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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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the best rolling papers

The Best Rolling Papers

Rolling papers are essential smoking accessories that every weed smoker should have on hand. But like anything else in life, not all rolling papers are created equally.

There are several different aspects that can make any rolling paper the best. The one that’s best for you will depend on your personal preference. Some people prefer rolling papers made out of specific ingredients, while others want to purchase the healthiest rolling paper possible.

We’re going to cover all of the best rolling papers on the market in this article, so you can ensure that you buy the blunt paper that is perfect for you and your smoking style.

the best raw papers

What is the highest quality blunt paper?

The best quality rolling papers are those which are made without GMOs, tobacco, and other potentially harmful ingredients. They should be ultra-thin yet tough enough to hold together after you roll them into a joint.

The best joint papers are designed to burn slowly, so you don’t have to rush to smoke your weed. You also want the joint to burn evenly to avoid a problem called “canoeing,” which can diminish your smoking experience.

Currently, the highest quality rolling papers in our smoke shop come from RAW, Juicy Jay, OCB, Blazy Susan, and Shine Papers.

The best RAW papers

RAW is a very popular brand in the marijuana industry, so it should come as no surprise that they also produce some of the best papers. Below are the best RAW papers in our shop.

RAW Classic Rolling Papers

The RAW classic rolling papers are a great choice for those looking for regular rolling papers.

They are unflavored and feature a unique criss-cross pattern to help them maintain a nice, even, and slow burn. They are affordable, which can’t always be said about other top rolling papers on the market.

Known to be the rolling paper of choice for many celebrities, there is no way to go wrong when you purchase these the next time you smoke weed.

RAW Organic Hemp Papers

Next in the list of our best RAW rolling papers, we have the RAW organic hemp papers. These are perfect for smokers who want to ensure they are making the best choice for themselves and the environment.

These rolling papers are even packaged in a way that’s more environmentally friendly than their regular books, as you get 300 papers in a single cardboard box. Additionally, they’re sold at an amazing price, so you can save the environment and your bank account!

RAW Black Papers

Sometimes, it can be nice to switch it up from transparent papers to something a little more festive. The RAW Black papers let you do exactly that as they are colored black using a vegetable dye.

These raw joint papers are still ultra-thin, with the same characteristics that give the smoker an even burn. They come in both regular and king-size, giving you options for your next smoke sesh.

No matter what size you choose, these are a great choice — and you can’t beat the price.

the best papers

The best Juicy Jay papers

As far as the best flavored rolling papers go, the Juicy Jay brand is top of the line. So if these are your first flavored rolling papers, you’re in for a real treat. 

While your favorite flavor may vary, we’ve listed our top ones below.

Vanilla Ice

Vanilla Ice is the first of the flavored rolling papers on our list and for a good reason.

It can be difficult to find the right flavored rolling papers that don’t interfere too much with the taste of your weed. The Vanilla Ice Juicy Jay papers are perfect because they add a little extra sweetness to your joint without detracting from the flavors that are already there.

These thin papers are triple-dipped in a mixture of vanilla and sugar, giving them almost a sugar-cookie taste. They come in a package of 32, but you’re going to love them so much that you’d better just order 2-3 books now to ensure you have enough!


If you’re looking for something similar to the Vanilla Ice flavor, but with a little more depth, the Marshmallow Juicy Jay’s rolling papers are the ones for you.

For over a century, marshmallow has been a favorite neutral flavor added to all kinds of dishes, from sweet potato casserole at Thanksgiving time to fruit salad, so it makes sense to add this delicious flavor to weed.

Whether you buy these for rolling joints at home, or maybe around the campfire, you won’t regret spending a few dollars on these tasty papers.

Birthday Cake

The next time your friend has a Birthday, this weed rolling paper from Juicy Jay is a must. It’s a king size paper, meaning you can roll your friend the biggest joint for their special day.

Triple-dipped in a mixture designed to taste just like cake batter, these joint rolling papers go unbelievably well with more neutral weed strains. While we don’t recommend it for stronger-flavored weed strains, it is great for a once-in-a-while joint.

best blunt papers

The best Blazy Susan papers

Blazy Susan is one of the best brands of blunt wraps. Known for their vegan-friendliness and non-GMO qualities, smokers everywhere love the Blazy Susan brand.

Blazy Susan Pink Rolling Papers

Smoking weed is always fun when you can do it in style, which is easy thanks to these Blazy Susan pink rolling papers. Made from the highest quality wood pulp, these rolling papers are dyed in a natural pink hue that looks great when rolled.

There are two pink rolling paper sizes, regular and king-size. They both come in a pack of 50, so you and your friends can become rolling machines even when you order just one pack.

Despite the large pack size, the price is still reasonable, making these some of the best rolling papers Cannabox has to offer.

