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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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What Are the Best Weed Pipes?

the best weed pipes

The definition of the best weed pipes will vary from person to person. While some people like simple spoon pipes made out of borosilicate glass, others prefer something a little more portable, like a genius pipe that can easily be slipped into a pocket or purse.

So before we dive into our list of the best weed pipes as well as the top 10 pipes available on Cannabox, it’s important to discuss all of the information about the best weed pipes so you can decide the type and style that’s best for you.

Read on to learn all about weed pipe types and what to look for as you shop for the best pipes for weed.

there are many different weed pipe types

What are the different weed pipe types?

There are several different types of weed pipes which we will explore in depth. The most common types are spoon pipes, bubblers, steamrollers, bongs, and one-hitters.

Spoon pipe

A spoon pipe is the most common of all marijuana pipes and is named for its shape, which is that of a fat spoon. Typically made out of glass, these pipes are smoked by loading the bowl, then lighting it with a lighter. The smoker will then plug the carb hole and inhale the smoke.

A classic glass spoon pipe is a good weed pipe, but it isn’t always the best to take on the go. While the glass it is made of is quite sturdy, it is still possible to break one if it is put in the wrong pocket or dropped on the ground.

Spoon pipes are sometimes referred to as hand pipes because of their small size and ability to fit into your hand.

a mini bubbler


A bubbler is a larger weed pipe that passes the smoke from the weed bowl through water before the user inhales. It can sometimes be referred to as a water pipe.

Water pipes are nice because they help cool down the smoke a bit before the smoker inhales, making it much less harsh on the lungs. They are usually made out of strong glass types like heady glass or thick borosilicate glass.

The only issue is these glass pipes aren’t very portable at all, and many users will find it difficult to clean them without a proper cleaning kit.

That being said, bubblers are often the preferred pipe type by beginner and seasoned smokers alike because of their ease of use and ultra-smooth hits.


A steamroller is a very fancy type of hand pipe that features a long metal tube with a weed bowl on top. The user will load enough weed in the bowl, light the bowl, then inhale through the tube.

Steamroller pipes can be made from glass or metal, and many people pick them up as their first pipe.

These pipes are very similar to a traditional spoon pipe, but they are a bit harder to use, making them less popular than other types of cannabis pipes.

There are some steamroller pipes that do make the best marijuana pipe list, however, there just aren’t nearly as many as there are other types of pipes.


Bongs are the largest of all weed pipes and are also one of the most popular due to how easy it is to have smoke sessions with them.

The user simply loads up the bowl chamber with weed, then lights it on fire. The smoke is directed through the water and out of the wide mouth into the mouth of the user. This creates a smooth smoking experience as it delivers a smoother hit thanks to the water cooling down the smoke.

Bongs are typically triangular in shape, but with a flat base, so they can sit comfortably on any base. This is not a smoking tool that you can take on the go, but it is the perfect pipe for you to leave at your desk and come home to at the end of the day.

One hitter pipes

A one hitter pipe is the type of pipe that you can only hit one time before you need to refill it again. These pipes are much smaller than the classic spoon pipe and can be metal pipes or made out of glass.

But even though some are made out of glass, these pipes are known to be virtually indestructible, making them ideal for someone who needs to smoke on the go.

One hitters lack a deep bowl, instead featuring a small tray for loading the weed. This is what creates the limitation that they can only be smoked a single time before needing to be refilled.

There also is no water element to provide a smooth hit, but what these lack in comfort, they make up for with their portability. One hitters are perfect for stealth smoking as they are basically the size of blunts. There are certain versions of one-hitter pipes that are even referred to as glass blunts.

These pipes are also inexpensive, making them the best cannabis pipe for someone who wants to get into smoking but doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on a large weed pipe just yet.

Sherlock pipes/Gandalf pipes

Sherlock and Gandalf are two mythical characters who are famous for smoking pipes on the screen. While they smoke different materials, they both share the same style of pipe.

