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Glass Pipes for When You’re on the Go

Traveling with cannabis is no easy feat. For starters, you need to check up on your local state laws and the laws of where you’re traveling to. And if you’re going by plane, it might be a little risky even if you just bring edibles, a vape, or a glass pipe.  

But if you’re just on a road trip with your buddies or heading to the beach this weekend for a family get together, then your options are a little more open. 

Sure, you could do your best at sneaking your favorite bong onto your dad’s 4Runner, but chances are it’s not going to make it through the bumpy road ahead unless it’s stored properly. 

Then there’s the good old-fashioned joint and Swisher Sweet Blunt. This is always a great way to smoke on the go because it’s easy to carry and you’re guaranteed a fresh smoke every time. They’re very versatile, giving you the choice to grind up some flower and roll your joints fresh or roll them in advance with your favorite flavored wraps and rolling paper. 

But if you’re looking for something a little more intense that’s sure to send you to space and back, then you’re going to need a little more fire power. 

If you’re doing some last-minute research on the best way to smoke your weed on the road, then I’ll save you the trouble and give you a quick list of some portable glass pieces you can find at your local smoke shop or dispensary. 

  1. Spherical Pocket Bubbler Hand Pipe
  2. Road Trip Bus Hand Pipe
  3. Sesh Suppy Glass Blunt

Now let’s dive into these different glass pipes to improve your smoking experience when you’re out for travel and on the go! 

One Hitters

Let’s start off with the gem, the One-hitter, named after its style of smoking: just one hit! 

Now, these glass pipes, also called chillums, are about the size of a fountain pen, making it discreet and easy to carry in your pocket. But be careful how you sit or what you lean against, because you could end up breaking your glass!

A one-hitter is perhaps one of the easiest ways to spark up your grass just about anywhere. If you’re traveling, make sure you have your shake ready in an air-tight container like a Juicy Jay Jar. This will make it easier to load up as many bowls as you need to reach the high you like. 

Then just load, load, load and enjoy the hits of your favorite Indica strains

Glass Hand Pipes

If you’re looking for something a little bigger for more smoke and better hits, then you’re going to want a glass hand pipe. 

Hand pipes are one of the most common ways to smoke weed mainly because they’re great for portable use and can serve as a storage container for your cannabis. 

They don’t require any water or set-up like bongs of the same size, but they still deliver an intense high that will leave you with a case of the giggles if your up in smoke with Sativas

You can find hand pipes at your local dispensary in many different shapes and sizes and even with custom themes for your smoke days.  


Now if you’re the kind of stoner that is willing to chug along their 3-foot bong anywhere they go, it’s time to save you some trouble. 

Start by imagining that a bong and a hand pipe had a baby that was in both of their images.  You’d have a new hybrid glass pipe, the size of a hand pipe but with smooth hits and clean smoke of a bong.

This is among one of my favorite cannabis accessories and one that should be a part of every cannabis kit. 

With a name like bubbler, it has the same water filtration of a bong and provides cleaner smoke by creating bubbles when you’re ripping it. It also comes in different styles like Hammer and Sherlock so you can enjoy your weed in a classic way. 

If you love the clean and intense high of a bong, then you can’t go wrong with a bubbler. All you’ll need on your travels is your favorite strain, a water bottle, a lighter, and you’re good to go! 

But if you just can’t stay away from bongs, check out our buyers guide for detailed information to help you expand your smoking sessions with new cannabis experiences. 

Glass Blunts

Here’s for all the cannaseurs that enjoy smoking their weed from a blunt.

A glass blunt is a modern way to enjoy the smoking style of a blunt. They’re bigger than one-hitters and are meant for smokers that want a lowkey method to smoking some quick bud with the homies before a night out at the club.  

Perfect for weed lovers that like unique and custom designs, these glass pipes come in many different styles that you can find at a smoke shop near you or online. One of the best I’ve seen is the Twisty Glass Blunt Mini, a revolutionary glass blunt that allows you to smoke like a blunt and store your weed!

The glass blunt also saves your fingers and lips from getting burned because of its durable design and material. You’ll be able to take as many hits as you like without wasting herb and your glass blunts will last time and time again after each and every rip. 

One thing is for sure, glass pipes and bongs have been shown to be among the best material to smoke your cannabis out of. It’s easy to clean (all you need is alcohol), provides big rips, and is limitless when it comes to taking tokes late into the night. 

If you’re worried that summer is coming to an end, then you might need to take another hit because we’re still in the sunny days! In fact, tune in on August 20th for the drop of our new theme this month, Soda Shop, where you can get an exclusive glass water pipe to help liven your smoking sessions with some infused drinks!

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