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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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What is a Carb Cap and Why You Need to Know – Your Ultimate Guide

What is a Carb Cap? How to use a carb cap

It seems like in the world of weed, there’s always a new accessory to buy. But some new accessories, like dab carb caps are more of a necessity than just an extra gadget. Carb cap dab tools are quickly becoming one of the most highly sought-after accessories on the block. So, why are they so popular among dabbers coast-to-coast? 

We’ll answer that question, and more in our ultimate guide to dab carb caps. Keep reading to learn how to elevate your game, and to find out which type of carb cap might be right for you. 

First Things First: What is a Carb Cap? 

A carb cap is more than just a stoner’s tongue twister; it’s also an essential tool for the act of dabbing. The cap serves as a “lid” for trapping dab vapors produced by nails, or bangers. The term ‘carb’ is in reference to a carburetor, which is a device that controls pressure and airflow in a car engine. 

Similarly, dab carb caps allow the consumer to control the airflow and pressure of each rip they take. Not only that, but by trapping the vapor, you can catch your breath or get rid of the coughing fits before going for your second round. This reduces the wasting of your precious concentrates and is said to enhance the flavor of dabs, too. 

If you’re an avid or beginner dabber, knowing how to use a carb cap is key to enhancing your experience overall. So, let’s explore the “how-to” of carb caps, next and learn more about how they actually work. 

How to Use a Carb Cap & How They Work 

As you probably know, to “dab,” you place your concentrate onto a heated surface, whether that be a banger or a nail. At the same time as simultaneously inhaling the precious vapors that the highly potent (and expensive!) extract emits. More often than not, your eyes may be bigger than your lungs, and there’s too much vapor to inhale. 

In that case, you’re stuck watching those precious vapors floating off into the air. That’s where carb caps come in. By placing the carb cap onto the banger or nail, the tool contains the vapor and maintains heat to preserve the hit so you can take it at your own pace. Dab carb caps are made of heat-resistant materials that allow you to place them directly onto heated glass, quartz, or ceramic surfaces. 

Some carb caps are even equipped with a small hole on the top that creates a suction-like response, allowing you to more easily inhale. This unique suction effect also enhances the way in which your concentrate vaporizes, for an even more elevated experience. How so, you may ask? By lowering the banger or nail’s interior air pressure, the carb cap essentially lowers the boiling point of the concentrate inside. 

To further understand why a dabber would desire lower temps with a carb cap for dabbing, let’s find out how low temp vs high temp dabs differ. 

Low Temp vs High Temp Dabs 

One of the biggest carb cap benefits is the tool’s ability to produce lower temperature dabs. So, what is the allure of low temp vs high temp dabs? For one, higher temps burn off some of the delicate cannabinoids and terpenes in the concentrate you choose to consume. By doing so, you can lose out on flavor and potency. 

Most dabbers use the method of heating the rig to red-hot levels and inhaling as the nail or banger quickly cools off. If you don’t dial in the heat just right, you could be subject to a sticky-icky mess from not maintaining the proper heat to melt the entire amount. This is where the low temps from the carb cap really come in handy. The tool helps to trap and maintain a well-balanced low heat, so you don’t waste any product with this common bad habit. 

Finally, over time, excessive heat can also cause damage to your banger or nail and will require more frequent replacement. So, using dab carb caps to dab at lower temperatures can lengthen the life of your other rig accessories, too. By now, you’re likely in the market for the right type of carb cap for you. Next, we’ll cover the most popular types of carb caps on the market today. 

Choosing the Right Type of Carb Caps 

Like most smoking devices and accessories, there are a plethora of options to choose from when it comes to dab carb caps. To decide what’s right for you, consider the following factors:

  • Shape & Size: Depending on the type of nail or banger you have, you’ll want a shape and size that fits snugly over it. 
  • Material:  Glass carb caps, quartz carb caps, and titanium carb caps, oh my! All three materials are highly effective at resisting heat, so the choice will ultimately come down to your aesthetic preference or what matches your current rig. 
  • Design or type: If the shape, size, and material weren’t enough to consider, you’ll need to choose what type or design will work best for you, too. Below are the most common types of carb caps you’ll find online or in-store to help you decide.
  • Directional Carb Caps: Best suited for bangers vs nails, directional carb caps help nurture the flow of each dab with an angled extender that pushes the concentrate around as you inhale. 
  • Standard Carb Caps:  Standard carb caps get the job done with function over design, and are available in a wide range of colors, materials, shapes, and sizes. 
  • Bubble Carb Caps: Bubble Carb Caps are ideal for bangers with a flat top and are designed to be easy to grip and swirl. This motion pushes the extract inside the banger, similar to directional carb caps, too. 

To finish, we’re answering one last question on everyone’s mind. Don’t bounce before you find the answer! 

Carb Cap FAQ: Do I Need a Carb Cap? 

On the topic of carb caps, one of the most frequently asked questions is, “Do I need a carb cap?” Technically, no. However, not having one in your stash may result in a waste of concentrates and money. Not to mention, by enhancing each hit with carb cap benefits, you’re getting a bigger bang for your buck each time you rip a dab. 

While carb caps aren’t absolutely necessary to dab, you’ll immediately notice a difference in the quality of your experience right off the bat. Last but not least, since different types of carb caps are highly affordable, it’s a low-cost investment to level up your dabbing game. 

Carb Caps – The Bottom Line 

To enhance your dabbing experience, and to keep up with the latest trends, it’s time to get yourself a carb cap that works best for your unique routines. With this guide, you now know how to use a carb cap, the different types of carb caps you’ll be shopping for, and whether or not you actually need one. 

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