The best Shine papers

Shine 24K Gold Rolling Paper

If you are looking for a unique rolling paper for a party, there is nothing quite like whipping out one of the 24k gold rolling papers from ShineCo. These rolling papers are exactly what the title indicates and are wrapped in edible 24k gold.

Because Shine 24k gold rolling papers have a hemp paper base beneath the gold layer, they are considered to be a thick paper when compared to other papers. This doesn’t detract from their smoking experience, however, and it’s one of the best hemp rolling papers on the market.

The best OCB rolling papers

OCB King Size

OCB is one of the best rolling paper brands, specifically in the niche of king-size rolling papers. King-size rolling papers are larger papers designed for making a cone-shaped blunt for sharing with friends at your next get-together.

OCB is one of the most affordable king-size papers, meaning you don’t have to keep the giant blunts limited to just special occasions. They are also made of chemical-free organic hemp, so you can smoke your giant blunts without needing to fear for your health.

They’re even sold in recycled packaging and printed with eco-friendly inks to help lower their effect on the plant.

Other quality rolling papers


Rizla rolling papers are a bit unique in that they are made out of natural sugar gum instead of rice or hemp. This produces a smoking experience that is much different from regular rolling paper smoke.

It also gives the user a unique and slightly sweet smoking experience. Rizla is a great in-between brand for those who don’t want to smoke flavored joint papers, but still want to try something a little bit unique.


Vibes papers are made by a French rolling paper company that’s famous for its unique swag. They have a variety of unbleached papers made from rice and organic hemp alike.

Because Vibes is an imported brand, it won’t come cheap, but many smokers say that their rolling papers are worth it. That being said, this is a brand you will likely need to order in bulk, therefore making it a difficult choice for a beginner who is still looking for their rolling paper of preference.

The healthiest rolling paper

What is the healthiest rolling paper?

There are several healthy rolling paper brands on the market. Generally, a rolling paper is considered healthy when it is made out of hemp. Rice paper and flax papers are also considered healthy.

The healthiest rolling paper currently in Cannabox stock is Elements rice paper. These ultra-thin all-natural rolling papers are unflavored, meaning there are no extra calories or sugar in Elements papers. 

They are also environmentally friendly and burn evenly. If you are looking to be healthy as you smoke a joint, Elements rice paper is a must.

Secondary to the Elements brand, the next healthiest paper is OCB hemp paper. These ultra-thin rolling papers are made from 100% organic hemp and are designed to let you smoke discreetly.

They also burn quickly, meaning you won’t have a problem finishing your joint when you are in a rush. But if you aren’t in a rush, grab the king-size package as well and enjoy passing a giant OCB joint between friends.

The best joint papers made from rice

Besides Element, another brand makes the list of best rice rolling papers. They are Field Trips Organic rolling papers.

These ultra-thin rice papers are organic, vegan, and printed with the best vegan ink. The package also comes with tips to help enhance your smoking experience.

The only problem with these papers is that they won’t make the list of the best budget rolling papers anytime soon. They are a bit pricey and only contain 12 papers in each package.

buying the best joint papers

How do you know you’re buying the best papers?

The best rolling papers for you will depend on your personal preferences. While some people prefer pure hemp rolling papers, others are more interested in those made from rice.

Generally, you will know you’ve gotten the best papers when you are able to easily roll them into joints. You should also enjoy the flavor as you smoke, and there shouldn’t be an aftertaste in your mouth when you finish.

The best papers are also environmentally friendly, easy to pass around, and inclusive (for example, they should be vegan so your vegan friend doesn’t feel left out!). 

Your joint papers should be thin, but not so thin that they tear. If you are new to smoking weed, you may even want to look for a thicker paper until you get the hang of it.

But if you buy rolling paper and are happy as you roll the joint and smoke, then you’ve chosen the best rolling papers.


Overall, there are many amazing types of rolling papers available. Whether you are looking for natural hemp paper or maybe one made from rice, the best rolling paper for you will depend on your personal preferences.

We recommend ordering a few different types of the best rolling papers on this list and trying them all until you find the one that you like best!

And if you are looking for rolling paper alternatives, such as pipes or a bong, Cannabox can help you with those too! Head over to our weed pipes page to get started. 

The Best Rolling Papers FAQ

What paper does Snoop Dogg use?

Snoop Dogg has his own brand of clear rolling papers, which are made from rice. They are known to burn slowly to increase the length of your smoking session. Unsurprisingly, they are called Snoop Dogg rolling papers.

What rolling papers do rappers use?

Many rappers have been known to use Zig Zag rolling papers for their smoking sessions. Zig Zag hemp papers have long been known for their excellent quality among the music community as they are made from Zig Zag organic hemp. RAW is a close second however, as many rappers also cherish the brand.

Are rice rolling papers better for you?

Rice rolling papers are better for your lungs because they are thinner papers and there is less residue to inhale as you smoke. Additionally, rice papers are typically unflavored so they don’t alter the taste of the weed or add any calories to your smoke session.

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