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$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Join now and SAVE 30% off your first box! CODE: HIGHTHERE • Subscribe Now

$4.97 flat rate shipping • Free shipping on orders $50+ (US only)

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Top 10 Carb Caps

top 10 best carb caps for sale

Discover the best carb caps for sale online, browse through our online head shop for the best designs and prices. Save time by going through our list of the top 10 carb caps we have for sale, and learn about their features.

What is a carb cap?

A carb cap is used to help avoid waste with your cannabis extracts and not let any of it get out of the dabbing nail. People who can concentrates enjoy  low-temperature dabs for a multitude of reasons. One of these reasons is for better flavor from the dabs. 

Terpenes are essentially what gives the concentrate its flavor. If you dab with a high-temperature rather than low-temperature, the concentrate will get so high in heat that it will burn all the terpenes within, making the concentrate, therefore, lack flavor. 

A carb cap is used to aid extending your concentrate by saving some of it from escaping from the dabbing nail. To use it, put your concentrates in the dab rig, light it up, then put the carb cap of your choice over the part where you put the concentrates in. The carb cap, acting as a lid, traps vapor into the rig so that you can inhale it. 

Different types of Carb Caps

As stated earlier, there are a few different types of carb caps. Here, we will list the different types and some of their pros and cons. These are in no particular order. 

  • Bubble Carb Cap
    • These carb caps are shaped like bubbles, as the name suggests. They have a large and round middle, a flat top, and a bottom that fits into the dabbing rig. These are designed to provide control over airflow in the dabbing rig.  
  • Directional Airflow Cap
    • These look sort of like a wizard hat with a small tube coming out of the bottom. These are mainly used to move concentrates where you want them using the small angled tube at the bottom. 
  • Spinner Carb Cap
    • There are holes in this kind of caps that are designed to trigger airflow and move it around in the banger. This cap is also designed to help you to dab with pearls. 
  • Solid Carb Cap
    • These carb caps will only work with bangers that have already built-in airflow. They do not have any airflow power, and are only for that specific type of banger. 

Now that we’re all caught up on the different types of carb caps and their respective functions, let’s take a look at the top ten carb caps for sale at Cannabox.

 Cannabox is not just a monthly subscription box company, but also an online retailer for the best smoking and dabbing tools on the market. We carry things like dab rigs-electric and otherwise- vape pens, herb grinders, so on and so forth. If you want to know the best assortment of all kinds of carb caps available here, read on. 

1. MJ Arsenal Dreidel Bubble Carb Capbubble carb cap for dab rigs


Take a spin with this Dreidel Bubble Carb Cap from MJ Arsenal. A dreidel is a traditional Jewish toy that is used during the Hannakuh season. A dreidel has a Hebrew letter on each side of the toy. This carb cap has a gorgeous blue finish with a golden MJ Arsenal Logo on each side.

Price:  $17.99 

2. Titanium Carb Cap

titanium carb cap

If you’re only interested in the essentials and like a minimalist tone to your sessions, this is the cap for you. It is dual-ended, with a scoop on one end and a cap on the other. The titanium carb cap for sale is a helpful and crafty little tool to help you out with dabbing.

Price:  $14.99

3. Ceramic Carb Cap

ceramic carb cap for sale

This ceramic tool is just like the carb cap but made of ceramic. It has a gentle and inviting feel, being made of pure white ceramic. Like the titanium carb cap, it is an all-in-one tool with a cap and scoop on each end, respectively. You can get this cap and Cannabox original for only $5.99.

4. Assorted Mushroom Carb Caps

mushroom shaped carb caps

These whimsical little toadstools are perfect for many small quartz bangers. They come in yellow with red polka dots and blue with white polka dots. They are 1.5” wide and available for $9.99 for the assorted pack. 

5. Rubber Ducky Carb Cap 


This nostalgic cab is ideal for anyone who wants a fun and unique touch. It works the best with small quartz bangers. It is 1.5” wide and is made by our Cannabox brand. It currently costs $9.99. 

6. Directional Carb Cap

quartz glass carb cap

This is a clear and simple directional carb cap from Cannabox. It fits any banger or thermal that is 25mm. You can grab this fantastic cap from us here at Cannabox for $34.99.

7. Assorted Swirl Bubble Carb Cap

glass carb cap for sale

This is another bubble carb cap with a swirled design from Cannabox. It comes in two different psychedelic designs, orangish-red with a blue swirl and dark brown with a yellow and blue swirl. If swirls are not your thing, there is also an option for a wave-like design. It is $7.99 for the assorted pack from Cannabox now. 

8. Fumed Carb Cap 

fumed ufo carb cap with hole

This universal UFO carb cap for sale is great for most sizes of bangers. It has three different color options, those being deep blue, golden amber, and midnight maroon. Each design has alluring speckles. It is very affordable, coming in at only $6.99. It is a Cannabox original and you can get it on our website,

9. Extra Large Cyclone Bubble Cap

large carb cap for dabbing

This large bubble cap has the signature bubble look with a subtle and tasteful swirl design. They go the best in deep dish quartz bangers. Each one comes in black with your option of a blue, red, or teal swirl. They are available for only $9.99 and are a Cannabox original.  

10. MJ Arsenal Christmas Spinner Carb Cap

Looking to bring a little joy to your dabbing session? Look no further than this Christmas tree spinner carb cap from MJ Arsenal. This festive addition will work on every size of quartz. It has an emerald green finish with golden accents at the top and bottom. It has the signature MJ Arsenal logo decal at the bottom and a star on top. Make this your Christmas present to yourself by purchasing it for $25.99. 

So, let’s summarize. 

A carb cap is used for trapping the vapor in the banger, sort of like a pot on the stove. They are mostly used for dabs done at a fairly low temperature. People who enjoy flavor and potency may be more likely to choose low-temperature dabs. This is because if burned at a higher temperature, the wax, oil, or whatever you’re dabbing with can become too hot and evaporate the flavorful terpenes. There are different types of carb caps, such as a bubble carb cap, a spinner carb cap, a directional airflow carb cap, and solid carb caps. A bubble cap uses a ball-and-socket design to help with air. A directional airflow carb cap has a hat shape with a tube at the bottom, also used to direct airflow. It is easily rotated, meaning it is easier to change where the air in the banger is going. A spinner carb cap has holes in it used to maximize airflow in the banger and is also used to rotate. A spinner carb cap also enables you to be able to dab with pearls. 

There was the list of the top ten carb caps at On this list, we tried to include something for everyone, as well as the top selling ones. If you’re on the market for any of these products, look no further than us here at Cannabox. 

Here, we care about our customers and want to deliver only the most premium products from the best brands. We carry brands like MJ Arsenal, EYCE, Magical Butter, Puffco Peak, and more. We also carry our own brand, Cannabox. Not only do we provide the top names in the business, but we strive to go above and beyond, making us one of the top rated online smoke shops on the internet. We get new products added to the website daily, so you’re sure to find something you like. 

Not to mention, you don’t have to pay the whole sum all at once. We use Sezzle, a method that helps you with a payment plan that works for you. Sezzle allows you to make four payments, once a month over the course of four months. We are comprised of a team of experts who know their stuff and know what the best products are. We also take pride in the fact that we only sell the products that we know, use, and love ourselves. With Cannabox, you can have peace of mind knowing what you’re buying has been meticulously tested and approved by the experts in the field. We are confident in knowing that we provide the best service, the most affordable pricing, and the most premium products. 

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