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Cannabox January 2020 Bamboo Bong

UNBOXING: Cannabox January 2021 Bamboo

Bamboo isn’t just a minimal and beautiful plant, but is also essential in various countries (primarily in Asia) for their benefits in agriculture, architecture, and cuisine. Upon my arrival to South Asia last year (pre-COVID, of course), one of the first and most prominent details I noticed was that the foundation for most buildings and homes are made with bamboo for both support and structure. Bamboo shoots are also an essential forage crop for an array of animals, both wild and domestic. We drew inspiration from this diverse crop and curated a box even a panda would love (and possibly want to eat). 

Cannabox Bamboo Bong

Who doesn’t love alliteration? This month, we took the plant itself and made it its own piece. Plant meets plant with this aesthetic and travel-friendly glass replica of a bamboo, packed with your preference of legal concentrate or herb. Simple, jaded, and tall– this piece includes a 10mm bowl and is compatible with any 45 or 90 degree male banger.

“Just Chillin” T-Shirt

What animal comes to mind when you think of bamboo? For most, the first thought is the panda. January’s “Bamboo” shirt includes a depiction of a relaxed panda with cannabis-themed attire chewing on a bamboo shoot (a bear-friendly edible, perhaps?). The typography on this green shirt reads “Just Chillin”, with bamboo font to match. Take some time to chill with this comfortable t-shirt, perfect for any (virtual) sesh. 

OCB Bamboo Rolling Papers + Twisted Hemp Just Hemp Wraps

Each box this month includes OCB bamboo papers, derived from 100% responsibly harvested bamboo. Like most papers included in this subscription, these papers are slow-burning and contain a natural Arabic gum line for easy rolling and assemblage. January’s chosen wraps are Twisted Hemp’s “Just Hemp” wraps– and as the name implies– it is 100% smooth hemp. Each wrap is contoured with twisted edges to ensure the perfect seal. 

Bamboo Rolling Mat + Hello Panda Chocolate Crackers

Now, for the theme-fitting accessory and snack. This bamboo Cannabox includes a bamboo rolling mat, perfect for rolling any miniature sushi– or you know, just your joints and blunts. Simply place your desired paper at the center of the mat and continue rolling in a back and forth motion, licking the end of the paper and rolling one last time to ensure a tightly sealed, perfectly rolled joint. Each box also includes a delicious panda-themed, chocolate-filled treat to combat any bamboo-derived munchies.

 RAW Cork Clipper Lighter

Clipper lighters are an essential for every smoker because they are refillable, and most are reflintable! Wrapped with cork and featuring RAW logo print, this thick lighter is unlike anything we’ve seen before. The feel is soft, the hold feels great, and it’s the perfect addition to your lighter collection!

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You’ll also be joining our sweet
Cannafam! Stay updated with
the latest theme and sales.


You’ll also be joining our sweet
Cannafam! Stay updated with
the latest theme and sales.