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Puffco Peak Pro Review: Is it worth the upgrade?

Puffco Peak Pro Review

If you’ve stuck with an old school rig and torch and you’re not pleased with the results, perhaps it’s time to shift to the new Puffco Peak Pro. The original Peak was introduced in 2018 and proved to be a game-changer in the vaping industry.

The Peak Pro hit the market in November 2020 and features the original design but with some vital upgrades, including wireless charging, a new heating element, and real-time temp control. The Peak Pro exhibits unrivaled performance and efficiency compared to related devices in the market.

The device is compatible with all forms of concentrate including (but not limited to) wax, shatter, or live rosin.. Next are some of the major improvements to Peak Pro.

Technical Specifications and Features

  • Size: 17.7cm x 6.98cm/ 7″ High and 2.75″ Base
  • Temperature range: 232°C-316°C
  • Weight (in grams): 219
  • Water filtration: Yes
  • Temperature presets: 4 temperature presets
  • Battery: 1700mAh
  • Battery life: 30 sessions
  • Battery recharge time: 2 hours
  • LED light patterns: 4
  • Bluetooth compatibility
  • Customizable RGB options
  • Wireless charging
  • Auto-sleep function
  • Life display

Wireless Charging

Puffco Peak Pro Power Dock LEDs

Unlike the Puffco Peak, the Puffco Peak Pro features wireless charging at an extra fee of $120. Since the device’s price is $400, expect to pay over $500 for the shipping and the charging dock.

Alternatively, you can opt to avoid the dock if you’re worried about the price. The Peak Pro can be charged via a USB-C cable or wirelessly. The power dock is one of the Peak Pro’s most outstanding features as it can double up as a conventional power bank for powering other electronics.

Real-Time Temperature Control

Real-time temperature control is one of the most innovative upgrades in the Peak Pro. This feature enhances your smoking experience by offering smoother hits and consistency. A new sensor has been fitted in the atomizer for better temperature control regardless of how you use the gadget or the amount of oil you add.

Better Control with the App

Peak Pro comes with a smartphone app that you can download from Play Store. It’s available for Android devices, although you can still use it on iPhones via a Bluetooth enabled browser. You can use the app to monitor battery life and hits. The app offers luxury features absent in other devices and gives users extensive control of the device.

Hard Shell Travel Case

Puffco Peak Pro Case OpenPuffco Peak Pro Case

The Peak Pro travel case has been enhanced. Although it’s still a hard-shell case, it comes with an added handle on top and a magnetic clasp. The case includes storage spaces for the power cord, cotton swabs and other small accessories.

In this new Peak v version, you don’t have to take the glass off; it slides into a custom fit mold. The case also includes two compartments for the carb cap and the dab tool.

Vapor Quality

The Peak Pro comes with a noticeable improvement in consistency and vapor quality. The bubbler features a higher water level that increases the smoothness. You can increase the temperature or extend the session time for a better experience. The atomizer is locked in a ceramic bowl that can’t be changed, unlike in the original Peak.


In Peak Pro, the atomizer has been fully redesigned, resulting in a closed system. This means you can’t change the bowl or disassemble the atomizer if you want to repair it. Also, you can’t torch the bowl clean. However, this can be a deterrent to anyone who wants to repair or upgrade the coil or clean the bowl.

The ceramic bowl is 40% larger than the bowl in the original model, meaning you can do bigger dabs, and the risk of overloading the atomizer is lower. Overall, the atomizer in Peak Pro has a different connection and is bigger.

The new atomizer has three built-in sensors that allow you to monitor the bowl’s temperature continually. This means the atomizer will maintain the set temperature regardless of the load size or other variables.

The atomizer also comes with a new oculus carb cap. This carp may break or get lost. It features angled airflow for terp pearls to spin it. In the new model, the carb cap window is smaller and enclosed in a deep space, which means you’ll see the light if you shine it in there.


The original Puffco Peak lacks customization, something that has been addressed in the Peak Pro. You can now adjust the LED lighting to your preferred color, which shows at the glass and the base.

You can even do a complete color change with its disco mode or let the lights strobe in wave mode. But when you want to just chill out, you can just turn the lights off completely.

This new Peak comes with a taller glass mouthpiece that supports a higher water line and enhanced filtration and cooling of dabs. But still, old peak glass attachments will still function optimally in the new Peak, which is the only dimensional difference between the two.

Puffco Peak Vs. Puffco Peak Pro

Puffco Peak vs Peak Pro

The original Peak and Peak Pro share the same weight and height and are easy to use and maintain. This notwithstanding, the new model has some significant improvements, which include:

  • The new model is smartphone app compatible.
  • In the Peak Pro, the heating coil is 40% larger than in the original model.
  • Peak PRO includes a USB-C charger as opposed to a micro-USB in the previous version. This means the Pro version’s charge time is shorter. In addition, it’s compatible with wireless charging.
  • In the Peak Pro, the water bubbler is larger, meaning it can store more water, resulting in enhanced filtration and cooling of dabs.
  • We have an Oculus carb cap in the new model, unlike a carb carp in the original version. This means you can monitor ingredients in the bowl better.
  • Also, we have a few more improvements to the Peak Pro’s design, including a matte shell rather than a shiny shell in the original Peak.

Final Thoughts

Puffco Peak Review

The Peak Pro is a worthy investment for any vaping enthusiast. At $400, you can get one of the best vaping gadgets with enhanced features and looks.

One of its core features is real-time temperature control, which allows you to maintain precise temperatures in the bowl. This significantly helps to increase vapor quality and efficiency. In this case, nothing goes to waste, and you get optimal flavor + consistency always.

The Peak Pro can be used by any dab lover, from beginners to experienced users. This new Puffco is an amazing overall portable vaporizer, and its smartphone app allows complete customization of any aspect of the Peak. Shop the Pro here today.

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