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Cannabis Flower vs Cannabis Concentrates

Flower vs Concentrates: The Main Differences

Within the last decade, cannabis concentrates have been on the rise. Dabs and dabbing are the newest and latest thing that stoners have been interested in, and it’s innovating fast. The OG’s have always enjoyed those 6 foot bongs, the joints, and juicy blunts. But as times have been changing so has cannabis. Below we’ve gone into detail about some of the main differences between cannabis flower and cannabis concentrates.


Do you remember your first bong hit? As the flower ignites at the touch of a lighter, the bong will fill with a smokey haze. You get that very warm, thick cloud of herby and flavorful smoke. Sometimes it’s a little harsh, sometimes you get some Scooby snacks. But it’s all worth it for that relaxing high. Cannabis flower has been around for some time now, dating back it’s usage to as early as 2727 B.C. by Chinese Emperor Shen Nung. While “chronic”- hydroponic grown cannabis flower – has only been around for a couple of decades, stoners around the world have helped with the categorization of the different strains of cannabis.

Strains have various intensities, flavor profiles, and genetics that help cannabis consumers understand each of their effects on the human body. When you’re able to walk through a cultivation, you’re able to see the main differences of each plant. Strains have major cosmetic characteristics, looks and feels. While most cannabis flower smells or looks similar, the strain is very much different and has various effects on everyone. Flower has definitely been the OG for the industry and for some stoners, they only like to consume cannabis flower.


The process to make concentrates is a little different than that of growing flower, with various different types of concentrates, and processes that you may go through in order to create that concentrate. Basic shatter, batters and crumbles are made with a very elementary processes but similar methods. Versus more complicated concentrates such as diamonds, live resin, sauce or distillates are made with a very different extraction method. But overall most concentrates are highly potent and a little more expensive than of basic high-quality top shelf flowers.

Of course when smoking concentrates the process is very different than that of a bong or joint. You’ll need a dabbing device, usually a rig or vaporizer, in order to get a high enough temperature to ignite the dab material. Most people use a quartz banger and glass rig in order to property consume concentrates. This ritualistic process requires a more experienced stoner with proper tools and heating methods in order to fully enjoy the dabbing session. For beginners we suggest starting out with a portable dabbing devices such as the Puffco Peak, for an easier and cleaner dab smoke.

Now that we’ve explained it a little, which do you prefer: Cannabis Flower or Cannabis Concentrates?

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