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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

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Top 10 Best Bongs For Sale In 2021

Top 10 Best Bongs for Sale

Discover the best bongs in 2021, and the brands behind them in our top 10 list. Cannabox is already known for having the best subscription box service for cannabis accessories, and have recently evolved into an online store for your 420 accessory needs. It’s our mission to help you discover reliable brands for water pipes on our website. Just like our high standards to provide the most value to our subscription box subscribers, we are doing the same with our glass bongs for sale.

About Cannabox

When Cannabox launched in 2013, we had a simple premise. Make it easy for cannabis users to receive the coolest accessories for smoking and save money. This was made possible with our subscription service. Cannabox took off immediately, differentiating itself from other boxes by offering curated seasonal themed boxes with bongs, pipes, rolling papers, T-Shirts, snacks, and other festive, spontaneous items to help users fill out their collections or get started. 

With diverse themes like video games, New York, and bees health, Cannabox is perfect for gifting and is guaranteed to have a theme that will match your aesthetic, interests, or personality. Users can log onto our website and purchase past boxes or single items à la carte. 

Cannabox Opens Up An Online Smoke Shop For 420 Accessories

Cannabox has evolved beyond a weed accessory subscription box, and into an online smoke shop. In this list, we will highlight some of the best bongs in the market and some deciding factors such as price, brand, and percolator type. Enjoy access to the best bongs from the most reputable and trusted cannabis companies in the industry. As a result, we are now one of the premier online head shops, boasting a wide variety of rolling papers, accessories, glass pipes, and bongs. 

Cannabox is known in particular for their immaculate bong selection, hosting everything from essential bongs to inventive novelties to appease everyone, from the casual smoker to the seasoned stoner. 

Types of Bong Percolators

It’s important to learn about the available types of water filtration options for glass bongs. Percolators are a cornerstone of the bong experience. A good bong percolators allows users to inhale smooth smoke by cooling it down and filtering the smoke before inhalation. While slightly affecting the potency, users enjoy percolators for their ability to make hits smoother and more palatable, allowing people to avoid fits of coughing or a tight chest. 

Many of the bongs Cannabox offers have built-in percolators, though the type can vary greatly. Here’s a quick rundown of the most common types of percolators. 

Diffused Downstem

A diffused downstem is the most basic type of percolator. In its unmodified form is a long glass tube that connects the bowl to the water. Located at either the top or the bottom of the downstem are small slits that allow smoke to escape. This spreads out your smoke through the water, essentially creating a double water filtration system that evenly disperses the smoke and cools it down. 

Fission Downstem

A fission downstem functions similarly to a diffused downstem. In this design, large fissions, or holes, are placed at the bottom of the downstem for maximum airflow and filtration. 

Showerhead Perc

A showerhead percolator is a type of percolator that is shaped like a showerhead, with generally placed in the middle of the bong just above the water. The showerhead perc has a series of slits around the entire circumference, allowing for a lot of percolation. Some users claim this dilutes the THC levels more than a downstem, but people like to smoke large amounts without coughing. The best glass bongs have a great water filtration, and the shower head perc is very efficient at proving smooth smoke.


Honeycomb is a percolator designed with a multitude of tiny holes to resemble a bee’s honeycomb. Honeycomb offers a high level of percolation due to the number of small holes, allowing for further separation and dispersion of smoke. They are compact and don’t take up too much space within the bong. Some users will even put multiple layers of honeycomb into their bongs. 

The 10 Best Bongs For Sale On Cannabox 

There are many types of percolators, from Swiss Percolators to Tree Percolators, that push the limits of style and are popular for the fascinating aesthetic they bring to your bong. There are so many to choose from, and new styles are being created regularly. The percolator type is just one factor in helping you decide what kind of bong you want, so here is a list of our 10 favorite bongs that Cannabox offers to help you get started! 

10. Cannabox UFO Glass Bong

Cannabox UFO Bong

The Cannabox UFO Bong is great for those who believe in more beyond this planet, and it looks great. The bong’s base is shaped like a flying saucer, while the bong itself is riddled with small green dots. It’s perfect for anyone who embraces a sci-fi aesthetic and wants to get higher than the stars! The bong itself is surprisingly compact, coming in at 5″ height and 3″ width. Despite this, it packs a punch and will leave you satisfied every time. 

  • Price: $34.99
  • Type of Percolator: The UFO Bong uses a showerhead percolator to help increase airflow and cool down inhalation for a smooth, soft hit. Cannabox recommends users fill the water just above the percolator for maximum pleasure. 
  • Brand: This piece is an original from Cannabox, which has been working on curating the best glassware and contributing to the cannabis culture as well! 

9. Hempire State Mini Bong From Cannabox

Cannabox Hempire State Mini Bong

In case you missed the Cannabox theme which included this small bong, it can now be purchased for an affordable price. We made it our mission to only provide the coolest water pipes for sale, and to do it with great prices. Measuring at 6 inches for height, this small bong is ideal for traveling without taking up too much space. Enjoy being able to hold this bong with one hand, and easily toke away! This small bong was originally released in our September 2019 package.

  • Price: $34.99
  • Type of percolator: Bubbler
  • Brand: Cannabox 

8. GRAV Mini Beaker Water Pipe

GRAV Mini Beaker Bong

The GRAV Mini Beaker Water Pipe Bong is an absolutely delightful compact bong that hits a mere 6″, but makes up for its size in quality. With a straight neck and a rounded out, ergonomic mouthpiece, this little guy is easy to transport and easy to handle. This is the perfect bong for users that are on the go and want a powerful bong that doesn’t take up too much packing space.

