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The Ultimate Cannabis 2020 Gift Guide

2020 Ultimate Stoner Gift Guide

We are quickly approaching the holidaze! With Christmas right around the corner, it’s time to start searching for the perfect presents for the special people in your life. The process of Christmas shopping is completely different this year and avoiding crowds and long lines is more important now than ever. As our world and reality are constantly changing, safe shopping is crucial. Despite the changes we are all facing, Cannabox continues to provide cannabis constant in this world of uncertainty. You can do all of your Christmas shopping in the comfort of your living room with custom products for every cannabis connoisseur one click away.

For the Cannabis Tech Lovers

If you’re looking for a geeky gift for the techy stoner in your life, Cannabox has the best high-tech smoking devices. Whether you’re looking for the most advanced vaporizer or a smart electronic rig, Cannabox has it all and then some. Our Cannabox team of experts is always up to date on the newest products and innovations that influence the ever-changing cannabis culture. If you’re discontent with your blowtorch and the long process of heating the traditional dab rig, then check out all of these modern gift ideas.

Puffco Peak Pro

Cannabox 2020 Gift Guide: Puffco Peak Pro

Being one of the newest editions to the Puffco Peak collection, the Puffco Peak Pro has been crafted with the latest smart rig technology, making it more advanced than any other smart dab rig on the market. At the touch of a button, your premium concentrates and oils will be evenly heated at your heating preference, and you’ll be hitting fat dabs in a matter of seconds. Equipped with Bluetooth app capacity for temperature changing, wireless charging, LED lights with pulse, wave, and disco settings, this rig will create a smoking experience that you have never experienced. After hitting the effortless Puffco Peak Pro, you’ll be sure to abandon the annoying blowtorch and messy process of traditional dabbing for good.

Firefly 2 Plus

Cannabox 2020 Gift Guide: Firefly Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Firefly 2 Plus is one of the most advanced vaporizers available. Produced from the same high-grade alloys used on NASA spaceships, you can guarantee this vaporizer is sturdy and durable. Another high-tech feature of this device is the free smartphone app that allows the user to modify the airflow and temperature, all at the touch of their smartphone. Portable dabbing has never been so easy and efficient!

OTTO Auto Grinder by Banana Bros

OTTO Grinder by Banana Bros

The OTTO Auto Grinder showcases the most modern technology in the cannabis industry, as the world’s first automatic smart rolling machine. Although this device may look small with its sleek design, it can roll a whopping 20-30 joints per charge, providing endless smokes for any session. This smart grinder will transform bud to perfectly rolled joints in a matter of seconds, all at the push of a button. Not only is this grinder crafted with dual capabilities, but it also boasts of the o-funnel; a spill-free, transparent cone tube that displays your doobie as it fills with flower. There’s no reason to worry about this grinder unleashing the dank perfumes of your herb either, thanks to its airtight seal. Elevate your smoking experience and let the OTTO Auto Grinder break down your weed and roll all of your joints for you. 

Magical Butter Herbal Extraction Machine – Make Edibles

Cannabox 2020 Gift Guide: Magical Butter Herbal Extraction Machine

The Magical Butter Extraction Machine is a fantastic choice for the stoney chef in your life. Ready in as little as one hour, your infused butter, oils, tincture and concentrates will be sure to heighten any meal or snack. This is the perfect Christmas gift for the edible lover in your life. The Magical Butter Extraction Machine creates cannabutter quickly, without the mess or confusion of complicated recipes.

Dr. Dabber Switch

Cannabox 2020 Gift Guide: Dr. Dabber Switch Vaporizer

The Dr. Dabber Switch is a top-of-the-line vaporizer, with 25 calibrated heat settings for oil and flower. This dual-use vaporizer provides smooth, flavorful hits by using induction heat technology that evens the temperature for every pull. Another quality addition of this vaporizer is its self-cleaning mode for simple and easy maintenance.

Stocking Stuffers Under $30

Christmas time can definitely break the bank when shopping for several people, but not with Cannabox! Whether you’re playing Santa or just looking for that perfect stocking stuffer, you can easily peruse the wide variety of great gifts for under $30. 

Cannabox Octopus Bong

Cannabox August 2020 Octopus Bong Blue

Cannabox has so many custom pieces, but one the most popular pipes is the Octopus bong. Even though this tentacled mini bong is only 4 inches tall, the Octopus bong packs mighty hits in every pull. This cute-creatured water pipe will put a smile on anyone’s face and is a must have for collectors. 

Cannabox Smokey the Stoney Ghost Bong

Cannabox Smokey the Stoney Ghost Bong

Even though you may be shopping for Christmas, this Halloween edition custom bong is a classic all year long. Smokey the Stoney Ghost bong reaches only 5 inches tall, making this ghostly bong easily handheld and portable. Featuring glow-in-the-dark eyes, this bong will be sure to surprise any stoner, day or night. 

Grav Smell Proof Pouch

Cannabox 2020 Gift Guide: GRAV Labs Smell Proof PouchThe Grav Smell Proof Pouch is one of the best smell proof pouches, featuring environmentally conscious black or brown vegan leather accents. This pouch is roomy, with two mesh pockets providing more than enough room for your stash, pipe, lighter and even some munchies. The inside of the pouch is made of 100% carbon lining, creating even more security to keep your stash from smelling.

RAW Metal Ashtray

RAW Ashtray Round

Every stoner needs a classic ashtray and RAW provides one of the best. With a circular design, you can be sure that this ashtray will hold all of your blunts and joints. So make your session between you and friends easier and puff, puff, pass with this iconic RAW metal ashtray.  

