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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Best Types of Bong Percolators

types of percolators

Nothing quite beats the satisfaction of a quality bong rip. Yet, for some who have yet to get accustomed to the harshness that comes afterward, the after-effects leave something to be desired. Enter percolator bong options, which help to give a smoking experience with a smoother hit. 

Percolators are one of the cannabis industry’s long-time favorite products, and for good reason. In a genius combination of chemistry and cannabis products, bong percolators offer a smoother hit that leaves customers coming back for more. The product’s ability to cool and further filter the smoke makes it popular amongst cannabis users. Since the product’s development, there have been multiple variations that have been created. Most users have their own personal favorite but for any new smoker, this product line can appear intimidating. Below is a comprehensive breakdown to help in deciding which product fits any customer’s needs. 

But first, understanding the mechanics of a bong percolator is key to buying one that best fits the needs of a customer. 

How Does A Percolator Work? 

A percolator is not exclusive to the cannabis industry and can be easily confused by coffee percolators, which actually operate similarly. By design, these percolators, which are usually found in the base of these bongs, help to cool down the smoke and increase filtration. These bongs are able to use water to create a filtration system. The creation of bubbles, which are a classic feature of every bong, allows for the smoke to be filtered through multiple avenues. A decrease in the surface area, also known as smaller bubbles, allows for deeper cooling and filtration. Once this filtration occurs through the percolator, it is able to be inhaled and delivers a smooth, satisfying high. 

Percolators are widely made of glass, as most bongs are. However, there are some that have different elements to them, including some that have metal pieces to them, which contribute to their design and functionality. 

Types of Percolators for water pipes and dab rigs

There are multiple percolator designs and many smokers have their favorites. In many cases, percolator designs are combined with others, creating an even stronger filtration system. These combinations can lead to some pretty wild products as developers and designers seek to perfect this filtration system. While these designs have been around in the cannabis industry for quite some time, they can be intimidating to those who have not had it introduced to them by a friend. The guide below offers insight into these different percolators, including the different benefits that their designs offer. 

Straight Percolatorsstraight percolator

Like the name suggests, these products are simple, straightforward products. The bong is a lengthy vertical tube that allows the smoke to pass underwater, giving a cooling effect that allows for that classic, smoother percolator hit. 

However, while these percolator bongs are straightforward, they also tend to be combined with other designs. Their simple design allows for the addition of other types of percolators without having to make complex changes. This allows for additional filtration and adds to the experience of offering a smoother hit. 

The Downstem Diffused Percolatordownstem perc

This is the most popular and basic type of percolator bong option. They provide the most basic type of water filtration for a smooth smoking experience with your bud. In case you’re wondering about the small bong in the picture above, we have it available for $56.99.

Disc Percolatorsdisc perc

These discs are a cannabis industry favorite when it comes to percolator design. These discs have small slits that are cut on their sides all around which create a plethora of bubbles. This results in unbeatable filtration and is certainly popular. 

Cannabox’s Pulsar RoK Electric Oil Rig can appear to be intimidating. With its sleek black design, the product almost doesn’t even look like a bong. The disc percolator near the bottom allows for hefty filtration that is sure to leave many satisfied with a smooth rip. 


Tree Percolatorstree perc

These percolator bongs are unique in their design but that is entirely intentional. With a collection of rods that join together at one end over the inner tube, the design holds a resemblance to a weeping willow tree.  As the air moves from the inner tube and up to the outer rods, it allows for the bubbles to exit at the bottom. The multiple rods allow for an increase in bubbles, which allows for further filtration. Tree percolators can range in how many tubes or rods they have. The higher amount of tubes, the smoother the hit will be because the bubbles will naturally be smaller. 

Showerhead Percolatorsshowerhead perc

Showerhead percolators have a wide base that is connected to a long tube, mimicking the design and shape of a showerhead. The bottom will then have openings that allow for the smoke to move through it. Once this smoke is filtered, it will be able to be inhaled. 

It is also not uncommon to see showerhead percs combined with other designs, such as the multi-rod design that is found in tree percolators. This allows for an even smoother hit as it affords more filtration. 

This percolator from Cannabox’s Mini Showerhead Water Pipe is a perfect example of a quality showerhead percolator bong. Standing at a compact 5” that is perfect for easy storage, this product is sure to provide quality filtration for a smooth hit. 

Inline Percolator Bongsinline perc

An inline percolator has a fairly distinct shape. With a combination of a horizontal tube that holds a smaller piece with holes, or more commonly, small slits, this is another percolator design that is able to deliver more diffusion. This design is popular and can look different but has that distinct horizontal tube. By providing more slits in their design, these inline percolator bongs are truly able to create a smoother hit. 

