a dry pipe for dry herb as well if you hold on adding the water. 

Percolator Bongs

Finally the classic… Bongs have been around since the dawn of time. Since we covered the mini-bong aka Bubbler let’s get into some favorite bong qualities! Just like the Bubbler’s bongs can have endless options and even more so then bubblers! You can find pieces that are completely standardized and built in or completely customizable with interchangeable parts. 

You can really have some fun with these guys…maybe too much fun!

Cannabox Grav Helix Beaker
Get the ultimate diffuser and smoothest rip with this 3 intake air hole mouthpiece and Showerhead Downstem Helix Beaker!

The Goods… 

If you want the most versatility as far as your smoke sesh goes than a bong is the way to go. 
Forget about worrying if you can fit it in your beach bag or not and just enjoy some grade A hits. 
Looking for the most water filtration? The coolest smoke with the smoothest inhale and perfect high…put the bubblers aside and grab a big guy. 

Like we went over in the bubblers the different aspects of a piece depends on your preference, style and smoking needs. Most of them will be the same when deciding on your favorite bong along with a few additional. Look for all the same aspects we talked about in the bubbler section plus: 

Filtering Smoke

  • What type of percolator and how many does it have? 
  • Does it have an ash catcher? 
  • Does it have an Ice Catcher or Ice Pinch? 
  • Large enough volume for desired hits? 


  • How thick is the glass? (the thicker it is the longer it will last)
  • Do you prefer Beaker? (bigger volume, less dense smoke, bigger rips)
  • Straight Tube? (dense smoke, easier to clear chamber)
  • Recycler? (recycles water, mostly used for concentrates or dabs)

Bowls and Stems

  • Again you want to keep in mind how big you like to pack your bowls if your house is the smoke circle central or if you’re a solo smoker. You also want to keep in mind the sizes, quality, and material of stems, slides, and joints that your bong will have. 

Tip: Keeping your joints all the same size will make your life much easier in case you break one. Looking for an awesome straight tube? Add this GRAV to your collection. With a Fission Downstem and Geometric Ice Pinch, you get a smooth and easy to clear rip every time.

Cannabox Grav Straight Water Pipe
My personal favorite bong style is a nice clean classic straight tube like this one

We went over the main points to look for when picking your next dope piece but everyone has their tastes! What’s your favorite water pipe? Need a full review of our top current picks? Check them out! 

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