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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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The Best Grinders for Rolling Joints and Packing Bowls

Cannabis Grinders

A few weeks back we gave you a taste of grinders and what they can do to elevate your smoking experience. If you missed that, took a slow drag and hit up that post if you want to know Why you need a Grinder in your Cannabis Kit.

Once you get finish reading through you’ll want to know more. In fact, I’m betting you’ve already set your mind to upgrading your cannabis kit. If that’s the case then you’ll need a friendly list from cannaseurs like you to help you decide what options are the best for you. 

As always, here’s a quick list for you speedy stoners speeding through the web.

  1. Santa Cruz x G Pen Hemp Grinder
  2. Grav Labs 3-Piece Grinder
  3. Kraken 2-Part Grinder with Clear Top
  4. Kraken Grinders 2-Part Grinder with Stash Dispenser

And for all the other cannaseurs, forget your old weed pen and get back to the good life with some old-fashioned weed. Yes, dab pens are going out of style, for those of you who have accidentally purchased a fake cart, we’re sorry for you.

But no worries, no judges here and stoner to stoner, it’s time to get real crafty with your rolling because fresh weed is coming your way with any of these metal grinders below.

1. Santa Cruz x G Pen Hemp Grinder

First on our list is the Shredder.

Made from 100% natural hemp features, this grinder is perfect for on-the-go smoke sessions. Simply carry it in a sweater pocket or throw it in your backpack because this biodegradable grinder is super-easy to use with the same Santa Cruz performance and durability we’ve come to know and love.

Get ready for a perfect fluffy grind to all your favorite indica strains. And if you’re dabbling with dry herb vaporizers like the G Pen Elite and the G Pen Pro and need fine fluff for loading, then you can’t go wrong with this Santa Cruz grinder. 

2. Grav Labs 3-Piece Grinder

Next on our list is a 3-piece grinder made from CNC aluminum with an aluminum scraping tool for your precious weed nectar.

This grinder, 15 teeth and all, will cut through your sativa nuggets with ease for smooth grinding. And with an upper chamber, you won’t struggle with those annoying clogs when all you want is some freshly ground bud!

Don’t worry to all the clumsy stoners out there, this grinder is made from super durable aluminum, aircraft grade quality that comes in all your favorite colors. 

3. Kraken 2-Part Grinder with Clear Top

Number 3 on weed grinders is the anodized aluminum 2-part grinder made perfect for all the weed peepers!

Check this one out, the bottom button actually pushes out your precious marijuana from the grinder onto your rolling surface. Talk about easy clean up.

The small size is also definitely a reason to go with this grinder because it’s easy to grip and it won’t bug you carrying it in your jeans pocket. Simply start calling it the little pocket monster because it’s not holding back on your bud! 

4. Kraken Grinders 2-Part Grinder with Stash Dispenser

Last, but of course certainly not least is another Kraken grinder, this time with a stash dispenser. 

Now this grinder, is definitely one of my favorites and is perfect for the beginner stoners who want to roll more often. Simply load up your favorite hybrid strains to give you a nice head high and relaxed body, and twist and the Kraken will grind a way.

When you’re done, look here, your shake is ready to be dispensed. Just take off the little rubber stopper and hold it over your joints or pre-rolled cones and let the green fall into place!

Definitely a perfect option for the stoner that values convenience but also the stoner that’s just getting started. This premium weed grinder will slice and cut through all your nuggets and makes the perfect addition to your cannabis kit. 

Dispense without a mess! Did I mention that you can even store your ground up weed for later? Wow! Forget a storing jar just get both with this marijuana grinder for stoners and cannaseurs!

Quick recap: 3 benefits of marijuana grinders for weed stoners

  1. Almost every time you’re going to be like damn! This is better than vaping and the highest I’ve ever been! Don’t worry there champ! It gets better when you upgrade to the top-notch marijuana grinders. 
  2. The finely ground up weed enhances the smell and flavor of your marijuana smoking sessions. More flavors to be enjoyed. 
  3. You’re saving a lot of weed from grind it yourself.

Definitely getting some kief on the side but keep in mind that each grind is also fresher than the pre-rolls you buy at the dispensary. Grinders have diamond shaped teeth that finely grinds them into a rollable format to easily stuff into a joint or a blunt. 

Every time you grind any herb, the mesh screen (also known as a pollen screen) under the compartment filters the bud’s actual THC particles, which is then stored in a kief catcher below, which is also known as a pollen catcher. This comes from the extremely sharp teeth of the grinder that actually separates the two.


With that in mind, stop tearing into your bud with your bare hands. Come on, if your mom gets a wiff of your paws she’s going to know you were dabbling with Mary again!

Although scizzors do work pretty damn well, freshly ground weed from a grinder just hits better and is more potent delivering the smoothest puffs. But if you ever find yourself in those methods again, then look back at this post for some quick weed inspiration. 

And if you’ve been keeping up to date with our posts, stay tuned for some spooky season flavored joint ideas for Halloween movie marathons and late-night spooks. Keep the party going because we’re sparking up all October month! 

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