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The Best Rolling Paper Brands For Sale

best rolling paper brands for sale

With the incredible technological advances that have been made in the cannabis world, it can be easy to forget about joints. However, for as long as smoking has been a thing people have done, rolling papers have been the primary smoking method. There’s something serene and ritualistic about the process of rolling a joint.  They’re very easy to carry around and they require no cleanup or maintenance. Indeed, there’s a charm to the simplicity of a joint. 

However, while some people believe that a joint is a joint, the truth is that the type of rolling paper you buy can greatly alter your smoking experience. Different rolling papers have different flavors, materials, health factors, and burning speeds. The massive variety of rolling papers available may cause some people to become overwhelmed. While it may be tempting to pop over to the nearest gas station and grab whatever they have, the truth is that it’s easy to find quality rolling papers online. 

This list will cover some of the best rolling papers on our website to ensure that you find the perfect rolling paper to fit your needs. You can find Cannabox’s wide selection of rolling papers here on their website. Get the most out of your smoking experience with the best rolling paper brands for sale on Cannabox. 

Raw Organic Rolling Papers

Since 1995, Raw has been the undisputed king of all-natural unflavored rolling papers. While many rolling papers come in a fun variety of unique flavors, some people would rather have their cannabis unaltered. For some people, it’s because they have a unique cannabis strain that they want to taste the natural flavor of. Others simply don’t like flavors when they smoke. 

Whatever your reasoning, if you’re looking to taste your weed in its most natural form, then Raw is the way to go. Raw rolling papers are naturally derived from plant material and are unbleached and unrefined. These papers are eco-friendly and chemical-free for a clean and pure smoke that truly lets you taste your bud! 

One of the flagship raw products is the Raw 300 Pack Organic Block Rolling Papers. These are Raw’s signature rolling papers made from hemp in a pack that’s going to last you a long time. Made very thin for ease of use, and watermarked so they burn slowly and evenly, these papers are essential for every stoner. Grab a box today and have high-quality papers on hand whenever you need them. 

Price: $4.99

Juicy Jays Flavored Rolling Papers 

For those who want to spice up their smoking sessions with fun and unique flavors, Juicy Jays are hard to beat. The majority of flavored rolling papers on the market come with a flavored gum line, which gives a small and inconsistent flavor in between puffs. Juicy Jay’s, on the other hand, has a patented triple-dip method that infuses the entire joint in flavor. With Juicy Jay’s, you can excite all your senses with rolling papers you can taste on your lips and tongue, even before lighting it. 

The sheer mass of flavors available also puts Juicy Jays over the edge. You can purchase everything from white grape and tequila to root beer and butterscotch. Each flavor of Juicy Jays has its own individual design to coincide, so you always know what you’re about to taste! 

At Cannabox, we carry a lot of Juicy Jay flavors. One of their most popular flavors is the Juicy Jays Strawberry Kiwi Rolling Papers. The fruity combination of strawberry and kiwi makes for a fun and nostalgic smoking session that will evoke summertime memories. 

Price: $1.79

Elements Rolling Papers 

Looking for the cleanest smoke around? Elements rolling papers are ultra-thin rice paper rolls that guarantee a smooth and effortless burn every time with no waste. Elements rolling papers have zero chemicals, burn agents, pulp, hemp, or ash. If you’re looking for smoking in its simplest incarnation, you can’t get more simple than Elements. 

Elements joints are made with a patented “criss-cross watermark” that will prevent your joint from running. That means no uneven burning. For a smooth and simple smoking experience that you can feel good about, Elements Rolling Papers will deliver you peace of mind with smooth hits that really let you taste your strain’s natural terpenes. In addition to a clean burn and natural properties, these are the thinnest rolling papers available, making them a favorite among stoners and tobacco smokers alike. 

One of the flagship Elements products is the Elements Ultra Rice Rolling Papers 1 1/2” Extra Wide. This book comes with 33 papers, and the large size of each paper allows users to roll big fat joints. These papers work well with tobacco and fluffy cannabis and can be easily used in rolling machines. 

Price: $1.49

Birthjays Rolling Papers 

As you get older, the ritual of blowing out your birthday candles can get a bit mundane. Looking for something a little different? Birthjay rolling papers are totally unique, with a patented design that makes them look like birthday candles. These are one-of-a-kind festive joints that come with plastic tips on the end, and a real candle wick on top, allowing them to literally function as birthday candles. 

These rolling papers work great as a novelty gift and will be a fun surprise for your favorite stoner’s birthday. However, when you strip away the novelty from Birthjays, you’re left with a solid rolling paper that does a good job of standing on its own. Like Elements, Birthdjays are made with rice paper. They are all natural and they burn slowly and evenly. 

On our website, you can buy a pack of five and bring a little bit of spontaneity to your birthday celebration. Delight your friends and enjoy a thin, easy, and even smoke with the only rolling papers that double as birthday candles. 

Price: $16.99

OCB Slim Rolling Papers 

OCB is one of the true originals in the rolling paper world. Starting in 1918, they’ve spent decades perfecting the rolling paper creation process. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly why they’ve had such significant staying power, but there’s something about OCB rolling papers that strikes a perfect balance. Organic Arabic gum with a slow burn and thin, chlorine-free design has made these papers a hit with everyone. 

They are easy to roll and they don’t have harmful chemicals associated with so many other types of rolling papers. The ease of use, accessibility and eco-friendly nature of OCB puts them at the top of any “best rolling paper conversation”. 

One of the most popular OCB papers is the OCB King Size Slim Premium Rolling Papers. These papers are made from organic hemp and burn incredibly evenly. They leave very little ash behind and are so thin that they’re almost translucent. If you want a clean, smooth, tasty, and even smoking experience that doesn’t leave ash on your table or a weird chemical aftertaste in your mouth, then OCB rolling papers are a godsend!

Price: $1.84


They’re so ridiculous, so gaudy, so outrageous that you simply can’t resist them. Shine brand rolling papers have done the unthinkable – they’ve created rolling papers made of gold, that you can smoke. Yes, you heard us. Shine gained a lot of popularity after Rolling Stone reported that 2 Chainz smokes “24-Karat Rolling Papers”. The papers in question were Shine rolling papers, made with actual gold. 

Make a statement and experience something you never thought you’d get to do in your life. The Shine 24k Gold Rolling Papers are made with edible gold and come in packs of one. The genetic makeup of this rolling paper also includes some hemp, to ensure that the rolling paper will burn evenly and smoothly. If you want to smoke in style, there’s really no better way to do it than with golden rolling papers. 

Price: $9.99

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your rolling paper needs, Cannabox has you covered. At Cannabox, we partner with the best brands to deliver high-quality rolling papers to accommodate your tastes. If you want something that burns slow, or has a mouth-watering flavor, or just want a joint that’s durable, you can find a plethora of reliable and smooth rolling papers at Cannabox. Though we started as a subscription box service that specializes in cannabis products, we have an online shop that grants users access to the best brands and premium customer service. 

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