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How To Make Cannabutter Fast With A Machine

how to make cannabutter with machine

The development of the cannabis industry has led to new types of cannabis innovations, and we are going to take a look at one of those today! Learn how easy it is now to make your own cannabutter with a machine designed for just that! The cannabis edible industry is thriving now more than ever as laws become accepting of the once stigmatized plant. 

One of the most popular and important ingredients to make edibles is cannabutter. As the name suggests, cannabutter is a combination of cannabis and butter. While the description makes it sound simple, the process to make cannabis butter can be lengthy and messy. Enter the Magical Butter machine, which takes away the tedious elements of creating marijuana infused butter without sacrificing quality and taste. 

How to Make Weed Butter Using The Magical Butter Machine

cannabutter machine review

The Magical Butter machine is a countertop product that is a combination of an immersion blender and heating unit. Similar in shape to an electric kettle, this weed butter machine fits on a countertop. This allows for easy use and even easier storage. The machine is fairly powerful and has many uses, including making oils, tinctures, and oil concentrates in addition to butters. This versatility makes the product all the more worthwhile and allows customers to explore the different types of ways to reap the benefits of cannabis. 

In order to begin using the machine, decarboxylation must occur. This removes the carboxyl group, enhancing the cannabis’ ability to interact with the receptors in the body. Decarboxylation is done by applying heat over a period of time. However, smoking or vaporizing cannabis will cause decarboxylation to occur instantly. For edibles, it is necessary for this process to be done beforehand in order to enjoy the desired effects. This can be done through baking or the sous vide method. 

How Long Does It Take To Make Cannabis Butter With the Magical Butter Machine?cannabis butter

Making cannabis butter with the Magical Butter machine takes two hours. Before starting the process, gather the ingredients together: 2-5 cups of softened unsalted butter (ghee or clarified butter works best), 14 – 28 g of decarbed bud per 1 cup of butter used, and 1 tbsp of lecithin per 1 cup of butter used. Lecithin is definitely sure to cause some raised eyebrows for those making edibles for the first time. This key ingredient is an emulsifier and helps to keep water and fats close together. Lecithin is key to helping to improve the structure of an edible. There is also evidence that lecithin helps to increase the potency of cannabis edibles. 

Temperature for Weed Butter Machine 

Once all the necessary ingredients have been gathered, load all of them into the Magical Butter machine. Close the top of the machine and be sure to plug in the unit. Set the temperature on the unit to 160F and press the “2 Hour Butter” button on the left side. From then on, the machine will do all the work for the next two hours. Once the cycle is done, unplug the machine and remove the lid. Then, with a large bowl, use the filter bag that comes with the Magical Butter machine. Using the magical glove, gently squeeze the filter bag to remove all the contents. The mixture is then ready to be poured into any mold of choice. 

From then, leave the butter to cool and harden. Once that is done, the cannabutter is ready to be used! But before the baking and cooking begins, be sure to clean the machine. This seemingly daunting task is made easy with the built-in cleaning feature. Simply rinse the Magical Butter machine to get rid of any excess product. Then fill the Magical Butter machine with water and a bit of dish soap. Press the “Clean” button and once again the machine will take care of the rest. 

This machine takes much of the hard work out of making cannabis butter. A number of recipes call for a total cooking time of 3 to 5 hours and include steps such as mixing every half hour or so or monitoring the temperature to ensure that it does not burn. This can be tedious and leaves more room for error, which can cause good bud to go to waste. If not monitored closely, even the most successful cannabutter endeavors can be inconsistent. Machines such as the Magical Butter machine can help to ensure consistency, which can be helpful when developing new recipes or when giving products as gifts. 

This product helps to make the cannabutter-making process that much smoother. By helping to take the constant monitoring out of the process, this helps to create a delicious, consistent cannabutter every time. 

Cannabutter Recipes

If you’re wondering how to use the cannabis butter, you’re going to need a recipe next. Weed butter has many uses. Though most commonly, cannabutter is found in products that are considered baked goods. There are the classic brownies or even the common rice krispy treats, but the possibilities remain endless. Cannabis butter can be used in a wide variety of recipes that normally require butter as an ingredient. This includes more savory items or those that are typically a meal. This can include pastas, mashed potatoes, and even dutch coffee. 

Using weed butter does not have to involve a recipe either. For some, even using cannabutter to cook eggs can be a great way to add a little kick to a breakfast. Cannabis is very versatile and can be used for products such as popcorn as it still has similar properties to regular butter. 

This makes the possibilities for cannabis butter are endless. For those who enjoy a flavor that is more salty rather than sweet or for those who enjoy the best of both worlds, the development of cannabutter recipes opens the range for a full menu of cannabis-infused dishes. 

