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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Top 10 Best Grinder for weed In 2021

the best weed grinders in 2021

Weed grinders are an essential part of the smoking process. Without one, you’re stuck picking your flower into tiny pieces with your fingers, a tedious process that messes with the terpenes and leaves your hands smelling. A weed grinder makes it easy to turn your bud into little pieces and saves a lot of time compared to breaking it down by hand. We made a list of our best weed grinders for sale and listed their features. 

There are many types of grinders on the market. Some are complex and will deliver you consistently grounded weed, while others are cheaply made and break easily. Choosing what grinder you want comes down to how much you want to invest and the features you value. The main reason for a grinder is that ungrounded weed can be difficult to catch a flame and cause canoeing with a joint or blunt. Tiny little pieces of cannabis smashed together is much easier to light up! 

Cannabox is a company known for its customizable delivery subscription boxes specializing in weed products, and includes some of the most popular and well-liked cannabis accessories brands in the world. As a result, they now have an online head shop that is home to a variety of top-tier weed grinders. Learn about the best type of grinders for cannabis, and their differences below.

The Best Dry Herb Grinders For Sale on Cannabox

There is a lot of different types of grinders available for sale, and their prices can cost over a hundred dollars for a premium option. But there are cheap weed grinders made out of plastic that are great options too. Discover the best weed grinders available on the Cannabox website to help you decide what grinder is best for you. 

10. All Natural and Compact: Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies Weed Grindercheap cookies weed grinder for sale

Cheap does not necessarily mean bad when it comes to cannabis grinders. After all, some people just want a simple tool to grind their weed, and don’t necessarily need all the bells and whistles. The Santa Cruz Shredder and Cookies teamed up to bring a solid two-piece grinder made entirely of biodegradable material. This grinder is made from natural hemp and has a patented tooth design to give users weed that’s ready to smoke in seconds. 

This perfect for users who want to reduce their carbon footprint and invest in a simple, yet effective grind that gives even fluffy weed every time. 

  • Pros: This grinder is compact, made with all-natural materials, travels well, works consistently, and doesn’t cost much money. 
  • Price: This cannabis grinder costs $9.99
  • Brand: This product is the direct result of a collaboration between Santa Cruz Shredder, a company focused on grinding technology, and Cookies, the brand known for the much-celebrated Girl Scout Cookie strain. 

9. 4-Piece With Personality: Wu-Tang Grinder

This grinder may not have 36 chambers, but the Wu-Tang 4-piece Grinder will deliver you soft, fluffy weed every time. This all-metal grinder has a magnetic top to diminish spills, a lower chamber for catching that sweet keef, and a Wu-Tang sticker on top of it. 

The Wu-tang grinder for cannabis is a solid started piece for users who just want to grind their weed and show off a little personal flair while doing it. Rep your favorite artist and make sure to pick this up.

  • Pros: The grinder is inexpensive, it has a keef catcher, it’s durable, and boasts a fun aesthetic. 
  • Price: The grinder costs $18.99 and can be paid in 4 interest-free installments of $4.75 through Sezzle.
  • Brand: This product is part of the Wu-Tang Rolling Papers brand, boasting all sorts of weed accessories with Wu-Tang logos on them, such as pre-rolled cones and rolling trays. 

8. Get the Most out of Your Herb: Santa Cruz 4 Piece Hemp Grinderaluminum weed grinder

Elevate your grinding game with the Santa Cruz 4 Piece Hemp Grinder, made with 100% biodegradable teeth. This grinder works remarkably well with its patented tooth design that rejects the entire “sharp edge tooth” dichotomy to give you a grinder that is far more durable and effective in the long run. 

This grinder also comes with a wholly unique hemp screen, featuring sharp, circular holes for sifting our the stems, and overall getting the most out of your herb. This is the perfect grinder for someone who wants to save a little money, save a little weed, and wants a grinder that uses no plastic. 

  • Pros: The grinder comes with a one-of-a-kind hemp screen, is durable, made from all-natural materials, and doesn’t cost too much. 
  • Price: The 4 Piece Hemp Grinder is $20
  • Brand: This product is a flagship grinder from Santa Cruz Shredder, the premier brand for grinding technology. 

7. Quality Craft Goes a Long Way: GRAV Labs 3-Piece Weed Grinder

The 3-Piece Weed Grinder from GRAV puts solid craftsmanship at the forefront of their grinder with a piece made from aluminum. Coming in at 1.25” high, this product is as durable as it is compact, making it the perfect travel buddy for any smoker on the go. The grinder comes in 3 separate pieces and includes uniquely spaced-out teeth to mitigate the risk of weed clogging up the system. 

The bottom chamber includes a scraping tool designed to help you gather your keef easily and efficiently. GRAV’s grinder is perfect for users who want a sleek, fast piece that works well and is simple to clean.

  • Pros: The Weed Grinder is customizable with 5 color choices, it’s durable, it travels well, and the teeth spacing helps prevent clogging. 
  • Price: The grinder costs $36.99 
  • Brand: This particular piece comes from GRAV Labs, a cannabis glassware company known for their high-quality water pipes 

6. Pocket-Sized and Secure: Cali Crusher 1.85″ 4-Piece Pocket Quicklock Weed Grinder

Looking to travel with your grinder? The Cali Crusher 4-Piece Pocket Quicklock Weed Grinder is a tiny but powerful grinder that fits perfectly in your pocket and locks quickly to make sure the weed doesn’t fall out while you’re on the go. The lock is simple, just a quarter turn to lock and release! This grinder is made with Aerospace Grade Aluminum and uses dual-action cutting technology and features a lifetime warranty, should the blades lose their sharp edge. 