The Gandalf/Sherlock style hand pipes are both long, featuring a long tube the smoke must travel through to reach the mouth of the user. They both also have a herb chamber at the end where dry herb can be loaded and lit.

These pipes are very delicate and do not lend themselves to easy cleaning. They can also be more difficult to find and typically need to be bought in a store that sells weed pipes online.

While you will look cool smoking out of this pipe, we definitely recommend a more traditional pipe for a beginner smoker.

the best bowl for weed varies based on personal preference

What to look for in a weed pipe

Now that you know the different types of weed pipes, it’s time to discuss what you should look for as you shop for a new pipe. Remember that the best pipe is a highly personalized thing, so you should take these recommendations as suggestions to help discover the best pipe for you.


The most important aspect of finding the right pipe for you is the size of pipe. Whether you want a small pipe or a large pipe will severely restrict your options.

For example, if you want a small pipe that you can take with you on the go, then the best marijuana pipes for you will either be a one-hitter, a steamroller, or a glass hand pipe, as these are the only pipes that can travel.

If you plan to smoke mostly at home, then you will find that size likely isn’t an issue, and you can go for a classic glass pipe like a bong or bubbler.


Besides just size, you also need to look at the material the pipe is made out of. A glass weed pipe with a glass core and glass bowl will not be nearly as sturdy as a pipe that is made out of metal.

If you do want to travel with your pipe and have your heart set on something made out of glass, you should consider getting a silicone sleeve for it to help protect the glass pieces from breaking accidentally.

Note that you should never try to make your own case or cover for your weed pipe, as these need to be heat resistant and are best purchased from a company that is able to test them before you buy them.

Also, keep in mind that when it comes to weed pipes, cheaper isn’t always better, as quality glass will last far longer than cheap glass and save you from needing to buy another new pipe in a month or two.

Smoking Style

If you have been smoking weed for a while, you likely already have an idea of your smoking style. You either prefer cool smoke which has passed through water or don’t mind the feeling of the hot smoke going directly into your lungs.

Beginner smokers often find it more pleasurable to smoke weed that has been cooled prior to inhalation. This typically limits them to bubblers or bongs, which can also be a bit difficult to take on the go. In these cases, the best weed pipe might actually be a weed pen.

Cleaning Requirements

Another thing to keep in mind as you shop is how much time you want to spend cleaning your weed pipe. Most weed pipes require some form of cleaning tool, whether it is a long brush for a hand pipe or a specially shaped scrubber for a bong.

You will want to ask and be informed before you buy as to what sort of care your weed pipe will require. The last thing you want to do is purchase a pipe that you aren’t able to clean.


Unfortunately for weed smokers, even with the best pipes, you need to buy some smoking accessories in order to enjoy smoking them. This is because there is no weed pipe that comes with an ash catcher and smoking weed produces a lot of ash.

Beyond just an ash catcher, you will also need a grinder to prepare the weed, as well as a case to carry it in if you plan to take it on the go. Some specialty pipes, like bubblers, may even require loading tools to pack the weed bowl properly with pipe weed.

Therefore, no matter what weed pipe you plan to buy, you need to consider the additional accessories you will need to purchase before you buy.

there are several aspects that make a pipe best for smoking weed

What makes a pipe the best for smoking weed?

There are a few different qualities that make a pipe the best, and these have to do with the price you pay, the quality of the pipe (how long it will last), and the style of the pipe. But of course, these are all highly individualized as you may be willing to spend much more on a weed pipe than your friend is. So how do you know what is the best pipe for weed?

The best pipes for weed all have something in common, and that is that you enjoy smoking weed out of them for your entire smoking session. Thus, as long as you are happy, then any pipe you buy can be considered the best pipe for weed.

This obviously makes it a bit difficult to shop for weed pipes, as your opinion might be different than anyone else’s, which is why we recommend buying more than one weed pipe to rotate between until you find your perfect fit.

