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Top 10 Smell-Proof Bags

top 10 best smell proof bags for weed

It’s time to face the facts: weed can get a little bit stinky. Whether you are an occasional smoker or someone who smokes frequently, you are going to need something odor-proof to store your weed in.

Owning smell proof weed bags is essential when you like to enjoy a little weed from time to time. Not only do smell-proof bags keep your house from smelling like dried flowers, but they can also keep animals from smelling your stash.

We are going to cover all of the best smell proof bags in this article. Read on to find the best smell proof container for storing your weed.

What are smell proof weed bags?

Smell proof weed bags are containers that lock the scent of what is in the container inside. This means that you cannot smell what is in the bag from the outside.

Smell proof bags come in many different forms. One type of smell proof case looks like a small box. Others are in pouches or airtight bags that come with a zipper to keep odors firmly locked inside the bag.

Most smell proof bags take advantage of proprietary smell filtration technology to keep the scent of weed from leaking through the bag.

You may be thinking of the bags you use for food storage, but while these bags keep humans from smelling the contents, they don’t have the interior carbon lining needed to actually make them bear-proof or wild-dog-proof. So if you are taking your weed supplies camping, you will need to purchase scent-proof bags.

Do they make smell proof bags with locks?

The market has a wide variety of smell-proof weed bags, some of which do have a lock to keep the contents, including valuable items, safe. Most smell-proof bags are water-resistant and can be used for anything from storing medication to blocking the odors of marijuana products.

Adventure fans may want smell-proof bags for other reasons, which is why bag companies have invested substantial time into making smell-proof bags that are secure yet have a stylish design.

Types of smell-proof bags

No matter what smells you are trying to keep in the bag, the below products will help you to keep them under wraps. There are several different types of smell-proof bags, and we have chosen the best one in each category.

All of these products have undergone rigorous in-house testing, which is why they are labeled as the best.

Smell proof pouch

Cali Crusher Smell Proof Locking Pouch

The Cali Crusher smell proof bag uses carbon filter technology to keep all of the smells in the bag. This technology uses an activated carbon lining to absorb any internal smells before they reach the exterior, as well as an odor-proof pouch zipper to keep smells from escaping that way.

The Cali Crusher is small and perfect for camping and adventure fans who don’t want to lug a huge case around. It also locks with a key, giving your essentials maximum protection.

While it isn’t waterproof, it is water resistant and will keep your stash safe in the event of some rain. What we love about this pouch is that it is small and isn’t designed with loud colors, enabling it to pass a close search.

We consider the Cali Crusher smell proof bag to be one of the essential pieces you need to add to your collection. For more detailed information, click the title to head on over to the product page.

Smell-proof locking bag

The Scout Hardproof Locking Case

While the Scout Hardproof locking case isn’t technically a bag, it is the best smell proof bag with lock on the market.

This hard case is a completely smell proof stash box with bear-proof triple security, as the triple-layer foam is designed to block odors while also protecting any glass bongs or weed pipes you may be bringing with you. With this hard case on hand, you can rest easy knowing your stash is safe behind a combination lock.

The only downside of this locking case is that while it will keep your products secure, there isn’t much choice when it comes to colors or styles. Currently, black or green is all that is available.

Smell proof backpack

Cookies Hemp Mini Pack

The Cookies Hemp Mini Pack is a lightweight smell proof backpack that gives customers peace of mind as they carry their stash on the go. While it isn’t going to keep valuable items secure like the Scout Hardproof case, it is made of a durable material that is light weight and easy to carry.

This backpack is the right balance between style and smell-proof technology as it excels in odor containment. There are also multiple storage compartments for you to store any other weed accessories you may need to take with you.

The odor-proof bag comes in an ash gray color and has an internal pouch made of stretch mesh netting for keeping items secure while you walk that extra mile.

In 2021, stoners need not worry about traveling with premium cannabis. With the help of smell-proof bags for sale, weed lovers can bring their favorite products on the go, or keep them safely at home.

Odor-proof technology is a rapidly growing industry with modern solutions to the age-old problem of cannabis.

At Cannabox, we know all about the stress of keeping potent-smelling products safely away from nosey neighbors. We want to provide all our customers with the most innovative smell-proof technology for accessible prices.