The design of these percolators allow for more space in the above part of the bong. Thus, this design is frequently combined with others, such as the honeycomb percolator design. 

Honeycomb Percolator Bonghoneycomb percolator

Honeycomb percolators are a popular choice for those who have used percolators. These percolators include at least one disc that has various holes, vaguely resembling a honeycomb, making them easily identifiable. However, one of the reasons for its popularity is the ability to have multiple discs per bong. By including more discs, there is an increase in filtration. While single disc honeycomb percolator bongs are not uncommon, double honeycomb bongs are also quite popular. The design of a bong, which includes the long neck, allows for the inclusion of many honeycomb percolators, with some using up to four within one bong. The flat design of honeycomb percolators also allows them to be easily combined with other designs. Putting these together allows for even better filtration and a quality experience. 

Turbine Percolatorsturbine perc

The turbine percolators are popular for their smooth high and the cool effects it produces. Also known as cyclone percolators, these bongs include carefully placed cuts along the sides. When taking a rip, the water creates a cyclone or turbine effect. This cool design also still achieves the desired result that comes from using a percolator, making it a unique addition to anyone’s collection. 

Percolators: Worth the Investment? 

With this newfound knowledge regarding percolators and their various designs, the ultimate question is asked: Are percolators worth it? 

For some, the harshness of a bong hit is part of the experience. However, for others, especially those who may be new to the bong scene, this can be a great product. By offering a smoother hit, this is great for those who smoke more frequently and can suffer from the various after-effects that result from a regular bong. This can include the occasional coughing fit or sore throat and while percolators do not prevent these entirely, they do help to ease these effects. 

Percolators can range in price, including some who can be in the “mini” category that is less than $40.00. However, for those who are looking to splurge and make the investment in these products, there are other percolators that can near the $100 range or over. The variations of these prices are great for those who are looking to dabble in the percolator industry before taking the full plunge, making them an accessible way of testing these products and expanding a person’s collection.  

Detachable Percolators

For those that are now learning about percolators but have a bong they trust, this may be difficult news to digest. Purchasing an entirely new bong can get pricey, especially if there are multiple parts to it. For those who already have a collection of products they trust, there are also options to purchase detachable percolators that can work with certain bogs. It is important to accurately measure the specifications of each product to ensure that the fit is proper and does not cause damage to the bong. For those who have a bong that easily comes apart, it may be worth looking into one of the detachable devices that are available online. 

Percolators in the Dab Rig Industry

Percolators have not only made a name for themselves in the bong industry. These products have also made their way to dab rig products. The design of dab rigs is similar to bongs but the former is made specifically for dabs, waxes, and other products. When shopping on a website, it is easy to confuse bongs for dab rigs because of their similar design. Dab rigs also tend to be smaller than their bong counterparts. Due to the similarities in design, the incorporation of percolators in this industry was a no-brainer. While similar in design, the percolators in dab rigs are focused more on the airflow and less on filtration. The products that are used in dab rigs simply don’t require as much filtration as actual bud that is used in bongs. However, they are similar in that the effects of percolators for both products create a smoother hit. In dab rigs, percolators also help to enhance the flavors of waxes, dabs, and oils. 

Percolator Bong Care

One of the issues that can come to mind about the use of a percolator bong is the cleaning aspect. With various holes and slits in the product, one can wonder what is the best way to clean this product. However, online communities and blogs that have been big proponents of these products have their own tried and true methods. Many of them still recommend, as do many other bong users, cleaning your bong regularly to avoid any tough remnants. On the community r/trees, which has various information about cannabis, users have cited homemade cleaning concoctions such as salt and isopropanol. These two ingredients, which can then be shaken up inside the bong, gently of course, and will have your bong like new. 

These percolator bongs are a great way to enhance any smoking experience. Whether individuals are looking to add to collections or solely looking to improve their hits, these bongs are a great start. 

The designs of each are carefully thought out in order to provide a smoother hit without being held back by too much drag. Further creativity also allows for individuals to combine these unique designs in order to continue to increase filtration. There are even some percolators that are able to incorporate artistic elements, such as designs that are made to look like spaceships or snow globes. These make them not only functional for smoke sessions but also can contribute to any stoners’ growing collection. Various companies, such as Cannabox also offer limited edition products that incorporate the designs of percolators with other artistic features. 

Percolator bongs have been on the market for quite some time and have even influenced the design of other products such as dab rigs. Smokers continuously look for ways to achieve a smoother hit that will get them high without the harshness that can normally come from a bong rip. Percolators have a large following for this very reason. There are many sites and resources to consult before making the investment into a percolator bong. By doing proper research and deciding which product is best, customers are sure to find one that best fits their lifestyle. 


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