  • Price: $56.99
  • Type of percolator: The GRAV Mini Beaker uses a fission Downstem filtration system that is built into the bong for minimal damage risks. 
  • Brand: This is another water pipe from GRAV, a staple of their output – GRAV is the premier brand for high-quality water pipes at an affordable price. 

7. GRAV Labs Large Gravitron Gravity Bong

GRAV Gravitron Gravity Bong

The GRAV Labs Large Gravitron Gravity Bong is a high-quality gravity bong to knock you off your feet with hard hits that send smoke deep into your lungs. This gravity bong is a sleek and inconspicuous design that won’t look out of place sitting on your coffee table. 

Get the absolute most out of your weed with this pressurized system that uses water to pull smoke into your expanding base. Once you’re locked and loaded with smoke, the unique funnel design will push all the smoke into your mouth. This is not a bong for the faint of heart but will satisfy experienced users who want to save money and use less weed. 

  • Price: The Gravitron Gravity Bong costs $64.99.
  • Type of percolator: Gravity bongs by nature do not include percolators. Though that prominently features water, the water is simply for drawing out the smoke rather than filtering it. Gravity bongs offer hard, unfiltered hits to allow users to get the most THC out of their flower.
  • Brand: This Gravity Bong is yet another flagship product from GRAV Labs.

6. Marley Naturals Water Pipe with Wooden Bottom

Marley Naturals Wood Bong

This refined Marley Naturals Walnut Water Bong is an elegant and modern device that brings smooth hits and smooth style to the smoking experience’s forefront. Made with borosilicate glass and sustainably sourced black walnut wood, this bong includes percolation and an ice pinch that provides cool, smooth hits for a relaxing smoke session. Sections disassemble easily for cleaning to ensure the premiere design keeps its shine. 

  • Price: $229.99
  • Type of percolator: The bong uses a 5-hole downstem system to disperse smoke evenly. In tandem is an ice pinch groove in the glass meant to hold ice, an addition guaranteed to provide the smoothest and most mellow hits. 
  • Brand: This bong is created by Marley Natural, a cannabis company that keeps sustainability and a low carbon footprint at the forefront of its philosophy and practices. 

5. My Bud Vase Coyōté Bong

My Bud Vase Coyote Bong

The My Bud Vase Coyōté Bong is a beautifully designed ceramic bong that brings a southwest kick to your smoking experience. This bong is creative and deceptive – it could function as an art piece and would not look conspicuous sitting in your living room. The sand texture and succulent topper disguise the bong to create a piece that offers a discreet addition to your bong collection. 

  • Price: $89.99
  • Type of percolator: This bong does not include a percolator
  • Brand: This bong comes from My Bud Vase, a glass cannabis product company known for their beautiful and feminine designs.

4. Higher Standards Beaker Bong

Higher Standards Heavy Duty Bong

The Higher Standards Beaker Bong is a custom ice mold grooved bong made with sturdy medical-grade borosilicate glass to create a durable smoking device you can always rely on. The bong comes with a broad base for stability and can withstand a high-temperature variance to ensure that your bong will survive any situation. 

  • Price: $149.99
  • Type of percolator: The bong comes with a diffused downstem and ice pinch combination to ensure smooth, cool hits with a low-temperature flavor. 
  • Brand: The bong is a flagship product of Higher Standards, a New York-based company known for its modern designs, pop-up shops, and durable products with minimal packaging. 

3. Stündenglass Gravity Bong

Stündenglass Gravity Bong

The Stündenglass Gravity Bong is a 360 rotating gravity hookah that uses airflow, kinetic water music, and gravity to deliver insanely smooth and soft hits. This versatile device can connect to any smoking device with a 14mm stem or be smoked on its own with a silicone hose. The gravity technology ensures an easy stream of smoke and flavor comes into your lungs effortlessly. 

  • Price: $459.99
  • Type of percolator: This gravity bong uses an intricate percolation system to resemble a hookah. 
  • Brand: The bong is the flagship product of Stündenglass, a company that has been working on contactless, 360 gravity smoking technology and eventually struck gold with their gravity bong. 

2. Session Good Bong

Session Goods Celery Bong

The Session Good Bong is a modern, mature bong that centers sleek, discreet design and unique functionality to offer adults an alternative to the usual standard aesthetic. The bong offers an angled mouthpiece to allow users to smoke while keeping the bong upright comfortably. Another feature is the indent grip, making the bong easy to hold, hard to drop, and it offers a convenient place to set your lighter. 

  • Price: $199.99
  • Type of percolator: The bong has a Simple Downstem that offers minimal distance cooling. 
  • Brand: The bong is a flagship item from Session Good, a company dedicated to the modernization and innovation of bongs, putting focus on functional and minimalistic design.  

1. GRAV Labs Medium Straight Tube Water Pipe Bong

GRAV Labs Straight Base Bong

First place on our list of the best bongs in 2021 goes to the GRAV Labs Medium Straight Tube Bong. A lot of reviews on this water pipe emphasis its smooth hits with the honeycomb percolator and an ice pinch. This is the perfect bong for those with sensitive lungs or users who want to smoke high amounts of herb without coughing up a lung. 

  • Price: $99.99
  • Type of percolator: This bong comes with a honeycomb percolator system and an ice pinch to ensure an easy and clean smoking experience. 
  • Brand: This is one of the many wonderful pieces from GRAV Labs. 
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