When you choose from this selection of the best smelling bags, you can eliminate the anxiety that comes with carrying cannabis. The technology in these designs keeps odor fully locked into the bag without any lingering scent.

They’re perfect for car rides, overnight trips, and living with non-smokers. These bags protect scents from cartridges, oil, flower, edibles, pipes, and more.

Our selection of smell-proof weed bags includes the top designs from your favorite brands and up-and-comers you might not have heard of. From overnight bags to duffles to pocket-sized packs, you can find anything to fit your needs.

Here are the top 10 best smelling smell-proof bags For Sale in 2021

Top 10 Smell Proof Bags for Weed

Find the complete list of our smell proof weed bags for sale here, below are our top 10 favorites:

1. RAW Smell-Proof Backpack

An iconic brand with a stellar product, RAW brings us the first of our top ten smell-proof bags for weed. This classic backpack contains everything RAW is celebrated for – it’s stylish, comfortable, and efficient in masking smells.

RAW is known for its natural papers, cones, and other rolling accessories. But what you might not know is that the brand also has a line of smell-proof weed bags that offer the same level of quality as the brand’s papers.

This odorless backpack is the perfect size to bring on an overnight trip, vacation, or for everyday use. The 14.5” by 18.5” backpack offers multiple pockets and twin compartments for storage, allowing you to keep more than just your stash safe.

Inside, the pack uses 6 layers of odorless technology, including activated carbon, two layers of mesh, waterproof foil, and a burlap exterior. The zippers are double silicone gasketed for additional smell resistance, and the backpack itself is washable. RAW even designed this backpack with a low-key logo, so only stoners will recognize the label, without drawing the eyes of others. It’s the perfect choice for on-the-go smoking from a trusted brand.

2. GRAV Odorless Cartridge Case

GRAV Labs designs incredible glassware, including artistic bongs, rigs, and pipes. The brand doesn’t stop at just smoking accessories – it also offers this unique THC oil cartridge case for customized travel. Perfect for vape lovers, the GRAV Cartridge Case is a staple for anyone who needs to keep their carts safe.

The mini case delivers superior safety for THC and CBD cartridges. Built with a hard shell, it can comfortably fit up to seven cartridges for storage and travel. An interior foam piece includes seven indentations to safely pad any standard cartridge. In addition to the foam, cartridges are kept in place with an elastic strap. No matter where the case sits, precious cargo is never damaged.

Discretion is of the utmost importance, so GRAV Labs created the case with a smooth, neutral grey exterior. The GRAV Labs logo is similarly discreet, obvious only to fans of the brand. And, a fabric loop is attached to the top of the case for handheld carrying or clipping to a larger bag. With extreme smell-proof technology and a discreet design, the cartridge case is perfect for any vape lover.

3. Cali Crusher Smell-Proof Locking Pouch

Never again worry about nosey neighbors looking in your bag with this discreet, lockable pouch. Cali Crusher makes sure your stash is always safe with a fully smell-proof and sneak-proof carrying case. At 6” by 6”, it’s the perfect pocket or purse addition for on-the-go weed.

This weather-resistant bag is made with innovative odorless technology. It’s lined with activated carbon to trap smells, along with additional padding for that extra level of protection. Cali Crusher also designed the bag to keep your stash safe in any weather conditions (or in the case of a bong spill).

Aside from the odorless technology, this Cali Crusher pouch prevents anyone but you from seeing your stash. The reinforced zipper comes with a lock and key you can use to protect your goodies anywhere. With this feature, you’ll have an extra layer of discretion and protection, perfect for flower, dabs, vapes, edibles, and everything in between. 

Here at Cannabox, you can find this high-tech pouch in three classic neutrals – Silver, Black, and Military Green. Find the color that fits your look and begin to tote your tokes in style!

4. Revelry The Amigo Smell-Proof Hip Bag

Revelry continues to lead the industry in weed smell-proof bags with a modern line of cases and backpacks. This odor-proof hip bag is a fan favorite for its sleek style and intense protection. It’s not your mother’s fanny pack!