The keef catcher screen is removable with a Phillips Head screwdriver to help make the cleaning process easier while still withholding the grinder’s structural integrity and security. This piece is perfect for users who want to just take a grinder in their pocket without worrying about spillage or pocket space. 

  • Pros: This grinder is compact, portable, it has sharp teeth, and can lock for secure transportation. It’s easy to clean and is made from durable materials. 
  • Price: The grinder costs $36.99 
  • Brand: This product is part of Cali Crusher’s lineup. Cali Crusher is a grinder company committed to quality with revolutionary designs for simple, efficient grinding. 

5. The Ultimate Upgrade: Cali Crusher 2.35″ 4-Piece Quicklock Weed Grinder4 piece aluminum weed grinder

The Cali Crusher 4-Piece Quicklock Weed Grinder takes all the features users loved about the previous grinder, like its 4-way lock protection system and durable aluminum design, and packs it with new features that redefine what a grinder can be. New features include a removable screen for easy cleaning, radial cut blades that can shred your weed in one direction and fluff it another, and a grooved edge for easy grip! 

In addition to the lock system, the grinder is built with magnets for ultimate security. You can even hold the grinder from the lid without worrying about the bottom dropping out and spilling your herb. The blades and teeth are sharp, and you can guarantee they’ll stay sharp with a lifetime warranty allotted to users. Each grinder comes with a scraper shaped like a guitar pick, allowing you to scrape up keef easily for later use. 

  • Pros: This piece is durable, efficient, it has an easy grip and magnetized locking to prevent spillage, and features new shredding/fluffing technology. 
  • Price: The grinder costs $40.00
  • Brand: The grinder is another flagship product of Cali Crusher. 

4. Easy Grip and No Scratches: Santa Cruz Shredder x Cookies 4 Piece Weed Grindersanta cruz weed grinder

Tired of grinding and finding big chunks of herb sitting at the bottom of your grinder? Double-sided teeth mean your weed gets twice the shredding, giving you that soft, fluffy herb perfect for packing a bowl or rolling a joint. Santa Cruz Shredder and Cookies have collaborated again on a four-piece weed grinder designed to withstand extreme usage. The grinder comes with an easy “knurled” grip to ease the process of grinding into a smooth experience. The piece is made with anodized aluminum. Anodization is a process that creates a strong protective coating around the grinder to minimize scratches, wear-and-tear, and cross-threading. 

Inside the grinder is a strong magnet infused into the anodized aluminum, so it won’t fall out. This magnet will ensure that your weed doesn’t accidentally spill all over the place. It also keeps your weed fresh, and largely contains the odor within the grinder so your storage area won’t end up smelling like weed (as long as you also clean your bong, bowl, etc.). The grinder comes with a keef catcher and is available in three different colors. 

  • Pros: This grinder is extremely durable and scratch-resistant. It has a magnet top to prevent spillage and offers an extremely efficient grinding experience due to its knurled grip and strong sharp teeth. 
  • Price: The grinder costs $69.99 
  • Brand: This product is the result of another collaboration between Santa Cruz Shredder and Cookies. 

3. A Refined Grinder: Marley Natural Wood Weed Grinder – Smallcool weed grinder

Looking for a compact, solid grinder with a refined and naturalistic aesthetic? Look no further than the Marley Natural Wood Weed Grinder, made with sustainable black walnut for a subtle grinder that wouldn’t look out of place on your coffee table. This grinder comes in four pieces and uses precision grinding teeth to help you get the most out of your flower. 

At 2.35” by 2.35”, this piece is extremely portable and includes a removable screen food easy separation and cleaning purposes. The grinder comes with a magnet top to prevent spillage and contains 32 teeth to ensure maximum grinding. Add some sophistication to your smoking experience and pick up this elegant grinder today! 

  • Pros: This grinder is travel-friendly, it is easy to clean, and easy to use. It’s made sustainably and comes with a natural wood finish to add some classy aesthetic to your toking session, 
  • Price: The grinder costs $89.99
  • Brand: This product is part of the Marley Natural lineup, the official cannabis brand of Bob Marley. The company offers weed products, weed accessories, and body care products. 

2. Grind and Roll Without the Hassle: OTTO Auto Weed Grinder by Banana Broselectric cannabis grinder

The next level of grinding cannabis is here. The OTTO Auto Weed Grinder is an all-in-one sleek device that grinds weed and auto-rolls joints. The electronic weed grinder is incredibly easy and intuitive to use with a one-button process that uses spring-loaded grinding technology to get your weed “joint-ready”. 

The grinder comes with 20 premium cone wrapping papers and can be charged via USB. OTTO guarantees each charge is enough to roll 20-30 joints. This is an essential grinder if you don’t like rolling joints yourself, or simply want a sleek and premium experience in relaxation. 

  • Pros: OTTO’s Auto Weed Grinder grinds and pre-rolls joints easily. It has an LED-lit button that only needs to be pressed once and the machine will take care of everything else. 
  • Price: The grinder costs $119.99
  • Brand: This product was created by Banana Bros, a company known for pioneering the all-in-one grinding and rolling experience. 

1. The Best Weed Grinder For Sale on Cannaboxbest weed grinder in 2021

The winner of the best weed grinder is the elegant design from Marley Natural, which is known for, but want to carry around more Herb? The Wood Weed Grinder also comes in large! This grinder is beautiful, effective, and contains heat-resistant glass for ultimate durability and luxury. 

  • Pros: This grinder holds more weed, has a beautiful design, and is made with natural black walnut. 
  • Price: The grinder costs $159.99
  • Brand: This is another flagship product of Marllley Natural. 
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