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GRAV Helix Bongs and Helix Technology For 2020

Happy 2020 Cannaseurs! We’re rolling into the new year with the excellent lineup of GRAV Helix bongs and pipes to elevate your smoking experience at the beginning of the new decade.

If you’ve been smoking for a while you’re probably somewhat familiar with the iconic bongs that spin and transform your marijuana smoke into a tornado show. I first learned about Helix bongs when one of my co-workers showed me a YouTube video of a Helix bong spinning smoke inside its chamber while some stoner dude ripped it for show.

Helix Bongs and Pipes

There are two manufacturers that create these art pieces that efficiently burn your herbs and provide a visually stunning show. Together they created a technology designed to enhance the smoking experience.

On one side you have GRAV Labs and on the other American Helix. Both sell Helix glass that cuts down on plant matter waste and puts a spin on your herb’s smoke.

Here’s some Helix glass by GRAV for a look at the venturi chamber (named after the Venturi Effect) that creates this iconic spin.

GRAV Helix Technology and the Venturi Chamber

The tornado show you enjoy from ripping a glass bong with a venturi chamber is specially designed. It features a broad funnel with three evenly spaced holes that pull air in when smoke enters into the chamber as you’re toking.

The smoke is then mixed with the air into a helix-looking spinning column that gives the helix bong and pipe its name. This technology cools the smoke making it easier on your lungs given that they weren’t designed to take an excess amount of smoke and plant particles directly.

In turn you save more money by using less herb and you elevate your smoking experience with better filtration and functionality. It’s no wonder that Helix is one of the most popular brands that stoners love.

I mean it’s left so many stoners with the ability to wow everybody at the kick back with a sweet spiral action show. All without breaking the piggy bank.

Interested in a spinning show every time you burn some herb? Start spinning away with some of this awesome Helix glass products from Cannabox!

Grav Labs Helix Straight Base Bong

When you first load up the Helix straight base bong by Grav Labs, you’ll be hit with smooth smoke that is cooled almost instantly. Every hit is cooled both by the helix chamber that spins your smoke and by the water that sits at the base.

This glass Helix bong stands at 9” tall and features a built-in diffused down stem. The pinched neck in the middle is what create a tornado by spinning the smoke. You’ll love watching the helix top chamber fill up with creamy white smoke.

You also don’t have to worry about setup because the Helix water pipe comes ready to rip with a 14mm funnel bowl to get your sessions started without hassle. It’s sleek design also only requires approximately 2″ of water to deliver smooth smoke every time you inhale.

Grav Helix Beaker Water Pipe Bong

Next on our list of Helix products is the Helix beaker water pipe bong by GRAV Labs. It stands at 9” Tall with a showerhead down stem that diffuses smoke along with 3 intake air holes that help spin the smoke and cool for smoother hits.

Included with the Helix Beaker water pipe is a 14mm Helix Taster bowl to make it easier to get started. Just add some water from a water bottle and you’re good to go! Something small can pack a punch and the Grav Helix Beaker water pipe bong is the stoner proof.

Now at first price glance this might set a few stoners back, but it’s crafted with the best materials for superior quality and performance. The GRAV Helix technology comes unmatched with the water pipe bong.

Get yours today!

Grav Helix Steamroller

Here’s a beautiful glass masterpiece that provides you with some of the smoothest and most entertaining hits you’ve ever had.

The Helix Steamroller fits perfectly in your palm and rips smoothly with a show you’ll love to watch again and again. Behind the stunning tornado show is the venturi chamber that features three air intake holes that chill and spin your smoke on 25mm tubing.

You’ll be able to take large hits without coughing because of the Helix technology designed in the glass pipe. A new favorite at any beach party with any kind of stoner that loves cool and easy smoking.

At 6” long, you’ll receive five large Helix™ Steamrollers with two feet that are designed to stabilize the piece between each smoking use. You won’t need anything other than the Helix so save your water for drinking and get to toking.

Enjoy the smoke tornadoes you create in your Steamrollers with your buddies for an entertaining afternoon or wake and bake.

To Helix or Not to Helix?

Now as you go through this list you might be wondering if the Helix technology is even worth it. Aside from the awesome show you’ll get every time you decide to spark up you’ll also give your throat a well needed break.

It’s easy to forget that our lungs aren’t designed to take much smoke and really shouldn’t be scorched by hot temperatures and burnt plant matter 24/7. Bongs do a great job at alleviating these effects by cooling the smoke among touch and deliver a smooth hit that is easier on your throat.

These Grav Labs bongs have the benefit of featuring Helix technology that aids in filtering and cooling your smoke with the water at the base for the best smoking experience you can get with glass water bongs. So if you really want to treat your throat a Grav Labs bong will only leave you happy and dazed.

That’s if for this time 2020 stoners and cannaseurs. Stay tuned for our next few posts as we hit off the new year with a new decade with Cannabox products and accesories!

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You’ll also be joining our sweet
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