The Amigo is an 8” by 4.75” by 2.5” pack that rests comfortably on your hips by using a waist strap. The odor-blocking technology works by using a three-layer carbon filter system. Two outside layers of synthetic filters encompass an inner layer of activated charcoal.

Activated charcoal absorbs and eliminates smells, while the outer synthetic layers remove any lingering scents. A final layer of rubber-backed exterior ensures that no cannabis smell will escape the pack. The exterior is not only smell-proof – it’s also waterproof for the ultimate safekeeping!

Find The Amigo in four exciting neutrals – Grey, Striped Dark Grey, Smoke, and Green. The discreet fanny pack is the perfect stylish addition to any outfit. You can look cool and stay handsfree, all while carefully transporting your favorite cannabis products.

5. Cookies Hemp Odor-Proof Mini Pack

Hemp lovers will appreciate this natural mini backpack, perfect for portability and discreet travel. The 5” by 7” mini is adorable and functional for a killer design. Rounded edges and a classic slate grey color make it a stylish addition to any outfit or aesthetic.

Carrying cannabis has never been easier than with this cute and compact option. It’s the perfect in-between option for those that don’t want to lug around a duffle but need more space than a pot pouch. Instead there’s this mid-level mini backpack. It securely holds all the accessories you need – weed, lighters, bowls, pipes, papers – along with your wallet and cellphone!

The odor-proofing technology in this backpack employs carbon fiber lining for optimal security from smell. It’s also made from 100% hemp, so you can feel good about the materials you’re toting around. Two spacious zippered pockets give extra storage for your necessities, all in one lightweight and comfortable bag.

6. RAW Rolling Cone Smell-Proof Duffle Bag

A smell-proof bag in the shape of your favorite pre-rolled cones? Yes, please! RAW offers another unique design with advanced odorless technology in this cone-shaped, smell-proof duffle bag. Compact, discreet, and stylish, the RAW Rolling Cone is essential for traveling stoners.

The medium-sized Rolling Cone is 22” wide and 9” tall, so it’s easy to carry but still fits a ton of accessories. It has a clever rolled cone shape that’s tapered on one end and widens to store more goodies at the other. RAW’s iconic red logo is placed on each end and on both sides so you can display your favorite brand and catch the eyes of every stoner around. It comes in a light tan shade, similar to the color of a set of RAW papers, with black accents that give it a pulled-together finish.

Not only does the bag have a cool design, it also contains odor-blocking technology to keep your stash safe. The bag uses 5 layers of foil-lined, smell-resistant silicon to prevent odors from leaving.

With a 17” main chamber and tons of additional storage compartments, you can fit your stash along with whatever else you need to travel. A reinforced handle and detachable carrying strap finish it off for a comfortable, smell-proof carrier you can bring anywhere.

7. Revelry Supply The Scout Odor-Proof Hard Case

One of the most durable options on our list, this Revelry Hard Case is perfect for traveling with delicate glassware, pungent stashes, and all other accessories. Revelry offers the case in multiple sizes for a customized experience, all with the same promise of odorless travel.

The Scout is one of Reverly’s most celebrated products due to its revolutionary waterproof and shock-proof durability. It has a fiberglass reinforced exterior with foam inserts inside the case. The result of these two components is a powerfully secure space for even your most fragile glass bongs, pipes, and rigs.

In addition to stellar security from damage, The Scout keeps you safe from smells too. It implements the same odor-proof technology as all of Revelry’s products, complete with 3 layers of protection. A customizable nameplate, double latch closure, and hinged handle for comfort finish this case off. Find it in 5 different sizes for whatever your stash needs.

8. Cali Crusher Soft Custom Smell-Proof Weed Bag

Cali Crusher offers another lockable, smell-proof option for the safest care of your favorite goodies. Multiple storage compartments, a super secure lock, and a contemporary look put this case on our list of the top ten best smell-proof bags for sale.

The Soft Lock Case employs Cali Crusher’s innovative smell-proof technology. Using activated carbon filters and a weather-resistant exterior, Cali Crusher gives stoners a method for keeping loud ganja on the down low.

It had a compact size of 9.5” x 4” x 3.5” – ideal for popping in your purse or backpack for smell protection. The case also includes several different storage compartments with removable velcro dividers and mesh pockets. Put your weed, grinder, lighters, papers, pipes, and more in each of the pockets so you know where everything is right when you need it!

