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Top 10 Dab Rigs for sale Under $100 for 2022

best dab rigs under 100 for sale

Dab rigs (also known as oil rigs) are great for those who are looking for a stronger way to enjoy cannabis. They are designed by using a piece similar to a bong, but with one major difference.

The water pipe is connected to what is called a dabbing nail or banger, similar to a bowl on a bong. This is where the cannabis concentrate is placed. The dab nail or banger is heated first with either a torch or electricity, then the cannabis concentrate is placed inside. Finally, through a proper inhale, the vapor can pass through the water filtration that is provided to deliver a smooth and flavorful hit. 

Dabbing concentrates is fairly basic and since its development, dab rigs gradually have more complex designs incorporated into their development.

This can include features like different dabbing rig nails made of a variety of materials such as titanium, ceramic, quartz, or glass. The material of the dab nails impacts parts of the experience like how long a person should wait before putting their dab on the nail. 

Others prefer different types of percolators to be incorporated in the dabbing rig piece to allow for the vapor to cool down a lot, giving a smoother hit.

Numerous accessories can be utilized to suit individual needs and preferences.

Many stores and companies sell these accessories at a small additional cost. 

Some also prefer for their dab rig to be a particular size. Smaller sizes lead to less airflow, allowing for a more robust flavor experience due to a heavier concentration and less filtration. This also ensures less drag, which creates a smooth hit that travels quickly. Plus, this helps with easy storage and travel. 

Top 10 Dab Rigs Under 100 

These different features can create a variety of experiences. It is not uncommon for individuals to upgrade their dabbing rig set-up once they find that a different design affords them an even better experience. Thus enters the following list.

For anyone looking for a great dabbing rig to buy, this list of the best dabbing rigs for sale under $100 per piece is a great place to start.

Dab rigs can go up to the range of $200 – $300 depending on the mechanisms and other operating parts. However, there are some companies that make pieces that are affordable whilst maintaining a high-quality standard.

10. MJ Arsenal Iridescent Atlas Dab Rig

buy dab rig

This dab rig is perfect to kick off the top 10 list. The limited-edition series from the MJ Arsenal Colors Collection looks incredible without sacrificing the necessary elements for a good dabbing rig. The borosilicate finish provides an iridescent look that is eye-catching. 

The collection also includes many other shapes and sizes, leaving something for everyone. In the collection, there are 3 other dab rigs that have the same finish but are in a variety of different styles.

However, this collection’s interesting design does not sacrifice quality. Each is made of high-quality material that is sure to last and provide a heavy hit. This collection is available for a great price and design that will match any vibrant aesthetic.

9. MJ Arsenal Spellbinder Dab Rig

best dabbing rig

For the nature-lover in anyone’s life, this dab rig combines woodland creatures with cannabis. The dab rig includes numerous features that make a great dabbing rig but also has glass figurines on the inside in the form of mushrooms, jack-o-lanterns, and spiders. Watch as the smoke creates a haunting effect, making this product a unique piece to display and use.

In addition to its spooky nature theme, this dabbing rig also includes a 10 mm connection, 3 hole base connected perc, and banger for a smooth hit every single time. This helps to ensure a great hit every single time.

The perc helps to create a smoother hit as it helps to diffuse the smoke and make it less harsh while being inhaled. The combination of this cute design and the well-thought-out features is sure to be great for any stoner.

8. MJ Arsenal Jig Mini Dab Rig

dab rig

This classic dabbing rig for under 100 is great for those who want something simple and effective. Several companies make a clear oil rig made out of borosilicate glass that is both durable and simple. The 10 mm connection and storage jar also help to make any traveling easy.

Due to the product’s smaller size, there is more flavor due to less exposure to the air inside the chamber. The size also makes it great for easy storage and travel. Customers rave about how the size is incredibly convenient and the smooth draw that comes from the product’s design. For those looking for a piece that will fit any current collection, this oil rig is sure to exceed expectations.

7. GRAV Labs Large Clear Circuit Dab Rig

best glass dab rig for sale

This little rig from GRAV labs is sure to pack a punch. The product is well designed to cool down the vapor as it spins with the water due to centrifugal force. It stands at about 7 inches tall, making it easy to store. The GRAV Circuit Print along the side also helps to add a bit of personality without being overwhelming.

Finally, the piece comes with a 14mm GRAV Quartz Nail, which is even more durable than glass while still maintaining that clean, crystal clear look. They also retain more heat, making them great for that low-temperature dabbing.

6. MJ Arsenal Claude Mini Oil Rig

mini dab rig

At first glance, most would be a bit intimidated by the complex design of this dabbing rig. The recycler design is known for working well with flowers, wax, or oil because of its ability to have water consistently moving. This then creates a whirlpool-like effect that helps to enhance the flavor.

