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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

UNBOXING: Cannabox February 2022 70’s

Cannabox February 2022 70's

For most of us, we’re nearing the end of the longest, coldest season of winter. And, looking forward to hotter temps, and feeling more ‘lit’. With that in mind, Cannabox is bringing the heat with this month’s cannabis subscription box – with a throwback twist.

Want to find out what cannabis accessories will inspire warm thoughts and deliver all the peaceful, groovy vibes of the past? Escape modern-day stresses with an escape to the ’70s and this far-out lineup of cannabis gear. 

Keep reading, as we break down and unbox the cannabis monthly box that’ll help you puff, puff, pass away those winter blues, and dream of more carefree times. 

Cannabox Lava Lamp Bong 

Cannabox February 2022 Lava Lamp Bong

Bright, compact, and groovy, the Cannabox Lava Lamp Bong brings the party wherever it goes. Ignite good moods, and enjoy smooth hits from this small water bong that stands just 5.5” tall at 3” wide. Equipped with a percolator inside, you’ll infuse each puff with bubbling action for flavor-enhancing, and elevated effects. 

Even cooler? 

You’ll watch as your clouds of smoke circle and swirl through the bong’s lava lamp chamber for a far-out bonus to each sesh. Impress your best buds or next sesh with this unique and extraordinary Lava Lamp Bong, which you’ll unbox in this edition of your monthly stoner box. Compatible with any 10mm flower bowl or quartz banger.

Cannabox x DabCap Collab

Ever wish you could take your dab pen to the next level? Now, you can with the Cannabox x DabCap collab! The revolutionary DabCap water pipe adapter is a simple silicone connector that allows you to plug in your vape or dab pen to any water bong or pipe. 

That’s right, add bubbling water action to any dab pen rip with the DabCap. Simply place the silicone Cannabox DabCap into the downstem of your bong, and attach your Stiiizy, Juul, Pax Pods, or most 510 thread cartridges. Then, power on the heat to enhance your inhale, and enjoy! 

With the DabCap you can take your favorite dab or vape pen, up a notch. It’s truly the one cannabis accessory, you never knew you needed but can’t live without. 

Cannabox Groovy Skeleton Shirt 

Get stoked and stoned with Cannabox’s Groovy Surfing Skeleton Shirt, the perfect piece to welcome warmer weather with. Printed on a black tee, the shirt’s one-of-a-kind design will be your favorite springtime staple and bring bright, peaceful vibes to any day you wear it. 

Hang ten, and get your lava lamp bong packed and ready for 420 with this high spirited, high fashion addition to any stoner’s threads. The perfect pair for hitting the beach, doing disco on the dance floor, or just chillin’ at the crib. 

Juicy Jay Trip Rolling Papers

Nothing says old-school more than that crisp, menthol flavor. And Juicy Jay Trip Rolling Papers delivers on all-natural, minty tastes that perfectly compliment piney, earthy and woody strains. Ideal for packing up the shaggin’ wagon, camping in the woods, or sparking up at night for a soothing slumber into sleep. 

Try a taste of Juicy Jay’s proprietary “triple-dipped” process for an intense, full flavor that’ll refresh any stoner’s repertoire of rolling goods. Make your own smoker circle, inspired by Fez, Eric, Kelso, and Donna, and add a little 70’s to your nightly seshes with these Juicy Jays. 

Clipper Trippy Leaves Lighter

Got a light? Get your groove and spark on with this ’70s inspired Clipper Trippy Leaves Lighter. This is one lighter you’ll want to keep a good eye on, as notorious lighter thieves will be thrilled to take home this aesthetically pleasing, groovy design. 

In this month’s cannabis subscription box, you’ll get one of four of Clipper’s unique ‘trippy leaves’ designs all chock-full of bright, vibrant colors and eye-catching patterns. 

And don’t worry about it running out and joining your graveyard of used, cool lighters – Clipper lighters are nifty in the fact that they’re reusable and reflinatable. Meaning, they’ll keep you lit for a lifetime. 

Skunk Lemon Hemp Wraps

Far out, man…it’s blunt time! Add a little zest to your ‘70s fest with Skunk’s Lemon Cake, terpene powered hemp wraps. Enjoy the all-natural flavor of hemp, that’s easy to roll even for beginners and smoother than smooth for hits. 

Each wrap is carefully crafted, and infused with hemp terpenes for out-of-this-world flavor. Plus, they’re slow-burning for a long and satisfying sesh. 

Cannabox Hemp Wick

Ready for more classic 70s vibes? Meet, the Cannabox Hemp Wick. Harness your inner free-flowing hippie roots with this vintage way of lighting up joints, blunts, bowls, and beyond. Just light one end of the organic beeswax hemp wick and hover the flame over the flower, wrap, or paper. 

Then, just inhale the good stuff. Hemp Wicks are all creeping up on a come-up and becoming popular all over again with modern-age stoners who dig an organic experience straight from nature. 

Cannabox Smell Proof Mylar Bag

What can we say…good weed is loud. And sometimes, you’ve got to keep it on the downlow. That’s why this month’s cannabis subscription box comes equipped with your very own Cannabox branded smell-proof mylar bag. 

Handy, convenient, and effective, you can max on your chillaxin’ with the peace of mind that your cannabis aromas are contained. Don’t be whack – put your stash in your fresh Cannabox bag, to take on the go. 

The Heat is On – Monthly Cannabis Box Edition 

As you can see…we’re packing heat in this month’s cannabis subscription box. With Cannabox, you can kick back and relax, no matter the season (or decade!), and know you’ll get the latest and greatest 420 accessories delivered direct. 

Give your mind a getaway from running out of cannabis accessories and let Cannabox hand-pick your monthly cannabis box collection, instead. 
Join the Cannabox movement and customize your own stoner box subscription, now.

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