A combination lock finishes off this smell-proof case as one of the leading options for cannabis protection. Wandering eyes – or hands – can never get into the discreet case without your approval. At Cannabox, we offer this odorless case in Military Green, Silver, and Black.

9. GRAV Labs Custom Smell-Proof Weed Pouch

Active stoners will appreciate this wallet-sized pouch for compact discretion. GRAV Labs created this sleek design from vegan materials for an all around efficient case. It’s easy to travel with weed while keeping Mother Earth healthy, all with this eco-friendly pouch!

The GRAV Labs Pouch is made with durable fabric and accented with gorgeous black or brown vegan leather. It’s made with 100% carbon lining, scientifically proven to keep smells at bay. A velcro snap keeps the pouch securely closed so odors stay trapped inside. The interior holds two mesh pockets with ample room for lighters, pipes, and a stash.

In addition to an interior full of odor-proof surprises, the pouch comes with a clip-on wrist strap made from vegan leather. Use it to easily attach it to a larger bag or hold it safely in your hands. With so many features in such a small size, the pouch is ideal to travel anywhere with your favorite flower.

10. Revelry Supply The Drifter Smell-Proof Backpack

Ending our list of the top ten best smell-proof bags for weed, Revelry Supply has another portable and comfortable odorless bag. This 20” by 13” backpacker-style bag has everything you could want in a stash carrier – style, comfort, and efficiency.

The Drifter lets you live as the name suggests – drifting to and from wherever you want, without the fear of smelling up the room. Rubber-backed exterior fabric and 3 layers of odor capturing technology create a 100% scent-free traveling adventure. It’s even water-resistant for fun adventures in the rain and by the beach!

Revelry also added a locking feature to the zippers on this bag so you can stay stress free, no matter who’s around. The top roll-up compartment gives you as much space as you need to carry your cannabis goodies and any other accessories. Here at Cannabox, we offer The Drifter in 2 gorgeous styles: Marine and Aztec patterned. 

What is the best smell proof weed stash bag?

The best smell-proof weed stash bag for you will depend on your smoking style and where you plan to take your weed. Any decent stash bag will use carbon technology to block scents, and if it is a bag with a zipper, like duffel bags, it will have a silicone waterproof sealed zipper to keep water from leaking inside.

But, if we had to pick, the top smell-proof case is the Raw Rolling Cone Smell Proof Duffel Bag.

Proudly designed by Raw, this bag is a bit on the large side, but that means you can use it for your stash as well as for smelly foods. Similar to the Ryot bag of the same style, no matter what you put in it, this bag contains top-notch odor containment that won’t allow any scents to seep through.

While this isn’t as small as most dime bags, it has an internal extra grip fastener making it ideal for carrying around your more delicate weed-smoking supplies. This way, you can move your weed smoking setup to any location you like.

The best part about this duffel bag is that if you purchase it and it isn’t what you expect, it is protected by a purchase easy guarantee allowing you to return it if you don’t like the product.

Smell Proof Bags FAQ

Do smell-proof weed bags work?

Smell-proof bags do work when it comes to protecting your weed, but they aren’t all considered equal. As you shop for a smell-proof bag, ensure you get one that has carbon technology to truly absorb the scents within the bag.

What can I use as a smell-proof bag?

Unfortunately, food bags cannot be used as smell-proof bags. This is because they aren’t truly smell-proof. Instead, you should invest in a smell-proof pouch that has special technology to absorb odors.

Are there dog smell-proof bags?

There are dog smell-proof bags on the market. They tend to be expensive and are typically on the larger side. This is because it takes quite a bit of protection and smell-proof technology to keep a dog from smelling what is inside a smell-proof bag.


Overall, as a weed smoker, it is important to have a bag that is smell-proof to keep your stash safe from other people, as well as wild animals. As you shop, look for bags that are water-resistant and maybe even heat-sealable, depending on where you are planning to head. Ultimately, the best smell-proof bag for you depends on your smoking style.

If you are wondering what other essential pieces we think that most smokers should have, check out the rest of our site, where you will find a full page about the best smoking accessories. 

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