There are also different ways to measure dosage. On the Magical Butter website, there is a handy tool that is able to help determine dosage based on information about how much butter was used and how much herb. This dosage calculator can help to accurately measure how much THC and CBD is in a product to take the guesswork out of this process. This can also be done through putting the final product in molds that are a certain size or shape. Magical Butter even sells a mold that looks like a typical stick of butter and includes markings that help to easily mark each tablespoon portion. 

Similar to its non-cannabis product, cannabutter is a diverse ingredient, allowing for it to be used in a variety of products. Its versatility is one of the many reasons to purchase a machine to make the process easier, opening the door to many more cannabis-infused dishes. 

Edibles as an alternative way to get high 

There are many ways for reaping the benefits of cannabis. Edibles are a great alternative for those who do not enjoy smoking or vaping. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention cite the fact that smoke from marijuana can contain the same toxins, irritants, and/or carcinogens that are found in tobacco smoke. This can lead to issues such as cough, a greater risk for diseases such as bronchitis, and effects such as lung pain. In a 2020 comprehensive study, data showed that 24.5% of marijuana users reported edible use at any given time in the past month before the study was conducted. Only about 4.5% reported exclusively using edibles. Within this month where use was analyzed, about a third of participants reported multiple methods of marijuana use. This can include methods such as smoking, edibles, vaping, or dabbing to name a few. 

Edibles are also appealing because they are convenient and discreet. Many times, they also provide a longer-lasting high because it takes a longer period of time for the effects of cannabis to hit. It also takes less time for consumption, especially if the edibles are already made. Rolling and grinding for smoking can also appear intimidating to some who have never learned how to do so or are just getting in cannabis. Edibles also tend to come in packaging that is similar to food packaging when distributed by a manufacturer, allowing easy and discreet storage if necessary. For those who live with others, smoking and vaping may not always be an option. Some buildings, dorms, and other communal living spaces have hefty consequences for smoking and vaping, including eviction. 

Benefits of Edibles

Like any cannabis product, edibles have an extensive and ever-growing list of benefits. Cannabis can be used for a number of reasons, such as anxiety, insomnia, pain management, and conditions such as post-traumatic stress disorder. A 2020 study has shown that cannabis has been an effective means of treating PTSD and SUDs, or substance use disorders. These conditions can be difficult to treat and cause many people to seek out different methods of treatment before finally settling on one that works best. 

Perhaps one of the most common reasons for cannabis use, aside from recreational purposes, is pain management. A 2017 study found that medical cannabis has a potential role in cancer pain management. Using these cannabis products can help to manage pain that can come from other medical conditions or even just from everyday activities. Being unable to manage pain can come with a variety of consequences, including negative impacts on a person’s sleep pattern and an increase in stress or anxiety. This can create a cycle of worsening symptoms and discomfort. Ultimately, this can also have a negative effect on an individual’s lifestyle, such as professional, social, and further health aspects. 

Using cannabis for the treatment of anxiety is becoming more common in the scientific field. Researchers have seen the relaxing and euphoric effects that cannabis can have on an individual. A recent 2020 report found that 24.4% of adults used cannabis to treat anxiety with the majority reporting that cannabis is extremely or somewhat helpful in treating anxiety. They are also more likely to use edibles and vaping products as their choice method of consumption. At a time where more awareness is being brought to acknowledging mental health care and eradicating the stigma that was previously associated with mental health conditions, cannabis can be an effective treatment. Scientists and researchers alike have called for more research into the capabilities of cannabis in helping to treat different conditions. 

One of the reasons that many people are looking to cannabis products such as edibles is that they can be an alternative to opioids and other pharmaceutical drugs. These drugs can be used to treat depression, anxiety, and pain. However, one of their side effects is a severe withdrawal syndrome, which can lead to addiction and consequences as severe as death. As the leading cause of accidental death in the United States, prescription drugs are approached with caution. This has caused many to try to end their current usage or not participate in using these medications. Yet, this can leave those individuals suffering to find relief. Many have decided to turn to cannabis products to help to manage these symptoms. 

Edibles are a great cannabis product and their market is only expanding further. By combining cooking or baking with cannabis, this allows for a wide variety of possibilities. These possibilities are expanded by the development of cannabutter, which serves as a diverse ingredient in almost any dish. For those who may seek to have an alternate way of reaping the benefits of cannabis other than smoking, vaping, or dabbing, edibles are a great way to go. They allow for the benefits of cannabis without having to worry about a harsh smell or smoke that can be a disturbance for some. Cannabutter is one of the many key ingredients that are commonly found in a number of these products. By being able to create cannabutter at home, customers are able to further expand their ability to enjoy edibles and the benefits that come with cannabis products. 


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