Then, in the future, as you shop for weed pipes, you will know exactly which one is the best for you.

the best pipes for weed

The best pipes for weed

Although the best pipes for weed vary from person to person, we can still discuss the highest-rated weed pipes on the internet. Below are the top three pipes weed smokers recommend.

Chillum pipe

This Chillum pipe was created by Grav Labs and is the epitome of convenience. Not only do you have a handheld pipe that can go with you wherever you go, but you also have a grinder and storage shell all in one hand-sized device.

It even comes with a built-in cleaning pin, so you won’t need to buy any additional accessories to get this pipe clean. When you are done smoking, simply put the device in its carrying pouch, which is also a keychain that can be strapped to any backpack or purse.

Available at a mid-range price point and in many colors, it’s clear to see why this pipe is a favorite.

Genius Mini pipe

Similar to a Path Pipe, a Genius Mini pipe is a small pipe that looks like a stick of metal. Because it isn’t made of glass, you can pack it to take it anywhere without worry.

This pipe is a one-hitter, meaning it only holds a small amount of weed. But, while you’ll need to reload it frequently, this pipe is so discreet you can enjoy it almost anywhere.

While it is a bit pricey, this pipe is quality, meaning it will last you for years to come. The only downside is that you will need to grab a cleaning kit to clean this pipe.

Freeze Pipe

A freeze pipe is a special type of hand pipe where the smoke passes through a glass coil of frozen liquid before it reaches the mouth of the smoker. This results in a hit that is ice cold rather than warm, preventing the user from overheating on a hot day.

The cool smoke also helps to keep the user from feeling the burn in their lungs or throat as they smoke. This unit isn’t too expensive and is easy to clean.

The only downside is you do have to store this pipe in the freezer before use. This means it may not be ideal for someone who travels frequently with their pipe. It also is not the most durable because it is made out of glass.

But, for a smoking session at home, this pipe is a treat!

Want to see more of our top-performing pipes? Scroll down to see the top 10 rated pipes on our site!



  1. Add Some Art to Your Smoke: Keith Haring Spoon Pipe
    Keith Haring Spoon Pipe - red

    Inspired by Keith Haring’s well-known art, this borosilicate glass pipe offers a superior take on the classic hand pipe. The pipe has a flat mouthpiece and wide-rimmed base so it is perfect for beautiful display and functional use. Haring’s designs are hand-applied to the neck of the piece for a delicate touch of his artistry. An ergonomic grip, unique style, and heat-resistant designs make it ideal for everyday use. For the art-loving smoker or anyone who appreciates a touch of the ’80s in their smoke, Keith Haring’s Glass Pipe is an excellent choice. 

    • Pros: The durable Keith Haring Spoon Pipe displays iconic artwork using hand-applied, heat-resistant designs. 
    • Price: $45.99
    • Brand: Keith Haring Glass

  2. Smoke anywhere: Session Goods Pipe
    Session Goods Pipe Charcoal

    With portability and a completely unique shape, this hand pipe by Session Goods is as individual as it is practical. Made from black-tinted borosilicate glass for a smoother smoke, it’s ready to go with you anywhere. The cannabis pipe can sit upright or lay on its side with stability and ease. Aside from the versatile shape, the most unique feature is the pipe’s carrying case. The Session Goods pipe includes a silicone sleeve with a steel keyring for ultimate portability. Attach the keyring to your purse or belt loop to bring the protective sleeve and pipe with you, anywhere. With a unique, cone-shaped look and the best features for travel, the Session Goods weed pipe is a perfect selection for an active smoker.

