September 2019 Hempire Cannabox Unboxing

UNBOXING: September 2019 Hempire Cannabox

This month Hempire box features tons of New York inspired gear and 420 accessory for your smoking pleasure. We decided to focus on the Metropolitan life and what it means to be a part of the Hempire. Now let’s get to work and detail everything that’s inside of September 2019 monthly subscription Cannabox.

“Hempire State Of Mind” Mini Bubbler - Cannabox Glass (pictured)
“Hempire State Of Mind” Mini Bubbler – Cannabox Glass (pictured)

CB Glass

“Hempire State Of Mind” Mini Bubbler | Exclusive

Live classy with this month’s Hempire State Of Mind Mini Bubbler! With multiple floors of luxurious toking, this piece is sure to get you higher than the tallest building in the city. Made out of sturdy darken grey glass, this custom glass featured a deep bowl for your smoking pleasure. Guaranteed to provide a heavy hit when packed with your favorite smokable herbs, this piece features a male insert bowl and has a durable base for those community smoke sessions with your friends. Your next dinner party is sure to get poppin’!

"Higher Living" – Cannabox TShirt (pictured)
“Higher Living” – Cannabox TShirt (pictured)

CB Shirt

“Higher Living” Shirt | Custom

Livin’ the high life with the “Higher Living” T-shirt provided in your Hempire box. This soft and fashionable shirt is perfect for those lazy sundays or parties out with pals. It even features two nice symbols: one of a burning flame and another of a cannabis leaf just so everyone knows where the weed lover is at. Make sure to dress it up under a nice suit or business attire to make people know you’re the classiest stoner around.

Empire Rolling Papers 20 Pack – Cannabox Papers (Pictured)
Empire Rolling Papers 20 Pack – Cannabox Papers (Pictured)

CB Papers

Empire Rolling Papers 20 Pack | Smokable

Have you ever smoked a $100 bill before? Luckily Empire Papers makes organic “Benny” papers for your smoking pleasure. Roll up a fatty and smoke like royalty with these all organic and stylish rolling papers. If you haven’t smoked hundred dollar bills before this is your chance. With a fake value of $2000, these premium smokables features 20 “Benny’s” for your next rolling session. These are definitely high class rolling papers so make sure to pass them out at your next fancy dinner party.

Kong Natural Hemp Wraps – Cannabox Wraps (Pictured)
Kong Natural Hemp Wraps – Cannabox Wraps (Pictured)

CB Wraps

Kong Natural Hemp Wraps | Smokable

If you’re not much into papers we provided you some hefty Kong Cookie Terpenes blunt wraps. Specifically for connoisseurs, these Kong wraps guarantee a smooth and natural smoke. Toke like a king with these Kong blunt wraps specifically made for people who are interested in heavier but non-tobacco and non-nicotine flavor.

 NYC Clipper Lighter – Cannabox Accessories (pictured)
NYC Clipper Lighter – Cannabox Accessories (pictured)

CB Accessories

NYC Clipper Lighter | Common

Spark it up with our classy NYC Clipper Lighter! Perfect for those bowls on the go, make sure to bring your Hempire State of Mind mini bubbler for a stylist smoke! If you’re a New York fan this is just for you, featuring the Empire State building on the front and multiple NYC shoutouts. Now time to spark up!

There you have it! Everything that’s provided in this month’s Hempire Cannabox. We also featured some Cannabox Munchies and even Cannabox custom stickers for your enjoyment in this months subscription all NYC and city themed. Make sure next time you are taking a day trip to the city, you bring your Hempire box with you so you can get some awesome pictures and styles of city life. 

Tag @Cannabox #Cannabox in your posts on social media for a chance to be featured! Miss out on this box? You can purchase it HERE.

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