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REVIEW - Puffco Peak

REVIEW: Puffco Peak – The Most Innovative Dabbing Device of 2019

If you are a daily dabber or if you are apart of the 710 community you may have heard about the Puffco Peak. This innovative device gives dabbers the option to have a quick and convenient dab session right at the palm of your hands. Now available within the Cannabox Outlet, the Puffco Peak is available for purchase at a price of $339.99. Below I’ve put together a nice review of my experience with this dope device.


After unboxing the Peak, you’ll find a small carrier box it comes within, as well as all of the starting accessories that you need to set up your device. The Puffco Peak comes in two versatile pieces. The top is a cone shaped glass bubbler attachment, and the bottom is the battery that contains the heating element. With only two pieces this device is perfect for traveling and for sessions on the go, purely because you do not have to use a torch or a rig set up for when you want to easily enjoy a puff.


One of the best things about the Peak, is the ability to change the temperature depending on what type of material you are enjoying. The Peak provides four different temperature options: blue, green, red, and white, in order of lowest to highest temperature settings. It also has an option for ‘Sesh mode’, this is a mode for when you’re not quite finished with your dab and you’d like to still enjoy the remaining material, you press the button twice in order to activate the heating element again so you can vaporize what’s left.


Because the Puffco Peak has been so innovative, many glass artists and advocates with in the industry have taken the Peak design and created glassware of their own that is compatible with the device. Many glass artist have converted some of their own rigs into Peak attachments, with unique designs and percolation’s. Ask your favorite Glass artist if they offer Puffco Peak attachments or accessories.

The Peak is also very stylish and easy to travel, so when you’re at parties, on an adventure or on the go, the Puffco Peak is a great device for when you just need that quick dab. Available within our outlet for price of $339.99, the Puffco Peak is an electronic, smart e-rig that offers convenience and efficiency in a highly portable design. See the details here.

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