    • Pros: The piece includes a silicone sleeve carrying case you can attach anywhere to make sure you always have your pipe on hand. 
    • Price: $39.99
    • Brand: Session Goods

  3. Enjoy a morning hit: The puffco cupsy coffee cup
    Puffco Cupsy Coffee Cup Bong Open


  4. Take it Back to Basics with a Sturdy Piece: Cannabox Heavy Spiral Rasta Hand Pipe
    Cannabox Spiral Rasta Hand Pipe

    A Spiral Rasta design and intensely big bowl size take this hand pipe from basic to extreme. Made from heavy glass for the most durability, it can weather whatever you toss at it (or toss it at). At 5 inches long, it’s compact enough to bring with you on travel but large enough to act as your main piece. With a simple yet intricately painted design, the weed pipe is striking. Built for durability and stability, the pipe is ideal for clumsy smokers or anyone who likes a solid piece. The classic look might remind you of your first favorite bowl, so it’s also a fun trip down memory lane with an updated rendition. Going for $19.99, it’s a snag for a long-lasting addition to your collection. 

    • Pros: The Spiral Rasta Bowl has a classic look and a heavy-duty body to make it extra functional and affordable. 
    • Price: $19.99
    • Brand: Cannabox

    • Pros: The GRAV Labs bubbler is very versatile – compact for easy travel with three ways to use, it’s the perfect multi-purpose piece.
    • Price: $37.99
    • Brand: GRAV Labs

      Smoke or Dab with a Pocket-sized Piece: GRAV Labs Conical Pocket Bubbler Hand Pipe
      Grav Conical Bubbler
      BUY NOW

      If you can find a more compact bubbler than this, then I applaud you. At only 2.5 inches, this is a pocket-sized bubbler you can bring with you anywhere. It’s incredibly versatile. The GRAV Labs Conical Pocket piece works with any 10mm quartz banger for oil or 10mm flower bowl. Or, it can even be used as a joint or blunt bubbler. Three ways to enjoy, all in one compact piece. For a multi-purpose pocket piece, it’s also very reasonably priced. This is a perfect pipe for weed or your favorite dry herbs with a range of options for use. For an always active smoker or one who loves to change things up, this piece can offer variety in one small shape. 

  5. Enjoy a Luxurious Smoke: Cannabox Champagne Hand Pipe
    Cannabox Cannapagne Champagne Handpipe

    An elegant rendition of a champagne bottle, Cannabox mixes two kinds of class with this piece. Simple in form, it’s a basic hand pipe, though it looks anything but. Modeled after a champagne bottle, it takes a punny Cannapagne approach. Standing at 6 inches tall, it’s compact enough for mobile use but can also act as a permanent addition to your display accessories. It also has a flat bottom so it can stand tall like your other champagne bottles. The Cannapagne bowl hits like a charm, without losing any functionality for style. It costs less than a real bottle of good champagne, so you can decide if you want to spend your weekend with champagne or Cannapagne. The transparent green and gold foil label make it beautiful in any lighting. It also includes a perfectly-sized bowl so you can decide on how much Cannapagne you want to drink tonight. 

    • Pros: The Cannapagne weed pipe offers a sophisticated way to smoke your flower, built for durability and display. 
    • Price: $29.99
    • Brand: Cannabox

  6. Steamroll Discreetly and Easily: GRAV Labs
    GRAV Steamroller Glass Hand Pipe

    Another classic from GRAV Labs, this portable steamroller makes it easy to smoke on the go. An inverted mouthpiece to catch ash and a discreet size make it the perfect quick hit. It’s about 5 inches long, so you can easily slide it in your pocket for a night out, or add it to your adventure bag. It also has stabilizing glass feet so you can leave it on any surface without fear of it rolling off. One other advantage of this GRAV Labs Glass Pipe is the range of bowl sizes it offers. Because you can fit anything from one hit to a party bowl in the versatile chamber, it’s perfect for any smoker, new or experienced. Simply choose the ride you want to have and pack your bowl, then smoke, dab, or hit a joint with ease. At such a low price, the mini steamroller is the way to go. 