Even better is that this design is available in a mini size, making it great for those who want something a bit smaller without sacrificing a great, flavorful experience. This dab rig for under 100 is also made of the same high-quality borosilicate glass that is sure to withstand everyday use and maintenance.

5. GRAV Clear Umbrella Perc Dab Rig 

glass dabbing rig

This umbrella perc dab rig is made using a number of great design features. Starting with the umbrella perc, which has more of a dome shape and slits at the bottom end, this product is designed to give a clean and smooth hit. The slits at the bottom cause diffusion to occur, helping to make a smooth and flavorful experience. This combined with the quartz nail that retains more heat and is incredibly durable is sure to give smoother hits.

The design of this product is also simple. There is minimal design besides the company logo for those who are looking for something that will match any current collection or fits a simplistic lifestyle. This oil rig is also only six inches tall, allowing for easy transportation and storage whenever not in use. These many characteristics make it a perfect middle ground for this top 10 list.

4. MJ Arsenal Soulcycler Dab Rig

cool dab rig

This heart recycling mini rig is sure to please anyone with its tasteful incorporation of light colors with functionality. The oil rig resembles a heart for those who are looking to express their feelings for a significant other.

This dab rig for under 100 comes with a double uptake recycler and base-mounted percolator wrapped into one for a smooth hit every time. The 10 mm female connection and pure quartz bucket further add to the experience by ensuring that every hit is as flavorful as the last. The thoughtful design is sure to create hefty rips even in such a small product.

3. MJ Arsenal Royale Mini 

small dab rig for sale

Based on the popular “fab-egg” design, this dab rig includes both percolation and a higher volume to enhance airflow. The inner chambers operate as the percolator, allowing for the vapor to cool and combine with the egg shape that increases airflow. The water forces the vapor to filter again after emerging from the percolator to deliver an even smoother pull. The wide base allows for further airflow but also for additional stability that can prevent damage or other accidents.

As for other mini dab rigs, this product is about 5 inches tall, making it great for travel and convenient storage. These mini dabbing rigs also come with the added benefit of enhancing the flavor due to a smaller amount of air involved in the process.

2. MJ Arsenal Ursa Mini Dab Rig

mini dabbing rig

In a nod to some of the more classic dabbing rig designs, the Ursa Mini Dab Rig by MJ Arsenal has a number of impressive features, earning it a spot near the top of the list. This design pulls vapor through the discus percolator at the bottom of the base. The vapor is then spun in the internal chamber to further cool the vapor. This leaves the final product as a smooth hit that has a full flavor due to the smaller amount of air involved in this mini rig.

The downstem and catcher are also designed to prevent any spills that could normally occur, allowing for individuals to enjoy the experience without having to worry about a mess. This allows for a cool and compact session that offers a consistent, cool experience.

1. MJ Arsenal Titan Mini Dab Rig

best glass dab rig

Finally, rounding out this list is the MJ Arsenal Titan Mini Dab Rig. This dab rig comes with a double ball base connected perc that can make any smoking experience as smooth as possible. This enables a cooling effect that is unlike any other, allowing for a unique look coupled with functionality.

The incycler function takes the internal mechanisms and combines them with the external tubes, making it operate similarly to the recycler design. This helps to avoid interference between the drain and the percolator, creating a clear passage that enables smooth hits. 

This dab rig is also part of the line of mini dab rigs. Coming in at roughly 7 inches and a base width of 2.75 inches, this product can be easily transported and stored wherever need be. The design is another great feature that is worth bragging about. In a fully clear design and the unique way in which the smoke travels through the entire dab rig, this product provides a great look for every hit. 

Dab rigs are a great way to further anyone’s experience in the cannabis world.

By providing another way to enjoy concentrate products, these dab rigs are helping to further diversity the cannabis industry. These concentrates are great for those who want a pleasant experience but may not want to deal with actual bud. They also have different effects because they can be customized in various ways.

Concentrates are known for their smooth taste and can come in the form of a THC concentrate, live resin, honey oil, or badder, to name a few. 

However any customer prefers to enjoy their cannabis, there is no question that dab rigs are a great way to do so. The wide variety of products on the market leaves something for everyone and allows customizing the experience as deemed fit.

Ensuring that those who enjoy using cannabis products can find pieces that are affordable and of high quality is just one step to getting rid of various barriers to entry.

Some products are worth the high price point but for those who are just starting or looking to add to an existing collection, there are numerous options available. By providing more affordable options, there are fewer barriers to entry when it comes to the cannabis industry, ensuring that all who are interested can enjoy the products. 

There is a wide variety of dab rigs available on the current market.

The ability to combine these products with other ingenious designs has made the possibilities endless. These dab rigs can also include percolators and other features that help to enhance the experience even further. They also are versatile enough to add accessories that help to further personalize the experience that any customer would desire to have.

This list is focused on the main purpose of providing a smooth and pleasant experience every time, without breaking the bank in the process.

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