Gifts For Him


Session Goods Bong

Cannabox 2020 Gift Guide: Session Goods Bong

The Session Goods bong is breathtakingly simplistic, with a sleek design allowing this bong to be a centerpiece in any home. With the bong, bowl, and downstem all crafted from borosilicate glass, this water pipe is not only chic and modern, but also durable and well built. The silicone footer protects the glass, in case of any tumbles or rough manhandling. Sit back, load a bowl, and enjoy your smoking session. 

Cookies G Pen Connect

Cookies x G Pen Connect Kit

The Cookies G Pen Connect allows the user to take their dabs anywhere they go with discreet dabbing. This vaporizer heats concentrates evenly and effectively, producing flavorful puffs to fully appreciate the best part of the marijuana flower. The G Pen Connect is capable of pairing with any glass-on-glass water piece, drawing smooth clouds in every pull. It’s unbelievably simple and effortless for every smoker, featuring snap-in magnetic connection, three temperature settings, as well as an extended draw mode so each user can customize their heat preference.

Marley Walnut Bong

Cannabox 2020 Gift Guide: Marley Naturals Bong

The Marley Walnut bong displays the classic look and feel to a bong, while still conveying an impeccable modern design. This quintessential beaker bong is the obvious option for the stoner in your life who appreciates the timeless design of old school bongs, while enjoying an updated and luxurious design for their toking desires. Crafted from borosilicate glass and sustainable black walnut, this environmentally conscious creation produces super smooth and cool hits, thanks to the ice catch. Each section of the Marley Walnut bong disassembles easily for simple and quick cleaning. 

Keith Haring Dab Rig

Cannabox 2020 Gift Guide: Keith Haring Dab Rig

The Keith Haring Dab Rig is a work of art, with a beautifully hand-applied design enveloping this rig; this rig can be a showcase in any stoner’s home. Constructed from borosilicate glass, the heat-resistant designs can withstand any stoner and their heating preferences. The simple yet exclusive design and architecture of this dab rig sets it apart from other traditional rigs. 

RAW Metal Matte Black Rolling Tray

RAW Matte Black Rolling Tray

No stoner’s collection can be complete without a RAW rolling tray. The RAW Metal Matte Black Rolling Tray is a must for any user who loves to roll fat blunts or big doobies. The matte black design is a subtle yet contrasting edition of RAW products, differing from the usual tan and red design that RAW classically displays. The matte black adds a chic and masculine vibe to this affordable rolling tray making it a must have.

Stoner Gifts For Her


MJArsenal Ursa Mini Dab Rig

Cannabox 2020 Gift Guide: MJ Arsenal Ursa Dab Rig

The MJArsenal Ursa Mini Dab Rig would be a powerful addition to any collection. Don’t let the size of this rig deceive you because the clouds that it will dispense will astound you. This mini bong is essential for classic dabbing on the go or at home. Despite being small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, this borosilicate glass constructed rig is strong and dependable. This rig is equipped with a base connected percolator and a quartz banger, both necessities to avid dabbing. 

Cannabox Honeycomb Bong

Cannabox Honeycomb Bong

Cannabox’s custom Honeycomb bong is as sweet as the special woman in your life. However, this mini honeycomb bong is more than just a cute addition to her collection. With honey dabbed edges added for ease and efficiency for clearing big hits, this small bong will guarantee to elevate any smoker while showcasing an adorable aesthetic. Add this affordable Cannabox custom to your Christmas shopping list and the stoney woman in your life will definitely “Bee Happy!”

Puffco Plus V2 Vision

Puffco Plus Vision Dab Pen


The Puffco Plus V2 Vision is one of the newest members to the Puffco product line and we are grateful for this limited edition vaporizer. This dab pen is unlike any other, featuring an integrated multi-purpose loading tool, unavailable in the average vaporizer. Puffco has eliminated the frustrating process of lugging around several dabbing accessories and minimized the amount of effort a traditional dab rig takes. The Puffco Plus V2 Vision makes portable dabbing even more uncomplicated by integrating the dab tool inside of the vaporizer. All you need is your concentrate and the dab pen and you’re ready to get elevated anywhere. This Puffco product is also one of the most unique and durably crafted dab pens on the market. Unlike most systems using coils that constantly need to be replaced while continuously burning your high quality concentrate, this pen has a simple ceramic heating chamber, producing the most flavorful and smooth hits. 

My Bud Vase Aurora Bong

Cannabox 2020 Gift Guide: My Bud Vase Aurora Bong

The My Bud Vase Aurora Bong is a beautifully iridescent vase doubling as a centerpiece and a dynamic hitting water pipe. This vase bong is displays vibrant colors in every direction. The My Bud Vase bong is the complete Christmas gift, including a purple bowl piece, purple rose flower poker and a peacock feather.

GRAV Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong

GRAV Labs Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong

Let’s be honest, most of us avid smokers have hit a homemade gravity bong at some point. The hits from a gravity bong are unlike anything else, beyond potent, getting the biggest potheads high in a single hit. As much as ultimate stoners love to hit gravity bongs, the dangers from homemade plastic gravity bongs are legitimate, and incredibly unsafe. The GRAV Medium Gravitron Gravity Bong eliminates all harmful chemicals and dangers, while diminishing the annoying and hazardous process of making the poorly crafted DIY soda bottle bong that we all know. The Gravitron Gravity bong features a 12-millimeter funnel bowl for large loads, sending massive clouds deep into your lungs every time you light up. This gravity bong is the ultimate option if you’re looking to fully indulge on huge clouds while actually preserving your stash. The unique funnel design pushes smoke into your mouth, assuring you get the full effect of your plant material and using less of your stash.

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