    • Pros: The pipe is an inexpensive choice for an ashless, compact steamroller that will hit like something twice its size.
    • Price: $12.99
    • Brand: GRAV Labs

  7. Take a Road Trip to the 1960s: Cannabox Vintage Bus Hand Pipe
    Cannabox Vintage Bus Pipe

    The Vintage Bus Hand Pipe flashes a vibrant green color and realistic van design. It might even remind you of your favorite toy car from back in the day. The huge chamber lets you extend every hit for a consistently full smoke. It hits like a steamroller so you can pass it around or take yourself on a trip. Pack it as fully as your old road trip van, or just add a one-hit for a quick smoke. It may look fragile, but it can take more beatings than your uncle’s vintage van. The van hits from the tailpipe as a unique mouthpiece, and a quality carb adorns the front of the bus. With a low price, it’s a snag for a piece that no one else will have in their kit. Such a special pipe will have friends asking where you got it when you share it with your road trip crew. Or, enjoy it solo as an ode to the good old days.

    • Pros: The Cannabox Vintage Bus Hand Pipe packs the punch of a steamroller with a van-style look.
    • Price: $24.99
    • Brand: Cannabox

  8. Relish in Quality Materials: Marley Natural Glass and Walnut Spoon Pipe
    Marley Natural Spoon Pipe

    Marley Natural is known for its modern takes on classic wood smoking accessories. This premium weed pipe from the Black Walnut Collection maintains Marley Natural’s place in the game. Made from hand-blown borosilicate glass and black walnut wood, the piece is built for consistently smooth hits. The refined look of an almost old-timey pipe makes it an eccentric experience. With Jamaican-inspired materials and a rounded stem, the pipe is an eye-catcher. The cannabis pipe also detaches into three separate parts for easy travel and cleaning. Perfect for an active smoker or one who appreciates the classics, this pipe has a lot to offer other than its gorgeous look. Marley Natural’s inclusion of out-of-the-norm materials adds to the effect for a unique finish. 

    • Pros: Marley Natural uses materials you can feel good about for a pipe with a classic look and a smooth hit.
    • Price: $49.99
    • Brand: Marley Natural

  9. Refresh your Collection: Cannabox Lemon Hand Pipe
    Lemon Glass Pipe

    The top weed pipe for sale is the Cannabox Lemon Hand Pipe. A fresh take on your basic cannabis pipe, this lemon piece is zesty and adorable. Vibrant yellow and a delicate green leaf liven up the lemon for a beautiful interpretation. It fits perfectly in your hand for easy travel and discreet smoking, so you can bring it with you anywhere. Cannabox’s Lemon Hand Pipe can hold a hit and pack a sucker punch, though it looks more innocent than that. At $24.99 for a mini, smokeable sculpture, this piece is a snag. High praise from every reviewer and a one-of-a-kind look give it our best spot on the list. Cannabox’s Lemon Hand Pipe is more than just a novelty pipe in a cute package, it’s a quality piece that will enhance your favorite flower. 

    • Pros: The Cannabox Lemon Hand Pipe has an incredibly unique look while maintaining its quality smoke for a very low price. 
    • Price: $24.99
    • Brand: Cannabox

    Now check out all of our weed pipes for sale!

bongs are a type of weed pipe

Best Weed Pipes FAQ

What is the best bowl for weed?

The best bowl for weed will depend on your personal preference, but ideally, it should be large enough to last for your entire smoking session, as well as made out of heat-resistant material. For those unsure where to start, a glass spoon hand pipe is a good starter weed bowl.

What kind of pipe is easiest to clean?

The easiest pipes to clean are those which are made out of glass and don’t have small tubes where matter could get lodged. A glass hand pipe or a glass bong are both considered easy to clean, but you will need a special brush in either case.

Is smoking weed out of a glass pipe better?

Smoking weed out of a glass pipe is better because the glass doesn’t absorb any of the smoke or flavor of the weed. This makes it easier to clean out and means you won’t be tasting old hits every time you try a new strain of weed.


Overall, the best weed pipe for you will depend on a variety of factors, and we highly recommend getting a couple of different pipes until you discover what works best for you. Scroll down to check out our top 10 best-selling pipes. Then, once you find the one for you, be sure to grab a smell-proof bag for storing your stash a

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