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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

All shop orders include a FREE mystery bong ($15 min purchase) • SHOP NOW

UNBOXING: Cannabox March 2022 Baked II

Cannabox March 2022 Unboxing Baked II

You loved our first Baked Cannabox so much we whipped up a second batch just for you. This time, we’re turning up the heat with even fresher cannabis accessories to get baked with. 

Start spring off on a sweet note and check out the goodies that’ll elevate your ‘baked’ routines! Keep reading as we unwrap the March 2022 cannabis subscription box that you’ll soon be craving, too. 

Cupcake Bong

Cannabox March 2022 Unboxing Baked II Cupcake Bong

Small, and satisfying, this cone-shaped Cupcake Bong will sweeten each rip you take. At just 6″ tall, and 2.25″ wide, this mini water bong is easy to conceal, yet highly functioning with all the same elevated features of big pieces too. Inside, you’ll find a swirled cupcake showerhead percolator topped with sprinkles and a cherry. That not only adds to your stoner aesthetic but infuses each hit with refreshing water action. 

As for specs, the bowl is 10mm to pack in plenty of your favorite flower. For concentrates, the cupcake bong is also compatible with a 45 degree 10mm male banger.

Baked Shirt

Cannabox March 2022 Baked II Unboxing Baked Shirt

Show off your love for getting baked with exclusive merch. This “Baked” t-shirt is one-size-fits-all for connoisseurs who love to be comfy, cozy, and chic while reppin’ their favorite plant and pastime. Add this gender-neutral tee to any ‘fit but wearer beware – everyone’s going to be asking where you got it from, to join the Baked trend. 

Juicy Jay – Birthday Cake

Cannabox March 2022 Unboxing Birthday Cake Juicy Jay Rolling Papers

Go, shorty, it’s your birthday every day with the sweet flavors of Juicy Jay’s Birthday Cake. Roll up your extra delicious strains and double the flavor and fun with these king-size premium papers. Juicy Jay’s is well-known for its triple-dipped process that infuses papers with high levels of flavor and delivers a smooth and satisfying smoke. So, make a wish and blow out your worries one joint at a time with this nod to everyday birthday flavors. 

Skunk Hemp Wrap – Cherry Pie

Nothing beats the sweet aromas of a cherry pie baking. Except for the even more pungent good aromas of getting baked with Skunk Hemp Wraps Cherry Pie flavor. Enjoy a slice of the high life with the Skunk brand’s hemp wraps that smoke smooth and burn slow. In addition to being tobacco and nicotine-free, the wrap is enhanced with terps, and all-natural flavorings, so you can relish in the most organic way to enjoy a flavorful buzz. 

Cyclones Klear – Purple Unk or Blueberry

Keep your get-baked marathon going without the work of rolling with the Cyclones Klear Pre-Roll in Purple Unk or Blueberry. These revolutionary, transparent, plastic-like cones may look futuristic, but they come from all-natural ingredients. Their clear exterior is made with Asiatic Cotton Mallow cellulose, glycerin, and water to give you a unique view of your flower inside plus, the superior experience of slow, even, and smooth hits. In Purple Unk or Blueberry flavors, you’re treated to a multi-faceted buzz that tastes as good as it looks. 

With a handy carrying tube, just pack it up, twist it, and take your Cyclone Klear pre-roll on the go to impress your favorite smoking circle or sesh. 

Hemp Wick

Speaking of all-natural… Hemp wicks are all the latest rage to get baked with. This organic way of lighting joints, or bowls, is taking off as one of the most primal ways to apply fire to flower. Just light one end with a lighter and use the hemp wick to light up to avoid the high temperatures of lighters that can affect the taste. With hemp wicks, you’ll achieve a lower temperature of heat which helps for smoother hits and reduces your chance of burning off terpenes that boost flavor and effects. 

Fluorescent Clipper

Light your hemp wick, bong, bowl, or joints with style and this new fluorescent clipper lighter. But, keep a good eye on it, as lighter thieves will be happy to pocket one, that’s this dope. This lighter will quickly become your most flashy way of lighting up, with its easy-to-flick nature, vibrant exterior, and compact nature. 

2 Cannabox Stickers

There’s always room for one more sticker on your collaged notebook, laptop, accessories, or stash box. So, ‘rep your love for your favorite monthly cannabis box with these two eye-catching Cannabox stickers! 

Get Baked – Cannabox Style 

With March’s cannabis subscription box, you’ll get baked with sweetness and style. Unless, of course, you haven’t purchased or signed up for your own Cannabox monthly stoner box yet. 

Why not? With Cannabox, you’ll keep your selection of cannabis accessories fresh, year-round, and have the trendiest 420 accessories before they hit the shelves near you. 

Sign up for Cannabox, or sign up your favorite stoner friend or loved one as a gift now!

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